Use and Develop System That Promote Communication Essay Example
Use and Develop System That Promote Communication Essay Example

Use and Develop System That Promote Communication Essay Example

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  • Published: November 28, 2017
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Briefing and Application pack for Teaching Assistant wishing to be appointed to the Royal Greenwich UTC commencing after 1st July 2013

The pack contains briefing for and details of all the support posts that the UTC is currently recruiting. The recruitment process aims to recruit about 15 support staff members. Safeguarding children and young people is a priority for the Royal Greenwich UTC, and this commitment is reflected in its use of a set of safer recruitment processes.

The text outlines the procedures and requirements for applicants to the Royal Greenwich UTC. These include obtaining references from the two most recent employers, conducting post-appointment checks with DB'S / CURB, using a standard application form, and implementing a structured interview scheme. The UTC promises equal treatment to all applicants and assesses their potential contributions and personal development o


pportunities. The information pack consists of job details, UTC philosophy and ethos, application process, terms of employment, and an application grid. The Teaching Assistants Role at the Royal Greenwich UTC is considered essential for achieving the goals of the institution. Members of the support team are part of a dynamic learning community where they are encouraged to excel, receive support, take responsibility, and grow as individuals.

This role is essential for the successful achievement of student outcomes at the UTC and will be part of the classroom operations team. Training in Simms (Management Information System) will be provided. The role supports teachers at the UTC and reports to the director of learning.

Responsibilities include supporting students in various subjects, such as mathematics, reading, writing, practical work, and coursework. This can be done individually, in small groups, or as a class. I

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also involves providing extra help to students with special needs, assisting in developing learning activities and materials, and motivating and encouraging students.

Other responsibilities include supporting pupil premium goals through marking and correcting work, attending meetings and reviews. Additionally, this role involves assisting with school events, trips, and activities.

The Royal Greenwich UTC is seeking classroom support staff who are dedicated to creating a dynamic educational environment where students can thrive. We hold high expectations for our staff members because we believe that building a strong team is crucial to our success.

We strive to become the preferred employer for support staff. Our HER policies, remuneration scheme, career development opportunities, and professional ethos all actively support this goal. Working at the UTC is expected to be both challenging and rewarding due to our project-led curriculum, high aspirations to be an outstanding school from the first inspection, exceptional facilities, and world-class information technology. However, in the first year of operation, the UTC will be a small institution, and our staff structure and numbers will reflect this. Consequently, we may have to combine some roles, prioritize the overall goals for our students, and be flexible in achieving our aspirations.

The important qualities and actions we desire in our Teaching Assistants are as follows:
1. Key Attributes
a. Essential:
;I. Being a passionate and enthusiastic representative of their role.
;II. Possessing excellent communication skills.
;III. Demonstrating the required abilities.

Demonstrate strong communication skills in dealing with people and possess proven capabilities in an environment of continuous quality improvement. Also, possess a track-record of improving the quality of personal and colleagues' output.

The ideal candidate must possess a strong belief in setting high goals and expectations

for students, along with promoting equal opportunities, diversity, ethos, and inclusion. Moreover, they should have the ability to enhance the quality of service and effectiveness in their position. Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of utilizing data-driven methods to assist students and educators in the classroom is essential. Additionally, exceptional IT skills are required, including proficiency in fundamental office applications like word processing and spreadsheets.

Qualifications required:

  • Level 3 (NV) or equivalent qualification with a grade C or above in both GEESE Math and English

Desirable qualifications:

  • Possessing a proven track record in being part of high-performance teams

Having a track record of delivering innovation in processes using the latest techniques and technology; understanding 14-19 education contexts, national priorities, and standards; having experience of working in industry or commerce; and being able to communicate a passionate commitment to the added value the UTC will bring to its students and the community.

2. Key Behaviors c. Essential:

xvi. Display enthusiasm and passion for prioritizing the student as the focal point of all activities within the UTC.

xvii. Demonstrate a determined and self-motivated approach.

xviii. Possess strong organizational skills and adaptability.

xix. Show high levels of organization and flexibility.

Able to exhibit the desired qualities of our graduates, including enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and a willingness to seek opportunities. Possessing exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team. Demonstrating critical thinking and reflective practice. Having strong IT capabilities and integrity. Showing business acumen and being self-motivated. Being a problem solver and innovative thinker. Capable of acting independently and confidently. Passionately dedicated to industry and educational partnerships. Being articulate and approachable. Showing a strong commitment to inclusivity.

