Web Development Essay Example
Web Development Essay Example

Web Development Essay Example

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  • Published: August 28, 2018
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There are a number of sites through which one can seek a domain name. Usually, the generic words are already taken as domain name. Thus, there is often a need to search for a number of alternatives to find the availability of that domain name. The searching service is often provided for free by these websites. However, most of the times, the registration is paid.

A number of domain sellers are available on internet, however, most appraised ones are www. godaddy. com and www. 1and1.com for their range of services related to web domain registration, web hosting and even web development with various models like ecommerce model, social networking model etc.

Hosting a website is also very simple. First task is to find a hosting site among the thousands of them available on internet ranging from fr


ee to several hundred of dollars per annum. The difference is based on a number of facilities provided by the hosting site such as POP email accounts, size of storage, bandwidth etc.Once a site is chosen and hosting fees being paid, the next step is to upload the folder of website files (html, asp, php or any other) on one’s PC to the server of the hosting site. Mostly, such hosting requires free software called ‘ftp (file transfer protocol) software’. The website can later be managed through logging into the admin area through the hosting site or using FTP manager.

Cascading style sheet refers to a presentation language that is attached to a webpage.CSS helps in separating the structure from presentation for web pages, thus ensures hassle less updating of the website from time to time. CSS can b

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used in a website development at three levels. The first level is the inline style sheet where CSS is directly applied in the HTML element by using Style tag.

Embedded style sheets are applied to all the elements of the current page using the CSS in the head of the webpage. The third level is external style sheet where the CSS is saved as a separate file and its link is kept in the head for the web pages to apply it on several web pages.Although the actual nature of business is not mentioned, yet on a generic note, the website provides online presence to the business globally and round the clock, thus enhancing the chance to expand the market and provide another channel to interact and transact with the company and build long lasting relationship with the customer.ReferencesHow to Use CSS - An Overview of Inline, Embedded and External Style Sheets. (n.

d. ). Retrieved December 23, 2008, from http://www. ironspider. ca/adv/basic_css/overview.


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