Seimens Medical Solutions: Training and Development

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Siemens Medical Solutions integrates all the items found in the checklists highlighted in the Ultimate Business Resource (2002) including the “Communicate and Seek Feedback” alongside the “Measure, Adapt and Review” approach. They approach customer service through live chat making performance management easy for stakeholders – employees. Siemens commits to specialized trainings for her staff and growing customer base. A source reveals that Siemens assumed responsibility for all of the software, hardware, network infrastructure and help desk support for nine Baptist Health System which led 100 BHS IT employees becoming Siemens employees.

Siemens focuses on live and on-Demand web trainings ensures proper circulation of useful information. A news article titled “Single Tool Allows Physicians Fast and Intuitive Cardiac MR Scanning”, quotes that Molecular Imaging University, a fundamental part of MI LifeNet, a Siemens customer care initiative, provides a substantive training resource for Siemens Molecular Imaging customers. The company commits to free and easy to access online training resources.

One of those that caught my attention was the Healthcare Process Management on Demand webcast. The training informs on how to define the four elements of healthcare process management and the improvements they can help to realize; states methods for identifying and prioritizing where improvements can be made and communicates the value of healthcare process management to key stakeholders within the organization. Seybold (2001) says that successful companies in the future will be those that use customer lifetime value as strategic management tool.

It is clear that from the way the company treats her external customers, the internal customers – her employees definitely enjoy a content-rich culture. Another account on the web page [1] it was said that President Bush outlined a plan to ensure that most Americans have electronic health records within the next 10 years and that Siemens has been involved in it. That validates Siemens active presence in national development based programs. A sample form targeted at registration for Professional Development was accessed and this was to be scheduled at their Medical Solutions, Training Center.

It is clear that Siemens Medical Solution makes use of an integrated learning approach to employee development, powered from a well equipped research centre with teams of professionals. It goes hand-in-hand with the information-rich work culture. To the Global markets demand for high quality information, in a case study titled, “Siemens Medical Solutions Streamlines Product Information for Customer Service”, Siemens Medical Solutions sought assistance to improve its product documentation and customer service operations.

Siemens Medical Solutions has delivered over 190,000 individual product manuals – each year publishing 2,200 technical documents, over 100,000 printed pages, and distributing this information in print and thousands of CD’s. It also emphasizes that, “Siemens Medical Solutions’ goal was two-pronged: to make sure customers knew how to use their products properly and effectively, and enable its CSEs to quickly repair the equipment. To achieve this, they would need to more quickly deliver high-quality product and service information to their global customers and CSEs”.

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