Web-Based Computing Essay Example
Web-Based Computing Essay Example

Web-Based Computing Essay Example

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  • Published: November 17, 2018
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Web-Based computing is a technology that has been invented that enables a person to move his applications from the normal storage which is the hard disk, to the internet. These applications can be accessed anywhere with the user as long as he is connected to the internet. The Web-Based computing revolution seeks to end the desktop software era. The web-based software will liberate the users from becoming the administrators of their computers; instead these web-based applications will be able to run internet servers. The web-based applications will use the web pages as the user interface. This new technology seeks to make computing easier, much cheaper, and reliable. It will pave way for even more powerful software than those currently in the desktop.

This new technology in the computer world has got a lot of benefits that accompany these web-based


applications.The web-based applications provide cross-platform compatibility for all computer models and operating systems. The major technologies like Flash, Java and Ajax have welcomed this new trend. They have allowed the effective and efficient development of programs which support all of the commonly known operating systems. This compatibility will allow more users to use one operating system for their software installation without worrying about the model of their operating system, thus cutting down the expenditures and inconveniences (Graham, 2001).Updating of the installed software in the desktop or the laptops has always been a heavy task for most of the users. Many a times one has to search the internet and download the update and this may take a lot of time especially if you are dealing with a large organization. After that one has got to instal

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this updates manually on the computer.

Web-based applications take care of this problem. Web-based applications are normally updated to the latest update that is available (Good, 2010). The good thing about this is that, the updating will take place automatically even without requiring the user to do so himself. This is efficient as it does not interfere with the working of the user to initiate this updates and downloads.The web-based applications also provide the efficiency of immediate access to ones software without necessarily downloading and installing them. The users can access their accounts which are based online. These applications are usually ready to work regardless of what the setup or hardware of the software is. This provision allows for easy and convenient access to the important software anywhere that the user is at any time that he needs them.

The web-based applications also provide the ease of trying out new software before spending money in purchasing them. In the present days, there exists expensive software that does not allow the user to see the better part of its functionalities and other small details before purchasing the full product. This new web-based technology allows for this option of a trial version of the full product before one makes a full purchase. This is an advantage as it helps cut down on the costs incurred in purchasing products that we do not require (Good, 2010).The web-based applications offer yet another great deal in terms of the less memory that they require to run. These programs are based on servers and they run on these servers. Thus, the applications use the memories of the computers in which they

are running. This leaves more space on the RAM to be able to run more applications at the same time and this happens without encountering performance hits that will slow down or freeze one's computer.

The web-based programs are also less likely to crash down when running and giving the user technical problems. This normally happens when there is conflict between the software or the hardware with other applications or internal normal software. With the introduction of the web-based technology in computing, everyone can use the same versions of these programs. If there is a bug in the system, it can be easily discovered and dealt with before it causes inconveniences to the users (Good, 2010). Thus there will be less bug problems compared to those witnessed in the normal downloadable desktop software.With the move from applications running manually in locally based computers to online applications, it will make easier the access of data. People are now going to be able to access their accounts and all the data that they have stored in their computers wherever they will be in the universe. This efficiency will enable them to also preserve their data online and it cannot be stolen or tampered with by others who may have access to their computers.

This move will provide the mobility of the data online and as a result give even quicker access to data. Another advantage of web-based computing is the fact that the web-based applications can be used by a number of users at the same time. This is very convenient especially for the companies that hold online board meetings as they are able to edit the

same document at the same time in their very own screens. Web conferencing will be made easier and this will even cut down the costs of travelling over long distances to attend these meetings.With storage of the data being done online, this data is much safer in web-based computing. The crashing of the hard disks is something that is going to be occurring every now and then and nothing can be done about it. However, in the web-based computing, there is going to be less cases of this loss of data due to crashes (Graham, 2001). The companies that provide these web-based applications will give backup services for data, thus saving companies e.

g. those that lose data for their employees and are in the risk of crashing down in less than a day. Another big advantage of these web based programs is how the applications can be developed in many languages. Thus any user can select the language in which he wants to have his application running on. This provides convenience for the user and makes it easier to work.A number of applications have already been input to run on these web-based programs. This include the ability to write and save documents online, work online where you can edit your data from anywhere (Hancom, 2010) , the convenience to create spreadsheets for input of data online , managing the digital photo collection that one has online and also holding of the live conferences on the web (Presenternet, 2010). These applications are among the many that are already being used by many companies and individuals in the country.

They have been tested and are gaining popularity

each day because of their convenience to the people who are using them.With the adoption of the web-based computing quickly taking over in the computer world, it looks like it is going to be the next big revolution in the 21st century. The web-based technology has received a lot of endorsements with the latest n=being the United States government (Washington, 2010). The government has been in the frontline in slowly adopting this web-based technology. It is doing this in order to cut down on the costs of running its activities, giving a clear impression that the web-based computing is economically friendly. The future of web-based computing looks like a promising one and it is going to take over the computing world in the days to come. With everyone in the present world getting acquainted with the internet, web-based computing is going to be of great help in making handling of data convenient for the users.

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