To succeed in high-pressure environments,

it is essential to possess emotional resilience. The teaching assistant's role includes various responsibilities and accountabilities. These key responsibilities are as follows:

-d. The post holder must support the Royal Greenwich Tutu's commitment to safeguarding its students, ensuring their safety and wellbeing as well as that of other colleagues at all times.

-e. It is also important for the post holder to ensure exceptional quality in classroom support activity and support the wider goals of the UTC.

-f. Finally, the post holder also has a responsibility to consistently maintain professionalism and uphold the values and reputation of the Royal Greenwich Tutu's.

Ensuring that the operational systems, arising out of the role, are developed, continuously improved, and resilient. Assisting the executive, academic staff, and fellow support staff in running the UTC. Working with teaching staff to develop stretching activities for students to improve their skills. Working with students individually or in small groups on tasks created by the teacher. Providing support to students during their private study time when necessary. Collaborating with teaching staff to arrange and organize trips and visits for students. Continuously improving the role to enhance its quality, delivery, capabilities, and fitness for purpose in alignment with developments in the UTC and the wider contexts of business and education. Utilizing Tutu's MiS to access student records and assist in developing Individual Education Plans with the academic staff.

Using the Tutu's MiS in support of registration functions; treating the Tutu's students as adults while ensuring their safety, supporting the business led ethos of the UTC, and managing student behavior by establishing and enforcing UTC codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures if needed. Additionally, participating in activities that

sustain the UTC like enrichment activities, sports, clubs, and student organizations. Staying updated with professional practice and methods to continuously improve personal capabilities. Also, handling any additional responsibilities directed by the CEO or nominee.

4. Key accountabilities for the teaching assistant's role - The post holder is accountable for:

s. The quality of their classroom support activity in the UTC;

The quality of the classroom environment in partnership with the teacher;

Meeting the relevant operational and quality KPIs set by the governing body;

The safeguarding of students and the safety and security of colleagues and students;

w. The quality of presentation of students' work in the display units around the UTC and on our screens;

x. Efficient deployment of personal resources against the operational requirements of the UTC;


Personal performance and development; z. Additional accountabilities as directed by the CEO or nominee. This post is a Term Time only appointment; the salary range for this post is between: E17000 and E20000 per annum pro rata, actual salary will be based on qualifications and experience. [For term time only appointments the pro rata salary is based on 0. Of the salary and will be paid in 12 equal salary installments each paid monthly.] CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT for support staff roles at the Royal Greenwich UTC (These conditions coupled to the responsibilities and accountabilities set out above will form the core of the contract if appointed.

) 1. Remuneration a. The remuneration will follow the plan for support staff post holders at Royal Greenwich UTC. The initial salary will be based on qualifications and experience.

B. The post holder will be part of the Local Government Pension scheme and their involvement will start on commencement.

The post

will begin on September 1, 2013 or as soon after it as possible. The chosen individual(s) will work for the University Technical College full-time and should not have any other job that could interfere with their responsibilities or go against ERUCT's interests. They must commit enough hours to fulfill their duties, with a minimum of 40 working hours per week.

F. The UTC operates an extended day from 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Thursday and Fridays. The academic year for students is comprised of 200 days, while staff have a 205-day directed year. Staff are expected to be on campus for all 205 days unless otherwise instructed. The UTC will try to align its term dates as closely as possible with local schools.
G. The appointed person(s) may occasionally be asked to participate in activities related to student recruitment, parent's evenings, other events, and personal development outside of regular working hours.

The UTC will give advance notice of any such activities.
4. Location & Residence h. Your primary workplace will be the ARGOTIC premises at SEE LLC initially. However, you may need to work temporarily or indefinitely at any premises that ARGOTIC currently has or may acquire in the future, or at any premises where it provides services occasionally.

I. Travel may be necessary as part of your responsibilities, both within and outside of the United Kingdom. This could involve attending conferences or seminars to enhance your professional skills, as well as overseeing visits and work placements. 5. Medical & Fitness for Work J.

To be eligible for the position, it is essential that the applicant has the necessary level of fitness and good health. They must complete

a medical form and may need to undergo a medical examination. The final decision on their appointment will be based on achieving satisfactory results. It is important to inform the Selection Committee about any previous or recent medical issues before being chosen for the position.

