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A description of four different illustrations of accidents and/or sudden unwellnesss that might happen 1 ) The person that you are back uping on an excursion may choke on their nutrient. This is normally caused by an object acquiring stuck in the dorsum of your pharynx, this needs to be dealt with fast as it can ensue in the individual halting take a breathing if it is barricading their air passages. 2 ) The person that you are back uping on an excursion may be epileptic and while you are out they could hold an epileptic ictus. Epilepsy is a medical status which causes a perturbation to the encephalon, this consequences in the single going unconscious and holding nonvoluntary convulses of the organic structure.

Peoples that have epilepsy have no control on when it is traveling to go on and sometimes can do themselves harm when falling during the ictus. 3 ) The person that you are back uping on an excursion may hold a cardiac apprehension. A cardiac apprehension occurs when an individual’s bosom stops, this can go on for different grounds, this is chiefly due to a bosom onslaught but can besides be because of daze, an electric daze, a paroxysm or other unwellnesss or hurts 4 ) The person that you are back uping on an excursion may fall over and hold terrible hemorrhage. Severe hemorrhage is normally the consequence of a autumn or hurt, being the most common cause being glass.


An lineation of the Procedure to follow if an accident or sudden unwellness should happen

Choking and trouble with take a breathing
1 ) You need to do certain the person has nil in their oral cavity and take any dental plates, use one finger with a baseball mitt on to brush through the oral cavity and take anything that is in at that place. 2 ) Promote the person to cough as this might assist travel the object at the dorsum of the pharynx. 3 ) Give the person 5 back blows, bend the person somewhat frontward and with the heal of your manus give the back blows in the center of the shoulder blades. 4 ) If the object is still stuck so you should utilize the Heimlich tactic besides known as abdominal pushs.

To make this you need to stand behind the single and set your weaponries around them, fall ining your custodies merely below the sternum with one manus as a fist and the other covering it. 5 ) You need to draw your custodies into the person’s organic structure and upwards at the same clip, with the force it should force the object out of the pharynx. 6 ) You should jump between the back smack and the pushs until the object is removed.

Epileptic ictus

When an person has an epileptic ictus you need to do certain that the country around them is every bit safe as possible and loosen all vesture. Once the ictus has stopped you need to look into the persons air passages are clear and so set them into the recovery place. Try to do certain the person is safe and comfy and particularly seek to forestall head hurt. You need to follow the protocol of the medicine that can be given to assist with a ictus such as at the support I work an person has epilepsy and our protocol is if he is still in ictus after 10 proceedingss so we administer 0.5ml of madazolam buccal and so go forth him for another 10 proceedingss and if he is still in ictus we need to give him the other 0.5ml if this doesn’t work so we are to phone an ambulance.

Cardiac Arrest

If an person goes into cardiac apprehension you need to name for medical aid straight off. You need to give the single oral cavity to talk resuscitation, and chest compactions to excite the bosom known as CPR ( cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ) The back uping staff should hold had attended a first assistance class which will hold taught them how to revive. CPR is difficult work and the compactions need to be in the right topographic point. First you should look into if the person has a pulsation and whether they are take a breathing, if non name for medical aid and so get down CPR which is two oral cavity to talk breaths and so 30 chest compactions and you should transport this on until medical aid arrives.

Severe Bleeding

If an person has a terrible bleed so you will necessitate to use force per unit area to the lesion, if it is possible usage a unfertile dressing but if this isn’t available usage any stuff that is absorptive. You will necessitate to use force per unit area to the lesion for about 10 proceedingss to let the blood to coagulate. If there is an object in the lesion do non seek to take it but use force per unit area to the sides of the lesion. If it is possible lie the single down and raise the affected portion of the organic structure. When covering with persons with terrible shed blooding you need to protect yourself.

