Making and Breaking New Year Resolutions Essay Example
Making and Breaking New Year Resolutions Essay Example

Making and Breaking New Year Resolutions Essay Example

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  • Published: July 18, 2016
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In the past, I have made New Year resolutions like many others. These resolutions are typically made to correct mistakes from the previous year or improve organization. However, I, like numerous others, have struggled to follow through with them. This time, though, I am determined to stick to my resolutions and actively work towards self-improvement. For this year, I have created a list of resolutions that I am fully committed to adopting.

For me, being organized is crucial as I frequently face challenges in completing my work and projects. This year, my main focus is to enhance my organizational skills to ensure timely completion of tasks without any unfinished work. Additionally, I aim to become a more devoted reader despite often neglecting this beneficial activity when presented with the opportunity.

ify">To enhance my knowledge and love for reading, I have made the decision to dedicate a portion of each day to perusing educational materials or books. Additionally, I recognize the necessity of addressing my excessive online usage. It is evident that spending countless hours on the computer is unproductive and futile. Consequently, I am determined to minimize my internet surfing time and utilize it more effectively by engaging in purposeful activities rather than solely indulging in social media and chatting.

Both the cell phone and internet have become addictive to me, leading me to spend excessive time on the phone without considering the negative consequences or how it wastes my time and money. However, I have decided to limit my phone usage to important matters only and prioritize engaging in productive activities or spending quality time with my family. By

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committing to these resolutions, I aim for personal improvement that will benefit both myself and society as a whole.

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