London-based seatwave Essay Example
London-based seatwave Essay Example

London-based seatwave Essay Example

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  • Published: September 27, 2017
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Part I

1. Introduction

London-based was founded in January 2006 by Joe Cohen. He is presently President and CEO whilst Mr. GED Waring is presently VP of Technology and James Hamlin is Director Online Marketing. The site has undergone uninterrupted growing since launch, and presently serves 10s of 1000s of monthly visitants. is a specialised online market place where fans can purchase and sell tickets for concerts, theater, athleticss, and unrecorded events and is the largest online ticket market place in Europe. works by leting Ticket Sellers to post the tickets they have for sale on the Seatwave site, and so allowing purchasers bid on them. Tickets go to the highest bidder and the site offers guaranteed bringing of tickets to winner and takes a little monetary value off the ticket sold for compensation.

2. Seatwave Information Technology appli



Seatwave 's success is dependent on its usage of engineering to assist drive the supply and value ironss of the concern and in its three old ages since its origin, Seatwave has gone from strength to strength winning legion awards, including being named 'Best Technology Media Company 2009 ' by The Guardian.

  • Pure 360 e-mailing Technology

Seatwave decided to spouse with progressive electronic mail selling suppliers, Pure360, to make and present a extremely effectual, cost efficient, email marketing run by capitalising on cutting border email selling engineering.

Seatwave 's on-going electronic mail selling run uses Pure360 's 'Intelligent Time Sending ' tool to analyse when each of its clients is most likely to open their electronic mails, and click-through to the web site. This information is used to guarantee electronic mails arrive in receivers ' inboxes at the clip h

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or she is most receptive - an indispensable tool as Seatwave 's success is dependent on the audience reacting rapidly and buying tickets.

Timing is everything for Seatwave, and it is imperative that it sends out the latest information about events and ticket handiness as rapidly and expeditiously as possible.

Pure360s 'Automatic Message Import ' tool makes it possible for Seatwave to direct out the latest offers by uploading web content automatically into their email selling run, intending they use minimum resources.

  • Seatwave Mobile Application

LONDON, ENG ( Seatwave ) 14 January 2009 - Seatwave, Europe 's largest online fan-to-fan ticket exchange, today announced its newest partnership with nomadic platform supplier, Snaptu. As portion of the company 's continued enlargement into the nomadic environment and in a first for fan-to- fan ticket exchanges, the new application will supply a seamless Mobile box office experience for fans. It will let them to voyage through the full scope of European concert day of the months on their nomadic phone, and purchase with one call.

  • Cookies

`` When you view our Site we may hive away information on the difficult thrust of your computing machine in the signifier of a `` cooky '' ( basically a little text file ) . Cookies allow us to orient the Site to your involvements and penchants '' . ( 2009 )

  • IP Addresss

`` We study visitor tendencies since we are interested in the successful airing of information through the Site. Our waiter creates log files of information such as the Internet Protocol ( IP ) reference from your web, what pages were explored and the length of your visit. Analysis package is used to

bring forth studies, which helps us to larn more about how we can heighten your experience with the Site. This information is non used to develop a personal profile of you. The log files are on a regular basis deleted '' ( 2009 ) .

  • Seatwave Ticket finder

Seatwave has secured a trade with MSN whereby MSN portal users can utilize Seatwave 's 'Ticket Finder ' to seek for secondhand tickets. The new aim for the online activity is to increase gross revenues of tickets and promote more people to sell tickets on the site.

  • Secure Online Account

As a purchaser, you can reexamine all your old orders and track their position within My Account. For Sellerss, My Account allows you to see or amend your listings, track your gross revenues and direct out your tickets

  • Seatwave Ticket Cover

TicketCover is a new sort of insurance and Seatwave will be the first UK Company to guarantee that consumers are refunded for the cost of a place at sporting, music and other signifiers of unrecorded amusement, if unanticipated fortunes prevail. Such fortunes include motor dislocation on the manner to the locale, unwellness, hurt, jury service and a scope of other happenings that could maintain a individual off from their chosen event.

The service will be administered by Mondial Insurance and the cost of the screen will be included in the monetary value of all Seatwave tickets.

  • Seatwave Ticket Integrity

Seatwave warrant that their tickets come merely from legitimate beginnings and that they will stand for them accurately and candidly. They besides guarantee that you will have the tickets you ordered ( or similar 1s ) and that they will be

with you by the twenty-four hours of the event. And if they do n't maintain this committedness to you, they will take sensible stairss to beginning replacing tickets, of an tantamount value, to do certain you do n't lose out. If suited replacing tickets ( determinable entirely at our discretion ) can non be found, we 'll return 100 % of the monetary value you paid. No inquiries.

Additionally Seatwave Ticket Integrity™ warrant is a bipartisan street. If you are selling tickets they promise that you will have prompt payment from Seatwave for all orders that are confirmed and fulfilled.

