Database Project Essay Example
Database Project Essay Example

Database Project Essay Example

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Starlight Video is a video rental store located in Clapham that specializes in renting out various videos.

The video shop requires the cataloguing and storage of details for each video, as well as the completion of a membership form by each new member. Upon completing the form, a membership number is assigned and the filing cabinet is used to file the form alphabetically by surname. The form is then returned to the cabinet.

At this video store that has been in business for 9 years, loans are cross-referenced with member and video files. To calculate overdue fees, a calculator or calculating device is used. Sales assistants are frequently asked by members about stock availability, due dates, or upcoming new releases. The assistant typically responds based on memory or by searching through the files. The manager has three assistants who are n


ot computer literate but are open to being trained.

Trading DVD videos for rental began 2 years ago, but the old system had multiple issues. All preferences were recorded on paper, leading to wastage of paper and difficulties in locating, editing and updating them. Moreover, these paper preferences were vulnerable to damage, loss, and consumed a lot of space.

The system is updated through the manual inputting of information collected on paper forms sent to members by the staff. There are alternative approaches to solving this issue, including the use of membership cards that are stamped every time a video is rented, similar to a library system. The cards would contain an 8-digit random number matching the member's information on file, providing proof of membership. However, the security of personal information is a concern with this method, a

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lost cards could lead to the compromise of member details and the need for re-entry of information to obtain a new card.

Another issue is the time-consuming process of stamping videos and the difficulty in identifying them by title, particularly when the store has multiple copies in stock. Additionally, the lack of evidence regarding rental dates and due dates further complicates tracking overdue rentals and notifying members. These challenges highlight the need for ICT solutions. One possibility is to establish a robust server and offer an online store where members can download videos for a fee, either as streaming content or with an automatic expiration date tied to the rental period. This approach would enable easy database updates to members' rental history and status.

By taking advantage of this method, a business can address concerns regarding overdue rentals, membership profile security, time-consuming issues, and video file storage. This approach can function within a small office or be transitioned to an internet-only business, generating substantial profits on a global scale. Thus, it proves to be an effective solution to the previously mentioned challenges. Nevertheless, implementing this technique requires significant investment from the business.

Acquiring a larger, faster server is a costly option to enable customers to watch high-quality videos. If the server is not broadband, the downloading process may take an extremely long time. Furthermore, not everyone has access to a computer, internet, and a broadband internet service provider. It is sometimes possible for video files to be altered, rendering their expiration date obsolete. If this happens, customers may illegally store the video on their PC. This budget is not feasible or practical for the store and therefore

calls for an alternative method. The best option is to have a database present on site. The database will contain all membership details of each member and stock information of every video present. Additionally, it will automatically compute overdue fees for rentals as well as edit and update member and video information whenever necessary.

The store will be able to notify customers of overdue items through various channels such as post, electronic mail or telephone via the new system. However, training the staff on Microsoft Access and computer usage may pose a challenge especially if they are not technologically proficient. This may necessitate continuing with the old system for at least three months if the assistants are computer illiterate. User requirements for the new system include incorporating video details into database entries, easy editing and updating of members' details, printing hard copies of information for manual backup and reference, storing the database for backup purposes, enabling staff to easily search for member information for overdue video rentals, displaying member information and rental price as well as total amount of purchases and payments on their account.

Indicating staff when a member's rental is overdue on the day is an automated feature that is user-friendly.

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