Net 205 College Essay Example
Net 205 College Essay Example

Net 205 College Essay Example

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  • Published: November 4, 2017
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The purpose of Google + is to connect people through various online communication methods such as emails, chats, videos, and live updates. It is known for its innovation and introduction of new features. The effectiveness of these features in connecting people is an interesting aspect to assess. Google + offers many features, including circles, live updates, hangouts, photo uploads, accessing pictures from Picas, sharing posts, tagging, and editing one's profile. However, the core features that differentiate Google + from other social networking sites are circles, hangouts, and live updates. Circles allow users to categorize people into groups and choose with whom to share information. It also provides an easy way to add people to customized circles by dragging and dropping them.The category can be designated as friends, family, or as personally labeled by the user. Additionally, the


re is a feature called hangouts which allows the user to have multiple video calls simultaneously and is comparable to Seep group inference calling. Hangouts provide options for muting or removing the video feed to avoid being seen by the group. The highlight of this feature is the ability to share videos from Youth with participants in the hangout, as well as chat during the call. Google + functions as a collaborative tool by facilitating communication through video calls, chat, and video sharing. Another key feature is live updates, which keep the user informed about recent events they may have missed. This feature helps users stay connected with people in their circles. Users can also customize their notification settings by selecting specific circles. Live streaming effectively fulfills its purpose by promptly updating new comments and events upon publication.


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feature promotes collaboration by continually displaying updates of posts, keeping users engaged in viewing, publishing, omitting, or chatting with others. I believe that Key Treasures on Google+ can be a valuable asset. One reason for describing these features as beneficial is their ability to enhance creativity, teamwork, eliminate geographical barriers, and connect professionals. Similarly, there is a tendency to express rather than impress on Google+. Users seem to surpass mediocrity and strive for excellence in their endeavors.

These three key features have contributed to creating a culture of excellence on Google+. Additionally, they have expanded opportunities for people to connect, communicate, and work harmoniously according to their preferences. For instance, a student who wants to work independently on a team project can easily create a circle specifically for the project. There is no need to search through their friend list; teams can be categorized in circles dedicated to them and easily identifiable. Moreover, hangouts allow groups of people to communicate in real-time.

Thus, instead of incurring high telephone bills or using poorly performing software, hangouts have become a superior alternative.

Hangouts in the same context offer the means to have up to ten people on a video call and share videos from YouTube with them, making them effective and efficient for group communication. Similarly, Google+ provides various hangouts communities from different countries and themes, facilitating online collaboration. Additionally, it allows users to stay engaged with recent activities. Moreover, users receive notifications from G-mails and SMS, ensuring they don't miss any essential posts, videos, or events, ultimately enhancing community bonds. In conclusion, this application is useful for teamwork at both the university and professional levels. For example,

a student on Google+ can include foreign students in a group that shares the same modules, providing insight into how those modules are taught abroad. This mirrors the situation of Internet Commerce and Consumers 205 students who can utilize Google+ for team working and promoting assignments in the web module. The only drawback is convincing students to switch from Facebook to Google.

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