The ERUCT aims to uphold professionalism and high standards. The incumbent must maintain a professional and corporate appearance and follow any dress code approved by the Board of Governors.

Background l. As per the guidelines outlined in the Joint Home Office/Department of Education and Science circular titled "Protection of Children; Disclosure of Criminal background of those with access to children" dated 17th July, 1986, this appointment is subject to a check by the Criminal Records Bureau for any potential criminal convictions.

M. The Employee assures the following: I. The individual in this position will inform the Employer about any previous criminal convictions that they may have, excluding those that are considered spent according to section 1 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. However, if the employment falls under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (such as teaching, supervising or training individuals under 18 years old), this disclosure is required.

The employee will promptly inform the Board of Governors if they are convicted of any offense while employed. Furthermore, if the employee fails to disclose any convictions as required, the Board of Governors may consider it as gross misconduct. A point to note is that this information is also related to leave.

The leave year begins on 1 September and the post holder will have 30 days of annual leave, adjusted for term time and part time positions. This includes all public

holidays observed in England and Wales. Leave must be taken outside of term times, in accordance with the ARGOTIC calendar, and must be approved by the Principal beforehand. Outline plans for leave should be discussed with the Principal by September 30 of each holiday year. Staff will receive their full salary during their leave, unless they are receiving less due to sick pay, maternity leave, or other specified reasons communicated in writing.

The individual(s) in this position must take part in the staff appraisal and performance review programs that have been approved by the ERUCT Board of Governors.

For the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996, staff must authorize the ARGOTIC to deduct any amounts owed to the ERUCT from their salary. This includes overpayments, loans, professional development fees, or advances made by the ARGOTIC. Additionally, if staff are unable to work due to illness or injury, they will receive sick pay as outlined in the ARGOTIC Sickness Policy, which can be requested.

The payment of sick pay is contingent upon meeting the ARGOTIC criteria for reporting and confirming sickness absence as outlined in the Sickness Policy. Additionally, information regarding the ARGOTIC Family Policies and the necessary procedures for staff members to exercise their rights can be obtained upon request. Furthermore, it is essential to emphasize the importance of exclusive service.

The post holder in full-time appointments must devote their full time, attention, and abilities to their duties during working hours and act in the best interests of the ARGOTIC at all times. They cannot undertake any employment or engagement that might interfere with their duties or conflict with the interests of the ARGOTIC without written consent

from the Principal, who will seek advice from the chair of governors. The post holder must inform the Principal of any employment or engagement they intend to undertake while employed by the ARGOTIC, including any ongoing employment or engagement from before this contract. The Principal, after seeking advice from the chair of governors, will notify them within 10 working days if such employment or engagement is prohibited. 14. Grievances w.

If an employee has a concern about their job, they can use the ARGOTIC Grievance Procedure, which can be obtained upon request. The ERUCT Board of Governors may change the Procedure as needed. Additionally, the ARGOTIC Board expects its employees to adhere to the highest standards of performance and behavior.

Details of the Disciplinary Procedure will be provided to you, which may be altered by the ARGOTIC Board of Governors periodically. Additionally, there is a probationary period of 16 years.

During the first 10 months of employment, the post holder's suitability for their appointed position will be assessed as part of a probationary period. The ARGOTIC Board of Governors has the authority to extend this period if necessary. If you choose to terminate your employment, or if the ARGOTIC decides to do so, during or at the end of your probationary period, you must provide the appropriate notice. Confirmation in writing is required for a successful completion of the probationary period.

The post holder is prohibited from using or disclosing confidential information belonging to ARGOTIC or any Subsidiary, both during employment and after its termination, except in the proper performance of duties. This restriction applies to any knowledge or information about the company's affairs or dealings that the post

holder may acquire during their employment. However, it does not apply to information that becomes publicly available after employment ends, unless it was disclosed unauthorized by the post holder or a third party. 18.

The termination of employment requires a notice period of 1 month for resignations, unless there is misconduct or urgent causes. The Royal Greenwich UTC is part of a national initiative that aims to provide specialized technical education for young people aged 14-19. The UTC specializes in engineering, construction, and related industries and is designed to be business-led and supported by a university.