Your skin Acts of the Apostless as an first-class barrier to infections, but if you have any broken tegument so you must be careful, if the blood of another person comes into contact with your eyes, nose or talk so you must seek medical advice. Blood-borne viruses such as HIV or hepatitis can merely be passed on if the blood of person who is already infected comes into contact with broken tegument. If available you should have on baseball mitts, if non available cover broken country with a rainproof plaster. If possible wash your manus before and after coming into contact with blood


A list of the rules to be followed for safer moving and managing 1 ) When doing a determination on the best manner to travel an person they must discourse this with the person it concerns. 2 ) The person should be encouraged to make every bit much as possible for themselves and merely utilize minimal manual managing 3 ) Where able to you should utilize the AIDSs to back up persons to travel themselves 4 ) The employer has a statutory responsibility to supply lifting and managing equipment, but it is the duty of the staff to utilize it 5 ) You have the right to be safe but persons besides have the right to be moved with self-respect and every bit safely as possible.


An account of why it is of import to follow the attention program and communicate with each person when helping and traveling It is of import to follow the attention when helping and traveling an person as these programs have been put in topographic point to guarantee the safety of the person and yourself while you are helping them. You can hold an input in the determination on how this should be carried out but it is the professional that makes the determination. It is of import that you communicate with the person while helping and traveling as this will assist them to experience more relaxed and you should explicate each phase of the move to them so that they are prepared for it. It will besides assist to halt the person from going dying as they don’t cognize what is go oning.


An lineation of staff duties for medicine in a societal attention puting Staff duties for medicine in a societal attention puting are that they need to look into that they are giving the medicine to the right person so look into that on the box or bottle of the medicine the name matches the person you are administrating the medicine to. Check that the medicine sheet besides has the right person’s name on it. Check that you have the right sum of the medicine that it says to administrate on the mar sheet. You should besides acquire another member of staff to look into the sums you have got out to do certain they are right to forestall a medicine mistake.

While administrating the medicine you should have on personal protective equipment such as baseball mitts. Before giving the medicine you should explicate to the person what the medicine is for and what it is they are taking. You should so look into the country around the person to do certain they have swallowed them all and none have been dropped. If medicine has been missed or medicine has been given when it shouldn’t have been so you should allow your director cognize and phone NHS direct to seek professional advice. You should besides so phone on call and allow them cognize what has happened and what the wellness professional has advised.


A brief description of the agreed processs for obtaining, hive awaying, administrating and entering the medicine needed for the excursion. a ) Obtaining When obtaining the medicine you should do certain that you are acquiring the right medicine for the person that you are taking out on an excursion, you need to with baseball mitts remove the tablets from the box and set them into a medicine box that you can take out with you. If you need to take liquid medicine with you so you should take the bottle with you and a Master of Educations bath to let you to mensurate out the correct sum that the person will necessitate. If you do non cognize them sums so you should compose this down and take it with you. If the person takes their medicine with something such as yogurt ( this must be stated in their support programs ) so you should either take this with you or guarantee that you go someplace where you will be able to purchase some to utilize for giving the medicine.

B ) Storing When traveling out you should hive away the medicine safely, such as the tablets should be in a Master of Educations bath that fastens and is unafraid to do certain that the medicine isn’t lost. degree Celsius ) Administering When administrating the medicine on an outing you should look into that all the medicine is still there and once more look into that it is right. You should give the medicine still esteeming the persons self-respect to seek and make it somewhere quiet and off from a busy topographic point.

If the medicine is liquid signifier so you should set the Master of Educations tub on a level surface to guarantee that you pour out the right sum. vitamin D ) Recording When you get back place you should make full in the March sheet to do certain the following clip person comes to give the single medicine they know that it has been administered, as if you forget to subscribe that it has been given another member of staff may believe that they haven’t had it and seek advice on what to make, they may be so told o administer it every bit shortly as possible and so this could ensue in an overdose all of this would be a medicine mistake.


