What Event Management Is Tourism Essay Example
What Event Management Is Tourism Essay Example

What Event Management Is Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 3, 2017
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One of the definition of event is that an organized juncture such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, particular event, jamboree dinner, etc. An event is frequently composed of several different yet related maps. Getz ( 2005, p.16 ) Another definition is that an organized juncture such as a societal map or athleticss competition. ( Encarta, 2007 ) Each event must hold a subject or intent and each event has a beginning and an terminal. So there are different sorts of events such as festival, famous person visual aspect, and featuring events. ( Watt, 1998 ) For illustration, the World Cup is featuring event which is a world-wide event. In China, one of the most of import events in Chinese civilization is Jumping Festival. While in some companies, events are held by directions, they will form day-to-day work and undertakings of the


event such as hold meetings and put up a launch. In a decision, events are playing a large portion of society as a whole in presents.

Harmonizing to the diagram above, there are 4 facets particular events may impact which are known as societal and cultural impact, physical and environmental impact, economic impact and political impact.

  1. There are many advantages of societal and civilization impact, for illustration, shared edifice community pride, and shared experience. Events play an of import portion in promoting societal interaction and the jubilations of happy occasions and its likely more of import in society. ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 ) For illustration, the Live 8 concerts which took topographic point in 9 states coincided with the G8 acme at Gleneagles in 2005, the shows planned to coerce universe leaders
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to drop the debt of the universe 's poorest states, addition and better assistance, and negotiate just trade regulations in the involvement of poorer states. ( Wikipedia, 2007 )

  • Physical and environmental impact.Some events crate a great trade of advantages to the physical and environment, such as show window the environment, substructure bequest and increased environmental consciousness. Infrastructure bequest means thing left behind after the event. For illustration, the Beijing 2008 Olympics is a good illustration. The athletics locales ( Birds Nest ) can be used in the hereafter and the new 3 tube lines will better the transit. On the other manus, there will be besides some negatives including environment traffic congestion, environment harm, pollution and traffic congestion.
  • Economic impact. There are many positive economic impacts, for illustration, the finish publicity by events will increase tourer visits to the topographic point, many occupation will created by the events, touristry gross generated by the event, and increasing revenue enhancement gross. For case, the London Notting Hill Carnival ( 2002 ) brought around 93 million lbs into London and supported in the part 3,000 fulltime equivalent occupations, whereas the substructure costs are the money spent on substructure can cut down disbursement on other countries such as instruction and wellness. Its known as the chance costs.
  • Political impact In fact, authoritiess have played an of import portion in command for hosting and presenting major events because of the chance for societal regeneration, international prestigiousness and occupation creative activity. Events have the ability to breed societal coherence, assurance and pride. ( Wood, 2002 ) For illustration, Beijing Olympics make the society more cohesive than earlier. Whereas the negatives
  • are the hazard of event failure, deficiency of answerability and propaganda intent.

    The Event

    There are 4 chief countries of planning and presenting events: initial planning, elaborate planning, implementing the event and station event evaluation.First of all, there are 2 parts of initial planning: making the event construct and measuring the event construct. Making the event construct focuses on the 5 Ws which means Why, Who, When, Where and What. ( Goldblatt, 2005 ) . Measuring the event construct means a feasibleness survey or a screening procedure will be undertaken to take the best construct. ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 )

    The Planning of The Event

    For any sort of event which is little or large elaborate planning and organising is really indispensable for its success, sometimes there is a batch of clip taken to make up one's mind everything which should ne'er be underestimated, because it may necessitate some particular advice, or may be the permission, the handiness of creative persons and sale of tickets and many other issues. So by and large for any event it is advised to get down be aftering at least three months in progress to acquire the coveted consequences.

    The Event: The True Spirit of Unity In Malaysia with a cultural Diversity in Association With Lexus. The Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur is the most happening musca volitanss in Malaysia, one of the most celebrated promenades, everyday where there are 1000s of people garnering around for assorted grounds such as shopping, amusement, haunts, java, acquire together, and so on.

