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Every teen has the need to be loved, whether it is by another person in their age group or by family members. When teens feel loved, they will usually be happier and more stable emotionally. However, teens who experience love with a girlfriend or boyfriend could suffer some heartbreak at a young age. The following article discusses how love affects teens and some ways in which teens experience love, including: Love and Peers Love Within the Family Teen Love When teens reach a certain age, it is normal for them to want a companion.

Many teens will seek out a girlfriend or boyfriend. When this happens, the teen may begin feeling love towards another teen. In most cases, this is a positive thing. Teens that experience feelings of love are usually more in touch with their emotions and will take other people’s feelings into consideration.

Teen Relationships

When a teen does begin dating another teen, they will enjoy the status they earn. Many teens have multiple relationships when they are young.

In fact, it is not uncommon for a teen to have one girlfriend this month and another the next month. Teens very rarely develop serious love relationships when they are young. Dating can be a positive thing because it exposes the teen to the reality of relationships. Teen Dating When teens are dating, they may engage in acts of love. Kissing and hugging is usually acceptable, but some teens will take things a step further. This is more common among teen boys. In some cases, boys will try to sexually seduce girls simply for bragging rights.

This can have many negative effects in the future and can cause a lot of anger and pain. Teens that are in relationships should take things slow and enjoy the company of their boyfriend or girlfriend. There is no need to jump into a serious relationship at such a young age. Love and the Family Teens that have a loving family at home are less apt to be involved in a sexual relationship with other teens. This is because they already have a basic understanding of what love is. There is little need to experiment sexually until they find the right person.

Teens will often claim they are in love with another teen because they are lacking love and affection at home. Love and Parents The love a teen gets from a parent is like no other. This is unconditional love. Though parents may get angry and be disappointed at times, teen know they will always have the love and support of their parents. Having this will help them have healthy relationships with others. Teens that date and have a strong bond with their parents are more likely to remain in a relationship for a longer period of time than other teens.

Love in Other Ways Teens feel loved for many things. This does not always have to be directed towards another person. It is very common for teens to have pets that they are very attached to. This is when teens will often learn of heartache, especially when they have to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. Love can be just as painful as it is enjoyable, so teens should take caution when jumping into teen relationships, which have phases that one has to go through on their way to becoming adults.

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