An account of why the societal attention workers attach toing the persons on the excursion should hold specializer preparation before each of the followers: a ) Transporting out exigency foremost aid Staff that support an person on an excursion should hold preparation for exigency foremost age foremost every bit without this they do non hold the cognition of what to make in an exigency right, such as what to make if an single choking coil or has terrible hemorrhage. If they have had first assistance preparation so the will be cognizant of what to make in the different state of affairss that may happen while on an excursion. By holding this preparation it is more likely that the person will be given the right support that is needed in the state of affairs. B ) Helping with traveling and managing Staff that support an person on an excursion should hold preparation in helping with traveling and managing as this will ensue in the safety of both the staff and the person that they are back uping as they will hold a better cognition of how they should back up the person safely.

If they do non hold the preparation so they may make something wrong when helping the person and this could ensue in harming either themselves or the person that they are back uping and by non making it right they may non make it in a dignified manner and this could upset the person that they are back uping. degree Celsius ) Managing medicine Staff back uping an person on an excursion should hold developing on managing medicine to guarantee that the medicine is given to the right individual with the right sum and in the manner that the single prefers. It will besides intend that the person is supported with medicine in the best possible manner and that there are no medicine mistakes.

Undertaking B – Guide


A list of the Torahs associating to:
a ) General wellness and safety in the scene
Manual Handling Regulations 1992 ( amended 2002 )
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 ( COSHH )
Coverage of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 ( RIDDOR )
Health and Safety First Aid Regulations 1981
Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
Personal Protective Equipment 1992

B ) Moving and managing
Health and Safety at work Act 1974
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 ( amended 2002 )
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
Raising Operationss and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998


A list of the nutrient criterions that relate to societal attention scenes Food Standards Act 1999
Food Safety Act 1990
Food Hygiene Regulations 2005


An lineation of the chief wellness and safety duties of: a ) the societal attention worker The duties of the societal attention worker are to maintain themselves and the persons that they are back uping safe. Social attention workers should do certain that they follow all process that are in topographic point when back uping persons and when making anything that has hazards of injury. Staff should do certain that they use any equipment safely and merely utilize it if they have had the specialist preparation on how to utilize the equipment. Staff when utilizing equipment should do certain hair is out of the manner to forestall it from going stuck in the equipment, You should pass on with you director and do certain that you have equal preparation and understand and follow the company’s policies and processs around wellness and safety. You should describe any unwellness, strains or hurts that you suffer as a consequence of making your occupation as your employer may necessitate to do alterations to the manner you work.

If you become pregnant so you should inform your director as it may intend that you are unable to make some of the things within your occupation function or may necessitate to travel someplace where the opportunity of injury coming to you is slimmer. B ) the employer or director The duties of the employer or director are to do the workplace safe, they need to forestall hazards to wellness, guarantee that the equipment that is used is safe and that safe working patterns are set up and followed by the staff, they need to guarantee that all stuffs are handled, stored and used safely. Employers should inform you of any possible jeopardies from the work you carry out, chemicals and any other substances used by the employer. They should look into that the right equipment is supplied for the work and that staff usage it right and that the equipment is on a regular basis maintained.

They need to avoid potentially unsafe work affecting manual handling and if it can non be avoided so they should take safeguards to cut down the hazard of hurt. Employers need to provide staff with protective vesture free of charge. degree Celsius ) persons utilizing the service The duties of persons utilizing the service are to do certain that they agree and follow their occupancy understanding. They should talk with staff to do it cognizant of the manner that they would wish to be supported when utilizing assistive engineering to cut down the hazard of injury coming to themselves or the encouraging staff. They should describe any mistakes within their place so that it can be resolved before any hurt or injury is caused to themselves or the encouraging staff. If they do non hold apprehension of what mistakes are so back uping staff should do these known to the person and back up them to do the calls needed to acquire these fixed.