    The centre tribunal is the perfect topographic point for carry oning this multicultural event and the ground for the choice of this locale is

    that it is in the bosom of the metropolis and there are legion people from assorted parts of the metropolis and from assorted civilizations and even many tourers gather here for assorted intents which were mentioned earlier. So the range of the event will be relatively more than the any other locale and the other good thing is that the mark audiencce you have all the age groups sing the promenade right from youngesters to the old age people and is to the full packed with great stores for shopping, film halls and eating houses. Apart fromt his since there are great figure of stores it becomes easy to acquire the patrons every bit good for carry oning large events as they can besides assist in a manner to advance the events. More over it is in the bosom of the metropolis so travelling is much easier and even in the past the figure of events conducted here have been a success. To be precise and short the chief ground behind the choice of this locale are listed below

    • Great Reach - Value for Money
    • To Attract Patrons
    • Targeting Audience
    • Conveyance
    • International Exposure
    • Site Suitability, Layout and Design

    There has been a batch of consideration given behind choosing this locale because the figure of people the event should make is a mass and The marquee Kuala Lumpur is the disposed locale for such an event but when there are a batch of people involved many things have to be considered the infinite handiness which is a batch in the Pavilion the land Layout is it grass or rough, inside marquee it is to the full made

    of Marble with a all right design of Water fountain at the outside. Apart signifier this there will be a figure of merriment filled activities and the all the facets about the lighting has to be considered since this event will be in the eventide, Apart from this the safety facets have to be considered the Fire Exit, The entryway and the direction of Peoples with in the edifice with out any Mishap.

    The design and layout of marquee is perfectly convenient for this event which is to the full filled with merriment filled activities and the launch of the auto, so the exhibition of the auto and the events infinite where the activities will travel on and the screening gallery which is a position in marquee and barely any other promenade in Malaysia can hold such a great screening gallery because this promenade ha s four more degrees up which are round and about people can see the event from all the degrees which is a really good facet.

    Site Plan

    Pavilion is planned and designed perfectly good and the even director has to make up one's mind what he needs where because the site is perfectly perfect with the entryway from one terminal which is the chief entryway and leads to the centre tribunal at degree three where all the events are staged. The promenade is good equipped with perfect fire issues at many points, and lavatories for the convince of the audience and the traffic.

    Crowd/Traffic Management/Parking

    It is really of import that the direction of the crowd has to be done really expeditiously and to guarantee that this does non stop up in any sort of

    a struggle and to guarantee the smooth running of the event. So everything has to be considered such as the crowd profile and so on.In taking your site see how easy it will be for people to derive entree and what auto parking installations are available. Unplanned and uncontrolled entree and emersion to a site could ensue in a serious accident. Will you need to hold stewards to direct people to and from auto Parkss? See both traffic flows and prosaic paths. How will you segregate the two? Do you necessitate to supply barriers/ marks or inquire for a route closing to assist with safe entree? ( If route closings are required, marks on the main road, traffic recreations and/or the arrangement of cones are required, an application must be made for a traffic ordinance order and/or blessing from the main road authorization. ) How will contractors acquire their vehicles onto site? How will exigency vehicles get on and off site and how will you guarantee that exigency paths are kept clear? Adequate marks and waies should be provided in outstanding places on the attacks to the entrywaies. Local rail and coach companies should be advised of larger events to set up if existing services are equal. You will besides necessitate to intercede with them if route closings or recreations are intended. A traffic direction program with site maps may assist to do the agreements clear for all people working at your event.

    The Concept Of The Event

    The Concept is really of import behind the success of any event. This event is a cultural Event with a mix of some corporate manner which is alone in

    its ain because many events are corporate or either cultural but the construct behind this event is all about the cultural diverseness of people populating in Malaysia. Where we speak about the 1 Malaysia and the cordial reception given to assorted folks of people. This cultural event will concentrate on doing the dealingss of assorted states and the people even more stronger and conveying the feeling of unity in the human sort. The events include a scope of cultural events from assorted states particularly from India, China and the Middle E, which is sponsored by Lexus who are establishing their new theoretical account of auto of the twelvemonth which is little section of auto which many people can afford to purchase with astonishing characteristics.

    A Brief About the Company and the Need For a Patron

    Lexus is one of the universe celebrated companies in the car industry with its broad scope of Cars and is universe Famous and is available for a category of audience, and is running successfully all over the universe and has many rivals as good. Every event needs a patron for the smooth running of the event because capital and financess are really indispensable for any event and more over holding patrons can do the event more interesting and can hold many plans and great awards every bit good for the audience which can pull them to take part in the event every bit good. Since this is a cultural event with a liitle mix of corporate it is a must to understand hwat aare they foremost.

