Biblical Worldview Essay
Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay

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  • Published: April 15, 2022
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Christians hold the belief that God is actively involved in both his creation and the lives of the people he has created.

The belief in God as the creator is fundamental and often influences the chosen path of Christians. By acknowledging that God is the creator, Christians feel compelled to select a vocation that honors Him. This aligns with the teachings in Colossians 3:23 from the King James Version of the Bible, which urges Christians to work for God's praise rather than mere humans. From my perspective, this belief implies that God remains connected to His creation and therefore we should strive to engage with His purpose and will for everything He has created. This unity is what unites Christians, as they all align themselves with their creator's purpose. Personally, I feel called to be an evangelist and spread the


good news worldwide, assisting people in transforming their sinful ways so they can witness the goodness of God.

Because of my strong belief in God's active involvement with His creation, this doctrine will have a significant impact on my future career as a servant of God. As a Christian, I am constantly aware of how I present myself to others because it reflects my relationship with my creator. The book of Genesis clearly illustrates God's skillful craftsmanship, which includes the sky (1:7), the sun and moon (1:16), the sea creatures, birds, and animals (1:20), and the creation of man in His likeness (1:27) according to the King James Version. This demonstrates that we are God's handiwork and He has entrusted us with authority over all His work and the creatures He brought into existence.

The Bible, particularly th

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King James Version, teaches that man is created in the likeness and image of God and has a purpose. Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." In addition to creating man, God also interacts with him. Therefore, just as God made us to have a relationship with him, it is important for us to see him reflected in others. I have come to understand that appreciating God's creation is crucial for following his desires. Feil suggests that by recognizing that God actively engages in our lives and understands our emotions, we can develop an admiration for his actions.

Throughout the Old Testament, God interacted with His servants and showed His involvement in His creation. He directly communicated with faithful individuals like Adam, Abraham, and Moses. He made a commitment to Moses that He would stand by him as he liberated His people from Pharaoh's enslavement and guided them to the Promised Land. When I proclaim His message, I am certain that He never abandons His servants but rather fights for them until their struggles come to an end. The presence of God and His care for His creation have been evident since the beginning as depicted in the Old Testament and continue to be apparent today. With a tender nature, God is solely responsible for creating the entire world, universe, and all its creatures. He actively assists His creation.

God's joy stems from observing His creation prospering as intended, as He has a genuine purpose for all that He has created. God is ready to assist

humanity throughout life's obstacles until the very end, showcasing His active engagement with His creation. He assures to constantly accompany them, attesting to His involvement. Demonstrating His affectionate nature, God, out of love, dispatched His one and only son to rescue humanity after they sinned and fell short of His glory (John 3:16, King James version). This unequivocally reveals His tender compassion towards His creation.

Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross in order to save mankind, and He was subsequently resurrected after three days. Despite facing various hardships, His ultimate goal was to redeem God's creation from their sins. In fulfilling my own calling, I will bear witness to His extraordinary deeds and unconditional love. Jesus voluntarily paid the debt of human transgressions so that He could have a close relationship with them as their father. Before ascending into heaven, Jesus assured His disciples that He would not leave them alone; instead, He promised to send another advocate - the Holy Spirit. By doing so, He intended to ensure that He remains a compassionate God who created humans in His image. The Holy Spirit resides within those who have accepted God as their father and helper.

When an individual decides to reject their sinful behavior and accept Jesus Christ, they receive the presence of the Holy Spirit who baptizes them with His power. This indwelling remains constant in the believer's heart (John 14:17, King James Version). God has complete sovereignty over all His creations. In scripture, it is mentioned that He not only knows every person by name but also has engraved their names on His palm. Additionally, He offers protection to those who follow Him

and establishes a deep connection with them. By submitting myself to God's authority, I can fearlessly fulfill my purpose, fully aware that He is by my side.

The text affirms that God promises to listen and show affection to those who have faith in His compassion and seek Him during difficult times. He encourages humanity to live a righteous life, just as He sets an example of righteousness. As a messenger of the good news, it is crucial for me to embody goodness in order to attract more people towards Christ and the promise of eternal life with our Heavenly Father. The Bible assures us that God has not abandoned His followers. In my role, I will spread the gospel message worldwide. Ephesians (4:11, King James Version) confirms that God has granted certain individuals the gifts of apostleship, prophecy, evangelism, pastoral care, and teaching. This is a divine calling from God to bring numerous souls into His kingdom. While fulfilling this ministry, my aim is to remind others of God's limitless love and care.

It is essential to emphasize the significance of God's plan for our lives and His active involvement in creation. To effectively fulfill this ministry, individuals must seek guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit when interacting with diverse personalities. The Bible, specifically Paul's writings, encourages believers to share the gospel worldwide, reaching all tribes such as Jews and Gentiles (Romans 1:14-15, King James Version). It is my responsibility to abide by the teachings of the Bible and proclaim God's message because His love knows no limits. He exemplified equality by sacrificing Himself for humanity regardless of social status, gender, or race.

The significance of

Jesus' sacrifice for all humanity is an important reminder that should be continuously emphasized. Believing in Him and receiving Him allows individuals to enter the kingdom of heaven. Understanding God's grace helps people comprehend the purpose behind His creation. Graham and John discuss this topic, emphasizing the importance of exhibiting universal grace when spreading the gospel and treating all individuals fairly. By expressing love towards non-believers, they can be drawn to Christ. My personal mission involves reaching out to people from every nation, including those who have not yet found salvation. Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself for all humans, clarifying that His purpose was to save those who were lost in sin.

God remains actively engaged with His creation until His second coming, when He will unite with it for eternity.


God intentionally created the universe and continues to stay actively involved in it. He has promised to hear and respond to those who call upon Him. God still deeply cares for His creation and knows the plans He has for them, as stated in Jeremiah. As an evangelist of His ministry, my goal is to spread His goodness to as many individuals as possible. It is crucial for every believer to understand that God loves them and remains actively involved with His creation. Therefore, believers should persevere in fulfilling His will, knowing that they will be rewarded with eternal unity with Him.


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