E-commerce Website Project Proposal Essay Example
E-commerce Website Project Proposal Essay Example

E-commerce Website Project Proposal Essay Example

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  • Published: September 24, 2018
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The purpose of this document is to propose a project for the design and development of the website for XYZ retail house, which will be executed by ABC software consultancies.

This website design and development project aims to fulfill the client's objectives of reaching global customers, promoting products, establishing a global brand name, and implementing an efficient order processing system. The project life cycle consists of stages including system study, project planning, design and development, testing, documentation, release and support. Deliverables offered at different milestones include SRS and Use case Documents during the analysis stage, an HTML Prototype during the design stage, Software design documents (HLD & LLD) during the application design stage, an integrated application with test results during the development stage, test cases and issue reports during the testing stage, and syste


m documentation and user guides in the form of web help during the updating stage. The technology platform proposed for e-commerce website development includes hardware specifications such as web server, DB servers, and PC workstations; an operating system of Windows 98/NT/2000/XP with IIS 6; and an ASP user interface/presentation tier.The proposed systems for business tier development will involve using Net, Java Script/VB Script, and HTML, along with IIS, XML, and Web Services for development of the Data Tier. It is essential that the site is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. The project priorities include creating easy navigation and fine design flow to improve productivity and usability, as well as implementing highly integrated modules and displaying products clearly on the webpage. The project will also ensure a build search engine and secure online transactions, as well as a bug-free software

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and in-time project delivery. However, the project limitations and exclusions include a focus solely on web development services and limited support and maintenance of the e-commerce website for two months without any provision of domain space.

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