    What are Cultural Events

    Cultural events tend to be interlinked with major events as due to the media

    coverage they attract important Numberss of visitants. These types of events stem from traditional paths or festivals. Major musicals such as Phantom of the Opera reap considerable touristry gross for Londons west terminal and are classified as cultural events. Festivals within the events industry which involves the humanistic disciplines have a clear specific programme delivered with a clear intent which can be usefully applied. Cultural events harmonizing to Bowdin ( 1999 ) can be sub classified. These are as follows:

    • High profile cultural event, tend to hold a battalion of purposes in order to be able to make the highest criterions, to derive a high degree of media coverage, to make a wide breath of the population and to bring forth high degrees of income.
    • Festivals which celebrate a peculiar location are festivals which aim to convey people together to observe their local country. These events frequently feature a big figure of local groups.
    • Art signifier festivals, offer alone chances for those wishing to see the peculiar event and the art signifiers associated with it.
    • Celebration of work by a community of involvement, are festivals which highlight a peculiar group, an illustration of this being a fund-raising musical concert raising money for the NSPCC. These events frequently contain a big proportion of participatory workshops.
    • Calendar events, these are cultural or spiritual festivals, Christmas for illustration. Autochthonal traditions of big graduated table assembly have by and large died off within the UK. However foreign influences have brought carnivals and melas which enhance the cultural mix of festivals within the UK.
    • Amateur humanistic disciplines festivals, this is a low profile sector but still reasonably big affecting 1000s

    of people.

  • Commercial music festivals are the most commonly known and accompanied cultural events. Commercial music festivals take topographic point in most major metropoliss and even outside, for illustration Robbie Williams has performed at Knebworth.
  • What are cooperate Events

    Administrations have to be originative adequate these yearss to vie with their rivals to last in the globalised market. A corporate event can affect a figure of things particularly great planning because any bad luck can botch the image of the administration so they have to be after everything really efficaciously and seek to organize the event and so seek to carry through their ends with this event by making their audience or may be it might be a company acquire together every bit good.

    The Impact of the Event

    There are many advantages of societal & A ; civilization impact, for illustration, shared edifice community pride, and shared experience. Events play an of import portion in promoting societal interaction and the jubilations of happy occasions and its likely more of import in society. ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 ) For illustration, the Live 8 concerts which took topographic point in 9 states coincided with the G8 acme at Gleneagles in 2005, the shows planned to coerce universe leaders to drop the debt of the universe 's poorest states, addition and better assistance, and negotiate just trade regulations in the involvement

    The Timing Of The Event

    The Timing of the Event is really indispensable because everybodys convenience has to bee seen particularly the mark audience, when they hangout and other things have to be identified.

    This traditional cultural event will take topographic point in the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur during the full

    weekend get downing Friday the 5th June which will be to the full filled with great refreshments, games, music, household activities, quizzes, play, competitions and immense creative person markets dance events like belly dancing, unrecorded music and carnival. The event which is wholly free of cost will be held from June 5 to June 7, 2010. One can happen about every sort of art, picture, sculpture, jewelry and more. In this great topographic point

    The most sensational portion of the event is its musical show. The event holds a batch of relevancy in the society since such festivals besides seem to educate immature kids This event ever brings with it the sunglassess and flower of assorted civilizations around the universe particularly in Asia along with exciting amusement.

    The timings of the festival are as follows:

    On Friday, the event begins at 1700 hour and stopping points till 2130 hour at dark, while on Saturday, it will fall between 16:00 hour to 21:30 hour. The last twenty-four hours of the Dogwood Festival 2010, Sunday, will see the Gatess open at 16:00 hour and terminal at 21:00 hour.

    Marketing The Event

    Marketing the Event is the most of import for the success of the event. The most of import facet of any event is to accomplish its aim here in this event the chief focal point is on conveying in all the cultural civilizations under one roof which is the marquee and besides show to the universe the integrity which prevails in Malaysia which can better the touristry industry every bit good and so the following focal point is the expansive launch of Nexus SAHE which is the latest auto from the

    Lexus company.

    Since this event is to be held in the Pavilion there will be a walk in crowd for certain but still it would be of import that there are come promotional activities to be carried on so the selling of the event will affect the undermentioned methods to accomplish the ends and aims of the event. When of all time there is any sort of marketing traveling there is a large spread between the promises done and the existent outlooks, by and large what happens is the audience attend the events and spend their money without any consequences favoring them which is really common, so things have to be considered because the audience have this fright in their head. , so the run designed will be in such a signifier that if person reads the advertizement he should be attracted they should be persuaded towards the event.

    The most common methods of selling would be the undermentioned

    • Inflaters
    • Circulars
    • Billboards
    • Posters
    • Radio Jingles
    • Email Selling
    • Internet streamers
    • Promotional Ads with Gifts.

    So all these will make a bombilation among the people and in instance if there is a teaser ad it can make a sense of suspense what is it, which could besides take many people to walk-in.