3. Seatwave E-Business Models

Seatwave have adopted a combination of two E-business theoretical accounts, a Transaction fee gross theoretical account and an E-Auction theoretical account. ( Schneider. G 2009 ) explains that in the fee for transactional gross theoretical account, concerns offer services for which they charge a fee that is based on the figure or sized of minutess they process ''

And Seatwave has successfully adopted this theoretical account whereby they are paid a committee for every ticket sold. Ttickets can be sold at any monetary value selected by the marketer, including below and above the face value printed on the ticket and Seatwave charges purchasers a 15 % service charge and Sellerss a 10 % success fee. Seatwave has to boot adopted an E- Auction theoretical account or as they put it a fan to fan to online ticket exchange system.

The on-line auction concern theoretical account is one in which participants command for merchandises and services over the cyberspace.

When one thinks of on-line auctions they typically think of E-Bay, the largest on-line auction site. Like most auction

companies, eBay does non really sell goods that it owns itself. It simply facilitates the procedure of listing and exposing goods, command on points, and paying for them. It acts as a market place for persons and concerns that use the site to auction off goods and services.

Several types of online auctions are possible. In an English auction the initial monetary value starts low and is bid up by consecutive bidders. In a Dutch auction the monetary value starts high and is reduced until person buys the point. EBay besides offers fixed monetary value listings.

4. Seatwave Fiscal Performance

In January 2009 Seatwave was on 35 % market portion, GetMeIn ( a UK startup founded by US cat James Gray and acquired by Ticketmaster is on 25 % , and Viagogo is on 14 The rule industry country to which Seatwave belongs is events fining. Unfortunately Seatwave does non print its fiscal statement but do supply growing borders which make it easier to mensurate the success and profitableness of the company.

Europe 's Leading Ticket exchange additions lead on the field

London: 05 May 2009 - Seatwave, Europe 's taking fan-to-fan ticket exchange, today announced explosive growing LONDON: 05 May 2009 - Seatwave, Europe 's taking fan-to-fan ticket exchange, today announced explosive growing for Q1, supported by ComScore 's latest study corroborating that Seatwave is Europe 's largest ticket exchange by a factor of more than 2 to 1 versus its nearest rival. March gross revenues entirely grew by 287 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth, one of the many indexs of the company 's increasing success.

Insert Courtesy Of

Seatwave 's success can be attributed to two chief factors `` superior

client service and an first-class online client experience. Couple with a great concern theoretical account '' The Company 's site demonstrates how significantly it takes the client 's on-line experience. Burgess believes that the specific on-line experience they offer clients is an indispensable ingredient to the success of the company because the site is streamlined and easy to voyage, and it 's cleverly designed to keep its efficiency and functionality.

The smart design is apparent in the ability to rapidly purchase or sell tickets and concern theoretical account is adopted is first-class because there is no clip and geographical restraints, hence tickets and be sold and bought at any clip, 24 / 7 and Sellers and bidders can take part from anyplace that has internet entree. This makes them more accessible and reduces the cost of `` go toing '' an auction.

5. Seatwave Strategy

Seatwave 's biggest market is the UK and its long term scheme for growing is based on three key parts.

  1. Growth by planetary Expansion
  2. Offering Marketing Leading Consumer Protection
  3. Partnerships and Affiliations

1. The Seatwave concern is turning quickly and is the market leader in all the markets they operate within.

  • Seatwave operates in nine states outside the UK. Including Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland
  • Over 700,000 tickets on sale at any one clip
  • Customer base of over 1.9 million alone active users.
  • 1.7 Millions tickets for events in over 38 states
  • Europe secondary ticket market deserving $ 6.8 - 9.7 billion.
  • Bi- theoretical account attack e.g. Transactional Revenue theoretical account & A ; E-auctioning theoretical account
  • Seatwave Cooperate gross revenues which is a dedicated service for corporate

amusement demands.

2. Utilizing Technology & A ; Offering Consumer Protection services

  • TicketIntegrity™ warrants that purchasers will have the tickets they ordered in good clip for the event, or offers a full refund.
  • TicketCover™ which provides a full refund if an event is cancelled. This refund includes the full monetary value of the tickets purchased.
  • TicketCover™premium which covers purchasers for a scope of other fortunes that may forestall them from go toing their public presentation, such as transport failure or terrible unwellness.
  • TickFinder is a hunt application usage on the msn portal to assist users happen secondhand tickets.

3. Partnerships and Affiliations

  • Official Ticket exchange spouse of 9 different athletics nines
  • Affiliations with 4 separate music groups e.g., MOBO Awards and Live Nation
  • In partnership with major media organisations e.g. MSN, Virgin Media and a new partnership with HMV
  • Seatwave donates a part of every featuring ticket sold online to Sparks and is besides a member of the Action for Brazils Children Trust.
  • Seatwave are in partnership with UPS to assist ease and guarantee a dependable ticket exchange dealing between purchasers and Sellerss.

Part II

6. Suggested Evaluation Standards

The methodological analysiss used for the rating of is based on Webqual which is an instrument for measuring the serviceability, information, and service interaction quality of Internet web-sites, peculiarly those offering e-commerce installations ( home page 2009 ) .