The University of Greenwich sponsors the UTC, along with two business sponsors - Transport for London (Engineering) and Waters Group Construction. The Royal Borough of Greenwich is also a sponsor. These sponsors have demonstrated their commitment to the UTC since its beginning. The UTC offers GEESE qualifications for 60% of curriculum time, as well as technical, Gases, BITE, and City;Guilds qualifications for the remaining time at KS. In KS, the UTC focuses on delivering STEM subjects, except for aspects of business and a modern foreign language, through a combination of A Level, BITE, and C;G qualifications. The UTC's vision is to be the top study destination in London for young people aged 14-19 of all abilities seeking a future in construction, engineering, or related industries. The ethos of the UTC is unashamedly technical, covering various aspects of design, science, high technology, traditional crafts, management skills, and manual skills. It also places special emphasis on sustainable construction and transport as well as safety. The UTC's range of qualifications strongly supports STEM subjects such as construction and engineering, including computing in areas like

software and networks to communications and design for products and architecture. Additionally, it covers mathematics and all three sciences when appropriate.

The entire range of design technology will be covered, except for textiles and food technology. The approach is to set high expectations, educate the whole person, and focus learning on real-world projects and activities supported by businesses that inspire and motivate students. Learning what you need to know will be emphasized once you understand why you need to know it, preferably not before. All students will be treated as adults from day one. The desired outcome is to create enterprising, opportunity-oriented, confident, capable, creative, open-minded individuals with excellent qualifications and practical skills, who are able to think critically, solve problems, and demonstrate commercial understanding in all aspects of their work and behavior. The staff will be happy and fulfilled, constantly learning and striving to improve themselves and the students' outcomes. The curriculum will be project-based, with a focus on industry-related activities provided and supported by sponsors and other companies.

The figure describes the structure of this approach. Industrially commissioned projects, shown in green, will be established to provide technical subject matter learning and aspects of the baccalaureate subjects. Teaching teams will enable a multidisciplinary approach, with some teaching taking place in more traditional frameworks outside the projects. The Enrichment programmer will support the projects and the wider curriculum, ensuring that students develop transferable attributes that contribute to their employability outcomes.

The Student Example structure for the project led curriculum focuses on developing key attributes in students that are essential for their employability and academic outcomes. These attributes will be integrated into all teaching and learning

processes at the UTC. The emphasis on these attributes will not only enhance students' learning abilities but also boost their confidence and give them an edge over their peers from other institutions in competitive scenarios. These attributes are crucial in achieving our commitment to providing our students with opportunities for higher education, apprenticeships, or industry roles.

The UTC building is currently under construction on Woolworth Road in South East London, near the Thames Barrier. The project involves renovating a historic factory area to accommodate the technical zones, as well as constructing a modern block for traditional classrooms and administration purposes. The construction is expected to be finished by the summer of 2013, with the building opening for students on September 3rd.

The specialist equipment being procured by CIT will be industry standard equipment, not education standard equipment. More information about the building can be found on our website. The postcode for internet searches of the building's location is SEES 5TH. The final plan of the site is the Main Building. Further information can be found on our website www.

The UTC aims to establish a managerial structure that is built on strong and interconnected teams. Line management will support the integration and operation of these teams, allowing individuals within the teams to have functional autonomy. Each individual staff member will have autonomy over their roles and personal development, while also working in support of and as part of their team. Some individuals, such as the directors, may be part of multiple teams. The UTC executive team will include the roles of Director of Technology and Director of Science and Math, which will be combined during the growth

phase in 2013-2014. The COO or CEO will provide support for this role depending on the person's specialization. For September 2014, a director in the complementary discipline will be appointed. The CEO will also undertake the role of director of Business services, with support from bursaries services from the sponsors. However, for September 2014, a director of Business services will be appointed for this role.

