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Today. concern and constitution displacement from manual to computerization chiefly because of the advantages growing by the usage of computing machines. Through the promotion of the engineering. the computing machines exist. Because of this. computing machines are great aid of any signifier of constitution to do work more accurate and fast on retrieval storage of information. Water works systems is an built-in portion of the community. It handles volumes of informations that needs processing for transition into information. A individual who takes portion in the H2O service is normally termed “concessionaire” . Concessionaires piles a large chow of the paper and records that has to be updated. retrieved. computed and billed. This undertaking are relevant in the water company system. The development of engineering applied in record processing allows dynamic and efficient direction.

This is the ground why most offices took advantage in simplifying undertaking particularly honing calculation. The Subayon Waterworks system located in Barangay Subayon started in the twelvemonth 1992. 20th twenty-four hours of April. through the aid of Municipal LGU and supported by the higher functionaries of Bohol. Soon. it is maintained by the Barangay Councilor and used the budget of the barangay for the care of the WaterWorks. There are two type of degrees in the family concessionaires viz. Flat 2 and Level 3: Degree 2. which is communal type wherein the H2O metre is shared by two to three family. Level 3 utilizations direct connexion to the Barangay Waterworks.

At present the Subayon WaterWorks has an estimated more than 250 family concessioners composing of seven Puroks: viz. Mabag. Bachao Sur. Pangihan. Bachao Norte. Kantomuwad. Kawari and Pondol. It has seven metre readers and seven Plumbers that are maintained by the Barangay Council. In every Purok there is a Barangay Council assigned to pull offing the care and metre reading to be submitted to the financial officer of the Barangay. The Barangay has all the records of concessioner and handles the payment of the concessioner.

The manual processes involves excess procedures that may be eliminated to simplify the process. It besides needs to better their recording strategy to rush the processing and extinguish if non cut down the happening of mistakes. The jobs presently encountered by the Subayon WaterWorks include: location of available metre for connexion. records of concessioner has to be updated. calculation measures needs to be standardize and accurate. there is no measure for every family that is distributed. misplaced records of concessioner is likely to happen. The Computerize Water Billing System to be develop would reply all the restriction of the present manual system. It would increase truth and dependability of system by automatizing and integrating expressions to calculation to do dealing and calculation accurate and faster. Records would be updated and pull off expeditiously. Reports will be generated on clip. and content of studies shall incarnate Business Intelligence and Decision Support system.

A computerized H2O charge must be accurate in treating charging dealing more so. it ensures that the information of concessioner are updated and managed consequently. The survey shall utilize the undermentioned theories and citation applications similar to the proposed system as footing of this survey.

Transaction Processing Theory states that a dealing is a logical unit of database processing that includes one or more entree operation. Transaction Processing is designed to keep database unity ( Typically a Database ) in a known. consistent province by guaranting that any operation cavities out on the system that are independent are either wholly completed successfully or cancelled successfully. It allows multiple single operation to be linked together automatically as a individual indivisible dealing. It ensures that either all operation in a dealing are completed but mistakes occurred when the fusss are attempted. ( Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe )

The principal of mechanization is concerned on the findings of efficient computational manner to execute human undertaking. Undertaking can be physical. such as making arithmetic. playing cheat. and be aftering agendas. The Principle attempts to emphasis that there is an efficient computational ways to execute human undertaking behavioural credence trial are used to keep whether a developed system with human making the undertaking manually.

On the other manus. there are Numberss of constitution implementing Computerized Water Billing System. Here are some illustrations: 1. Municipality of Carmen created an system that can pull strings informations of the concessioner. retrieving and entering to minimise the clip and attempt of the occupant of Carmen. The name of the system called “Information Management and Billing System of Carmen. Davao del Norte” . The system aid to maintain and secured the record of the concessioner. It covers the full territorial legal power for the municipality. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studymode. com/essays/Water-Billing-System-Proposed-Study-917611. hypertext markup language )

2. The City of Tampa charge system is set up in such a manner that the bulk of our customer’s receive an “average” measure one month so the following month an “actual” read measure. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studymode. com/essays/Water-Billing-System-755875. hypertext markup language )

3. Consumer’s information and charge system of Tagbilaran City Waterworks. The System keeps path of the present and old consumers’ measure while charging dealing of the system updates each consumers record. The system promotes non merely rush in clip devouring occupations ; it besides aligns all the record of concessioner.

We see in this system that we have the same procedure that can maintain path of the present and old consumer’s measure. We use this as our footing in doing our system alone and can maintain the record secured.

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