WebQual ( ) is based on quality map deployment ( QFD ) - a `` structured and Disciplined procedure that provides a agency to place and transport the voice of the client through each phase of merchandise and or service development and execution '' ( Slabey, 1990 ) .

In the context of WebQual for traditional Web sites, users are asked to rate mark sites against each of a scope of qualities utilizing a 7-point graduated table. The users are besides asked to rate each of the qualities for importance ( once more, utilizing a 7-point graduated table ) , which helps derive understanding about which qualities are considered by the user to be most of import in any given state of affairs.

In order to construct a profile for, the information was summarized around the questionnaire subcategories, and so the entire mark for each subcategory was indexed against the maximal mark ( based on the of import evaluation for inquiries multiplied by three. The consequences suggested that the information quality and Usability facet of the web site rated highly good at 100 % severally. Seatwave has facilitated this by supplying tools that help the marketer choose an appropriate merchandising monetary value by comparing the mean sale monetary value for tickets being sold for the peculiar event and holding a simple but structured attack to the design of the web site and the manner it presents information to its clients.

Additionally the service interaction weighted mark was somewhat lower than the other classs at 92.8 % but still suggested a high sense of community, personalization and security in footings of treating minutess, nevertheless the deficiency of assurance within the web site due to the ethical issues within the resale ticketing industry and the slender line of communicating to the organisation has robbed the site of a maximal mark. It must be noted though that WebQual was non peculiarly utile for measuring the proficient facets of

the site despite supplying a valuable profile of users perceptual experience of e-commerce quality, hence an independent rating of its proficient viability as an ecommerce site was carried out.

And one job noticed when measuring the site from a proficient point of position is that it failed W3C markup proof, this means that there is no warrant that the site will look the same in different browsers or even that it will work right. Besides this means that non-graphical browsers and html transcribers such as those used by unsighted people may non be able to pass on the site to a decently.

The site has an XHTML transitional DOCTYPE heading, this criterion should be purely adhered to in order to avoid the jobs outlined above, by making this the company can be certain that they are making the widest possible audience as their site would so work with the huge bulk of sing engineerings.

Part III

Proposed future scheme for Seatwave

Future Scheme

Seatwave can heighten its future ecommerce concern by alining its current scheme with the primary ticket merchandising industry which will construct up its repute and beef up its trade name image. Harmonizing to Katie Allen of the Guardian, Seatwave and challengers such as Viagogo have been accused of promoting the growing of `` sleeping room touts '' , who snap up tickets with the exclusive intent of doing a net income by selling them on, in add-on Seatwave, as a secondary market ticket provider, has no manner of verifying if tickets are valid, forgery, or genuine. By going the leader in the Primary and secondary online fining market Seatwave will be able to increase its image as a

reputable trade name, perforate new markets and hence addition its net income borders.

New Business Strategy Key Factors

  • New Potential Packages

As the two entities further combine their operations, they could get down to offer more bundles to consumers such as discounted packages of tickets and recorded music, and could offer corporate patrons more attractive footings, excessively. At the same clip, a vertically incorporate giant could hold the power to order higher monetary values.

  • Power to order Price ( Due To Economy of Scale )

Because it would be so vertically incorporate, the new company would besides be able to muscle out viing concert boosters and have more power to order ticket monetary values to consumers. The new company would hold close ties to an array of creative persons and boast association and new partnerships right across the amusement spectrum

  • Expansions into the America 's

To new concern scheme will let Seatwave to venture out in to the Americas which is tightly regulated against ticket reselling. Because of the new scheme the concern can section its services geographically.

  • Alliances with other companies

The new scheme would unify Europe 's Largest fining exchange facilitator with a dominant ticketing and artist-management company. The resulting house would be able to pull off everything from recorded music to fine gross revenues and tour sponsorship. It could box creative persons in new ways, for illustration, leting corporations such as a nomadic phone supplier to patronize a concert circuit and to sell an sole download of a vocal.


In decision Seatwave has dominated the European market and have attracted investing whilst protecting its client ; nevertheless the fining resale markets remains shrouded with intuition, unjust patterns and

chancy traffics. It and its two chief challengers in the UK operate in a controversial country. Ticket touts have a bad repute and Seatwave and its equals are, harmonizing to their critics, simply electronic equivalents of the spivs who hang around the doors of music and featuring locales offering questionably acquired merchandises.

Mr. Cohen points out that his venture offers those who are truly unable to obtain the tickets they want through a hazard free channels, nevertheless a gross revenues Account Manager for Seatwave, Lee Lake, was caught buying tickets for assorted concerts and gigs utilizing 4 different references and 4 different recognition cards and selling the same tickets through Seatwave at significantly higher monetary values than face value and non declaring that he is an employee of Seatwave in the dealing. In response, Chief Executive Joe Cohen allegedly stated the tickets were purchased as `` catcher '' tickets in instance `` fans '' selling on Seatwave Lashkar-e-Taiba people down. This proves that Seatwave 's scheme is in demand of a revamp to pull a better repute and removed the stigma that has dogged the industry for so long, the integrating of its already strong ecommerce offering with an improved concern scheme will be the motley piper that draws big audience to the site and puts its critics to rest.


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