  1. Accountabilities for the Executive team:

In addition to the accountabilities set out in the role descriptions for their respective roles, the UTC Executive team will:

  • Create a cutting-edge learning environment that provides students with exceptional learning opportunities through the use of current industry standard equipment, machinery, and relevant work experience. This will be achieved by drawing on the expertise available from the UTC sponsors and partners.
  • Design challenging but supportive learning experiences for students that utilize problem solving and team working as key drivers for individual learning.
  • Fully utilize the opportunities available to position CIT as a significant contributor to real-time and relevant teaching and learning.
  • Develop a people strategy that achieves 'Employer of Choice' status by attracting, developing, and managing talent across all business areas to achieve the objectives of the UTC strategic plan.
  • Create a 'learning organization' that enables students and staff to study and work in a well-resourced, progressive, dynamic, healthy, and safe environment.
  • Set and monitor student achievement to ensure that all students are progressing at the appropriate rate and that UTC targets are met and exceeded.
  • Work effectively within the business model to ensure that the UTC campus is asset efficient by utilizing access to the campus and the curriculum for adults, employers, and groups during evenings and weekends.
  • Provide effective support

mechanisms and appropriate interventions to ensure student safeguarding, prioritizing education and social maturity for all students.

  • Develop, implement, and maintain admissions procedures to the UTC that ensure compliance, transparency, and fairness.
  • Actively promote, encourage, and commit to the provision of equality and celebration of diversity in all aspects of UTC life.
  • Manage the financial strategy of the UTC to ensure that the budget, targets, and the financial memorandum and procedures agreed by the Governors are realized and adhered to.
  • Meet, at a minimum, all the statutory obligations and other requirements set by the local authority, funding agencies, and bodies from whom the UTC receives funding.
  • Oversee capital projects and estate matters to the benefit of students and those who work for and with the UTC, within the parameters set by the Governing body.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity for yourself and the staff of the UTC.
  • The UTC size, student number targets, and staffing levels:
  • The UTC is a regional facility that will draw students from all over the south of London and from further afield, where our specialist approach meets the aspirations of students.The UTC will be a small specialized institution with about 600 students aged 14-19 years in its steady state. While it operates regionally, the admissions process for the UTC prioritizes Greenwich, Begley, and Likewise boroughs by utilizing a nodal point distance measure.

    The UTC, a new institution, is planned to grow over two years from September 2013. It will open with a target of 300 students (150 each in year 10 and year 12 cohorts). It will recruit the same amount for September 2014 and reach steady state. There is flexibility for some growth

    in the building, pending UDF approval. Start-up grant funding is in place to support scaling in the early years. The expected staffing pattern for the 2013-14 session includes an executive team, 19 teaching staff, 1 SENSE, 1 IT manager, 10 teaching assistants, 3 Technicians, 6 Administrative staff, and 2 apprentices.

    In addition to contract FM and Catering staff, there will be an increase in staffing at the site to accommodate the growing student numbers for the 2014-15 session.
    Further information about the proposed staffing structure can be found below.
    When working at the UTC, we strive to be a desirable employer for both teachers and support staff. Our HER policies, remuneration scheme, career development opportunities, and professional ethos all actively contribute to this objective.

    We anticipate that working at the UTC will be both challenging and rewarding due to our project-led curriculum, high aspirations, exceptional facilities, and world-class information technology. However, in its first year of operation, the UTC will be a small institution with a staff structure and staffing numbers that reflect this. Consequently, some roles may need to be combined, and our focus will be on the overall goals for our students while remaining flexible to meet our aspirations. We believe that building a strong, happy, ambitious, and confident team of staff is crucial for the success of the UTC. In year one, we will prioritize creating an enthusiastic, creative, innovative, vibrant, and professional atmosphere that inspires both students and staff to strive for success. Additionally, the UTC will establish state-of-the-art IT facilities using cutting-edge technologies not yet employed in UK schools.

    Our vision is for the UTC to be accessible on the World Wide Web

    (WWW) and fully utilize information technology (IT) to fulfill its mission. This vision, along with our systems, will strongly support our staff, students, and parents. It will also empower our staff team to deliver engaging lessons using a variety of methods, from traditional teaching to interactive experiences online, taking advantage of our facilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our staff can effectively use computer and information technology (CIT), and set an example for our students by utilizing CIT for learning, personal growth, and social activities. For instance, our virtual desktop allows both staff and students to work remotely, as if they were in the UTC, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection that meets the necessary requirements.

    Seven classrooms will have interactive walls, which are large touch screens that can be controlled by students and staff. These walls will be used for small group learning, displaying student work, and enhancing classroom teaching and learning activities. Additionally, there will be message screens throughout the UTC that can display student work and provide interactive features for learning and information. Our technical facilities will be top-notch, thanks to the collaboration with our sponsors, architects, and equipment suppliers.

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