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This document is a project proposal for the web site design and development for XYZ retail house from ABC software consultancies.

The objectives of the project The website design & development project will be executed on the following client objectives: – To have global reach to the customers – To promote its products – To establish a global brand name – To have an efficient order processing system Milestones of the Project The proposed project life cycle includes the following stages – System study phase – Project planning Phase – Project design & development phase – Internal & Acceptance Testing Phase – Documentation phase- Release Phase – Support Phase Deliverables The following deliverables are at offer during different milestones of the project Analysis Stage – The deliverables are the SRS and Use case Documents. Design Stage – The deliverable is the HTML Prototype. Application Design Stage – The deliverables are the Software design documents ( HLD & LLD) Development Stage – The deliverable is the integrated application with test results. Testing stage: The deliverables at this stage are test cases and issue reports Updating Stage: The deliverables at the final stage are system documentation and user guides in the form of web help. TechnologyThe e-commerce website development is proposed to develop and maintain in the following technology platform – Hardware Specifications: Web Server, DB Servers, and PC Work Stations – Operating System: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP with IIS 6 – User Interface / Presentation tier: ASP, ASP. Net, Java Script/VB Script, HTML – Business tier development: IIS, XML, Web Services – Data Tier development: Postgre SQL or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 6 or higher The Proposed Systems will be developed by creating standards based architecture and will have user-friendly user interface to improve productivity and usabilityProject Priorities The proposed E-commerce web site project Priorities are given below: – Easy Navigation – Fine flow of design – Highly integrated modules – Well display of products on webpage – Search engine build – Secured online transactions – Bug free software – In time Project delivery Limits& exclusions The proposed Project has the following limitations and exclusions – The current project only gives the web development service – The current scope does not include any provision of domain space – The current project scope will allow only limited support & maintenance of the e-commerce website for a period of 2 months

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