A description of the chief points of wellness and safety policies and processs
To guarantee the wellness, safety and public assistance of everyone
To protect people from jeopardies that might happen
To command the maintaining and usage of unsafe substances


A list of work activities that should merely be carried out after particular developing Manual Handling
First Aid
Clinical undertakings such as taking temperature or blood force per unit area, altering dressings Giving Medicine


A description of how to entree extra support and information in relation to wellness and safety Health and Safety is really of import so it is ever better to inquire for more information than to think and acquire things incorrect. You might necessitate excess information associating to statute law and guidelines, actions to take to guarantee safety, concerns you have about a state of affairs or individual, unhappy about the hazards from a piece of equipment or another jeopardy or ill-defined about who has duty. If you need extra advice or support you should speak to your line director, if your director is unavailable and you are unable to happen the information you need in your employers policies so the wellness and safety executive ( www.hsc.gov.uk ) should supply all the information you need. Trade Unions may besides hold the information that you need.

Task C – Case Studies


Specify the term ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’
The term jeopardy means something that could do injury, danger or inauspicious wellness effects to an person and the term hazard means the likeliness or chance of a jeopardy doing injury to the person. Such as a spill on the floor is a jeopardy and stealing on the wet surface is the hazard.


Identify the jeopardies and hazards in the instance survey above
The jeopardy is a burs pipe in the roof and H2O running down the light adjustment and onto the bathroom floor. The hazards are that the person that Winston is sing may steal on the H2O and injury himself or he may acquire an electric daze as H2O is running into electricity or due to the H2O in the roof it may do the ceiling to fall in.


Explain how and when you would describe the hazards you have identified Firstly Winston should do certain his client is in a safe topographic point and so turn off the H2O and electric at the brinies. He would necessitate to so describe this consecutive off to his line director and so acquire in touch with either the landlord or a pipe fitter and an electrician and inform them of the explosion pipe so that they can do agreements for it to be fixed every bit shortly as possible.


Describe how a hazard appraisal might assist reassure Ellie’s Dendranthema grandifloruom and guarantee Ellie’s safety By holding a hazard appraisal in topographic point for Ellie doing her ain manner on the coach to the group the societal worker will of identified all of the possible jeopardies and the degree of hazards connected with these. The societal attention worker will hold come up with ways of avoiding these jeopardies which will guarantee Ellis safety and Ellie’s Dendranthema grandifloruom will experience reassured

Curriculum vitae

Describe how a societal attention worker should utilize the hazard appraisal to guarantee Ellie is safe during the journey To do certain Ellie is safe during the journey the societal attention workers should follow the hazard appraisal as it will province all the hazards to Ellie during her journey and will include what needs to be done to cut down the likeliness of the hazards. It is the duty of the societal attention worker to do certain that they are cognizant of the hazard appraisal and if there is anything that they do non understand so they should seek extra advice from their line director straight off. It is besides the duty of the societal attention worker to describe any alterations that need doing to the hazard appraisals every bit shortly as possible to their line director. The hazard appraisal must be up to day of the month and revised every bit frequently as necessary for the safety of Ellie and the people that are working with her.

Task D – Short Answer Questions


List three risky substances that can be found in an grownup societal attention puting
1. Cleaning Chemicals
2. Medicine
3. Clinical Waste


Use the tabular array below to depict safe pattern for the handling of each risky substance

Body Waste
Cleaning Fluids
The medicine should be stored in a locked cabinet out of range, merely the authorized individual should hold the key for the locked cabinet, the cabinet should be at the right temperature the medicine needs to be stored at. The medicine must remain in the packaging the pharmaceutics dispensed it in Body waste should be stored in a xanthous bag sealed and put into the designated topographic point ready for aggregation someplace that will non do infection hazards. Cleaning fluids should be kept in a safe topographic point sooner in a locked closet and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. All cleaning fluids should be stored in the right bottles with the correct labels on them.


The staff giving medicine must hold appropriate preparation in the administering of medicine. When managing organic structure waste you should ever be have oning protective vesture such as baseball mitts and aprons, you should besides do certain you wash your custodies after managing organic structure waste. When utilizing cleaning fluids you should ever follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear protective vesture such as baseball mitts and aprons.