    The Cost for this Event

    The cost factor is really of import for any event to be conducted because without the money no event can non be conducted but at the same clip the event should be worth the money. Although there is a patron for the event it is of import that there are other methods of looking for more money like carbon monoxide patrons, apportioning booths to other

    advertizers and so on to cover up some cost from the event because this event is chiefly from eh patrons and nil is covered from the audience, which is wholly free for them.


    All the cost mentioned are approximative to the best of my cognition which would be suited for this event

    • The Site
    • Promotion
    • Decorations
    • Plans
    • Prizes
    • Assorted
    • So the sum disbursals are
    • And the estimated disbursals

    Cardinal constituents of a successful event

    There are 7 cardinal constituents of a successful event: set up the Mission and Objectives for the event, human resources direction effectual leading, fulfilling stakeholder demands, do elaborate planning, implementing the event and good station rating study. A clear statement of intent and vision should underpin every statement. ( Bowdin, 2006, page 124 ) A vision or mission statement describes in the broadest footings the undertaking that the event organisation has set for itself. ( Bowdin, 2006, page 123 ) Aims are based on the mission statement and supply more lucidity as to what the event is seeking to accomplish.

    Event is a sort of labour intensive goods because there are voluntaries. Olympics Games is a good illustration, there were about 1,700,000 voluntaries in 2008 Beijing Olympics. The nucleus of every successful event is be aftering and direction of human resources efficaciously. ( Bowdin, 2006, page 144 ) Every successful event must fulfill most of the stakeholders demands such as the community, host organisation, colleagues and media. ( Bowdin, 2006, page 99 )

    The personality and leading manner play an of import portion in how an event turns out. ( Watts, 1988, page 31 ) Furthermore, in the event direction procedure the event leading manners play

    an of import function in it. ( Goldblatt, 2005, page 159 ) Finally, its the implementing and rating. Implementing is to accomplish the program and should hold both program A and program B. If there are some accidents, you can utilize the program B. Evaluation is get feedbacks from clients after event.

    The Event Management Process

    There are 4 chief countries of planning and presenting events: initial planning, elaborate planning, implementing the event and station event rating. First of wholly, there are 2 parts of initial planning: making the event construct and measuring the event construct. Making the event construct focuses on the 5 Ws which means Why, Who, When, Where and What. ( Goldblatt, 2005 ) Measuring the event construct means a feasibleness survey or a screening procedure will be undertaken to take the best construct. ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 ) There are 5 parts of elaborate planning: aims, situational analysis, fiscal planning, selling planning and operational planning.

    The fiscal planning and good fiscal control are of import portion of the event direction procedure. ( Shone, 2004 ) Venue choice is the most of import determination in event direction procedure in many events such as marrying response and birthday party. Operational planning includes acquiring every in topographic point for an event and focal points on staffing, locale choice, equipment and catering. ( Shone & A ; Parry ) In the event planning procedure, the selling program is a important constituent. It focuses the 4 Ps ( merchandise, pricing, topographic points and advancing ).

    The Important Aspects To Be Considered

    There are 6 really of import elements that any host of a major international event should see:

  • Supplying new and/or redeveloped lodging and locales
  • Identifying and making chances for employment and concern growing
  • Increasing public conveyance and handiness without interfering excessively much with mundane life
  • Bettering the design of the urban environment, by making new exciting locales, protecting heritage sites, and procuring safe, good located populace spheres
  • Protect and better the natural and cultural environments
  • Promote efficient planning and promote investing, occupation creative activity and concern assurance
  • My Role as an Events Organiser

    An events organizer has many of import functions and responsibilities that need to be accomplished. In a events environment, the typical responsibilities will normally include:

    • To research the current market in order to place if there are any chance for that type of events ;
    • To pass on with clients to find their specific demand for that peculiar event.
    • You would besides necessitate to make a thorough and comprehensive proposal for the events. This would include: - timelines, locales, providers, legal duties, staffing and budgets.
    • You would necessitate to put, hold and command a budget ;
    • You would besides necessitate to book a suited locale for the events to be held.
    • An events organizer would besides necessitate to vouch that the insurance, legal, wellness and safety demands are adhere to ;
    • organizing locale direction, caterers, base interior decorators, contractors and equipment hire ;
    • organizing installations for auto parking, traffic control, security, first assistance, cordial reception and the media ;
    • Some events may necessitate particular invitee to be at the events, so it is the events organizers function to acknowledge and besides procure the talkers.
    • They would besides necessitate to be after the room layouts and besides schedule the workshops.
    • Manage staffing

    demand and staff update.

    The concluding straw of the function of an events organizer is that they would necessitate to oversee the disassemble and remotion of the event and besides doing certain of uncluttering the locale aptly

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