Understanding the Christian Worldview Essay Example
Understanding the Christian Worldview Essay Example

Understanding the Christian Worldview Essay Example

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  • Published: April 15, 2022
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A worldview is a set of beliefs that are used to understand the world. The Christian worldview is, therefore, the way Christians perceive the world. The worldview contributes in enabling one judge between wrong and right.it forms the way Christians interprets the reality. This is essential to define and shape one’s moral values. This article will essentially look into the implications of the worldview of the general human welfare such as the view on careers, marriage, Christian calling, vocation, family, and relationships.

Worldview may be looked at from two different perspectives, the biblical perspective, and the secular perspective. The secular perspective defines worldview as a worldwide framework from which people see the reality and make sense of life in the world (Dockery et al, 2012). Moreland and Craig (2014) define the biblical perspective as a philoso


phy, ideology and a movement that provides an understanding of God to the humankind. It defines the relationship between God and human beings.it is based on the bible, the infallible word of God.

A worldview consists of the epistemology, metaphysics, cosmology, teleology, theology, anthropology, and one’s axiology (Noebel, 2012). These are the components of one’s worldview and one affects virtually all the others anthropological beliefs usually cover the environment where man lives. This includes the culture and traditions of the background the person comes from. They seem to answer some of the questions such as the definition of man, what his place is on earth, if man has a free will or not and if man is basically good or evil.

Axiological beliefs are concerned with the subject of value and the advantages as well as disadvantages of the values. They seem t

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answer questions such as the meaning of value, if value is relative or objective, if it is absolute or relative, its source and what is right or wrong.
Epistemology, on the other hand, is the element of the worldview that seeks to explain the beliefs about nature and sources of knowledge. Metaphysics deals with the ultimate nature of reality, cosmology the beliefs about the origin and existence of the universe, the start of life and man and plants, teleology holds the beliefs on the meaning and purpose of the universe while theology deals with the beliefs about the existence of God. Theology is the component of the worldview that seeks to answer questions such as what the nature of God is and the relationship between man and God.

A Christian worldview is said to lead the character and behaviors of Christians. It helps them stand strong to their principles and what they believe in. a holistic approach of the worldview, therefore, enables the Christians to live in harmony and peace. They gain stability of mind and cannot, therefore, be easily swayed. The Christian worldview is based on truth as well as the scientific field. It has religious aspects and scientific theories as well. It is an all-embracing approach that defines law, history, science, religion healthcare, arts and the social system.
However, there are challenges that hinder the Christian approach from being embraced fully at times. These challenges include practices that are eminent mostly in the twenty-first century. Change is also a challenge that needs to be embraced, but with caution. The changes seem to concur with the biblical teachings and beliefs but deep at the center, they tend

not to consider truth, morality, and interpretive frameworks. They tend to challenge or ignore faith and the Christian beliefs. For Christians to respond to these challenges, they first have to acknowledge that the challenges do exist. They should, therefore, brace themselves with the word of God. They have to adhere to the commandments and use them as the guidelines for a better living (Ryken, 2013). Matt 22:36-40 advice s Christians to love God with their heart, mind, and soul. This refers to the devotion Christians are supposed to have to God. They are supposed to consider being devoted to all aspects of life. This includes emotionally, physically, volitionally and cognitively. By doing this, the mind is held captive to obeying Jesus Christ (Noebel, 2012). It enables the follower see things and think just like Jesus.

General Implications of a Christian Worldview

Christians take it as a driving force in their lives since it drives them into getting the sense of the plan of God in their lives. The Christian worldview, therefore, provides the framework for practicing ethics and logical thinking. It has implications for the way they view history. History I not just taken as random and cyclical as in the secular world but as a linear and a meaningful sequence that leads t understanding God (Moreland, 2014). It also shows the purpose God has for His people. It provides guidelines on how to keep away from temptations and avoid hurting others. The history of human according to the Christian worldview climax at the creation of the earth. This truth provides many answers that cannot be gotten from any other sources such as the beginning of life.

The history is at the heart of every Christian in the sense they understand their role in it since they understand that God will be the one to bring the history to its destiny and planned conclusion which they already know how it will be.

The Christian worldview is an ever-advancing process that plays an important role in the way Christians behave and live. It is a coherent way of seeing life that views the world different from deism, materialism, naturalism, polytheism, mysticism and existentialism. Such an approach provides guidelines when confronted by the secularist approaches to truth and morality. Christian worldview removes the fear of the future, suffering, and diseases as in the secular approach since they already acknowledge that they are redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ. It offers a meaning and purpose for living.

Christian Worldview Application on Sexuality, Relationships and Marriage

There has been a boom in the sexuality issues during this millennium. There is the need to understand what sexuality is and how it affects the life if an individual. There has been much confusion among Christians as well as the non-Christians. The generation seems to have no clear guidelines concerning the same. The bible gives guidelines on how to relate with each other in harmony. According to the commandments, fornication and adultery are forbidden. The youth and the elders are supposed to follow the right path to avoid such activities. The Bible advice the youth to “enjoy their youth but in a wise way”. This is a critical point that warns them about giving in to temptations such as fornication.

Sex is defined as a gift in the covenant relationship of mutual

self-giving (Dockery et al, 2012). Such intimacy should be practiced by those who are married in a well-defined marriage. Any such intimacy out of wedlock or among any unmarried people in heterosexual or homosexual relationships is regarded as a sin and should be avoided at all costs (MacArthur et al, 2014). Such activities have a distorted meaning and have very serious and negative consequences.

Christian Worldview Application on Vocation

Vocation is key in every identified culture or tradition all over the world.it is related to work and calling as well in the Christian perspective. The understanding of work is essential since it is the responsibility of everyone to work. It is a gift from God and people should pursue it with excellence for God’s glory. We recognize that any position in an honest profession is honorable and adorable. The Bible rebukes those who are lazy and continues to state that they should not eat as well.

A calling is a work given to human beings by God. It is also referred as a vocation it is assigned to the respective person by God. One is supposed to do the work they are in with the utmost integrity and love since by doing that we please our creator. Promotions at work also come from God and, therefore, we should use the new position at work to glorify God.

Problems Anticipated and Guidance Received From the Worldview

Anyone’s worldview is very important and cannot be ignored. It gives one an obligation to refine and articulate the ideas we have. The ability to judge, communicate and examine comes from our worldview. However, there are problems associated with the decisions we make. Every decision

we make has its own consequences. We, therefore, need to be aware that each one of us has a worldview that affects their perceptions. If a worldview would be incorrect, then the behavior of the individual is misguided. At times, people tend to be unconscious of their worldview and, therefore, fail to appeal to it. This will always leave a person to the mercies of their emotions and they will always follow the crowd instead of making their own decisions. The worldviews, therefore, define once character and wellbeing.


The Christian worldview has to be taken with the utmost integrity and reasoning. It should subordinate all other to the improvement of the mind in pursuit of truth (Ryken, 2013). We have to abide by the commandment to keep our minds bound to Christ. We can recall that the hearts and mind of the Israelites were hardened by the god of this world, Satan, to rebel against God. We should, therefore, combine the spiritual, the moral and the intellectual specters to lead a justified life.


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