The right method of disposal is to return any fresh medicine back to the pharmaceutics and non set in the bin. Body waste will be picked up from designated country by specialist waste contractors. You should ever follow the manufacturer’s instructions when disposing cleansing fluids


Identify three common jeopardies related to managing and hive awaying nutrient
1. Poor hygiene so there is a hazard of infection
2. Not reheating nutrient to the right temperature
3. Storing uncooked meat on the top shelf in the electric refrigerator


Explain how to:
a ) Shop nutrient safely You need to guarantee when hive awaying nutrient that you store it at the right temperature, screen and label the nutrient so that others know when it has been opened and when it will no longer be comestible. You need to do certain that uncooked and cooked nutrients are kept individually to avoid taint. B ) Handle nutrient safely When managing nutrient you should maintain yourself clean, you should have on protective vesture, maintain the workplace you are working in clean and tidy, you should utilize separate utensils and other equipment for different types of nutrient such as chopping boards with different colorss for cooked meat and veggies etc, You should rinse your custodies on a regular basis and exhaustively. degree Celsius ) Dispose of nutrient safely When disposing nutrient you should do certain remnant nutrient is fain rapidly, guarantee that the bins are emptied often and that and anything that is dropped or spilt is cleaned up rapidly.


Identify three common marks or indexs of emphasis
1. Feeling tense, edgy or angry
2. perturbation of sleep form
3. headaches/migraines


Give two illustrations of fortunes or state of affairss that may do a individual to experience stressed 1. One illustration of fortunes or state of affairss that may do a individual to experience stressed is work force per unit area, such as if person has been set some marks to run into within a given clip and they are fighting to run into these marks they may go tired and dying and this may ensue in them going stressed due to a physique up of work and feeling that it is on top of them. 2. Another One illustration of fortunes or state of affairss that may do a individual to experience stressed is being in debt as this may do them experience that they are unale to get by and, they may be worrying all the clip where they are traveling to acquire the money from to pay the debt and this may ensue in a lessening in their ego regard and ego worth and do them oppugn their ability to back up a household. They may besides be worrying that they may be kicked out and hold nowhere to populate with their household if they dont find the money to pay.


Identify and depict two ways of pull offing emphasis
1. One manner in which an person can pull off emphasis is by physical activity, as this uses up the excess energy the organic structure produces when they are stressed, this could be things such as walking, jogging, traveling to the gym, packaging etc. 2. Another manner in which an person can pull off emphasis is by taking your head off of the issue for a piece by making something else, by making this it allowes you to come back to the job with a clear caput subsequently on. This could be making things such as horticulture, traveling to the film, featherbeding etc.

Task E – Leaflet

Infection Control


A list of the paths by which infection can come in the organic structure

Infection can come in the organic structure down the respiratory piece of land into the lungs. Illnesss such as coughs, colds, grippe and other common airborne infections are normally passed on this manner. Infection can come in the organic structure through interruptions in the tegument. You skin plants as an first-class barrier against infection but if you have an unfastened cut so infection can come in the organic structure through the cut. Infection can come in the organic structure down the digestive piece of land. If you have a drink or eat any nutrient that is contaminated so this can infect your tummy or bowels. This sort of infection normally consequences in purging or diarrhoea Infection can come in the organic structure through the urinary and generative system. This sort of infection can stay localized or sometimes can so acquire into the blood. Most normally sexually familial diseases infect the genitalias. HIV and the AIDS virus is carried in bodily fluids and can be passed on through coming into contact with an septic individuals saliva, seminal fluid or blood.


A description of how our ain wellness or personal hygiene may put others at hazard in the workplace Our ain wellness or personal hygiene may set others at hazard in the workplace as it is really of import that you wash your custodies on a regular basis as if you have come into contact with infections and bacteriums and so touch other things so you are go forthing them all over and so when others touch things such as the bannister on the stepss so they are besides picking this bacterium up which could do infection. You should ever have on personal protective vesture when back uping an single with any signifier of personal attention where you come into contact with bodily fluids such as spit or piss, this is non merely to protect you but to protect the person you are back uping from any infection that you may hold picked up. You take care non to sneeze or cough on others as this could go through on infections to others, You should invariably utilizing antibacterial spray to pass over down all surfaces to forestall cross taint.


An account of the most effectual ways to rinse custodies
1 ) Remove any rings or jewelry from the custodies or carpuss
2 ) Using warm running H2O exhaustively wet your custodies
3 ) Squirt liquid soap onto the thenar of one of your custodies
4 ) Rub your custodies together until you make a soapsudss
5 ) Scrub your custodies with the thenar of your manus over the dorsum of the other manus and devising certain you rub between the fingers, the carpuss, forearms and under your nails. 6 ) Rinse off the soap with clean H2O

7 ) When turning off the lights-outs use a paper towel to avoid acquiring bacteriums back on your custodies 8 ) When drying your custodies use a individual usage towel or an air drier 9 ) When go forthing the bathroom attempt to forestall touching soiled surfaces as you are go forthing the bathroom.


A description of how and when to utilize personal protective equipment You should utilize personal protective equipment for any process that involved bodily contact or means that you will be coming into contact with anybody waste or fluids. This is because it will cut down the hazard of infections distributing such as if you get it on your apparels and so come into contact with another individual. At the terminal of each process you should take off the protective vesture such as aprons and baseball mitts and dispose of them right. You should utilize new protective vesture when coming into contact with each different person.

Environmental Safety

An lineation of how to forestall and what to make in the event of:

Electron volt

Fire To forestall a fire you should suit fume dismaies and trial so on a regular basis and alter the batteries yearly, ne’er leave the range unattended when utilizing it, maintain portable warmers off from furniture, trappingss and flammable points and when go forthing the house make certain you turn them off, Do non go forth any electrical turned on when non in usage and turn the chief switches off when non utilizing them and at dark unplug all electrical points that are non being used, if possible do non utilize multi-way socket arrangers and do non run electrical leads under the rug. In the event of a fire you should name the fire service straight off when the fire dismay sounds. You should seek to evacuate the edifice every bit fast as possible following the personal exigency emptying programs for each of the persons in the edifice and besides following the fire safety process.

If possible you should seek to acquire the persons out of the edifice if it is safe for you to make so. Before come ining any of the suites with the dorsum of your manus you should touch the door grip to see if it is hot, if it is so you should non open this door as it will allow O in and do the fire worse. You should ever remain near to the floor if there is a batch of fume as it raises so you are safer the closer to the floor you are as you won’t be inhaling as much fume. If possible have a wet towel over your oral cavity to forestall the fume acquiring into your lungs. Keep all doors closed as if you have fire doors so this can give you excess clip to acquire out of the edifice.


Gas Leak
To forestall a gas leak you should look into that all contraptions that use gas are turned off e.g. cooker, fire, radiators. In the event of a gas leak you should dial 999 for aid and/or inform your wellness and safety officer/manager straight off, You should non turn any switches on or off, you should travel to the assembly point and take yourself and others from the edifice instantly, the incident should besides be recorded.


To forestall a inundation you should do certain that everyone knows where and how to turn the H2O off and all lights-outs should non be left running in the bath or sink. In the event of a inundation you should turn off the H2O supply, name 999 or inform your wellness and safety officer instantly, do non turn switches on or off and take yourself and others from the edifice every bit rapidly as possible in instance H2O and electric mix as this can be really unsafe.


To forestall an invasion you should being vigilant of security of edifice i.e. doors, Windowss and do certain these are shut and locked when you are non place and at dark. Do non give out trim keys to others or cardinal codifications and follow a process cheque list such as at dark traveling unit of ammunition and doing sre all Windowss and doors are shut and locked. In the event of an invasion dial 999 and state them what has happened, if possible go to a room with a lock and lock yourself in at that place, if non seek to acquire out of the edifice and take others with you.


Security Breach
To forestall a security breach maintain all confidential information locked off or passworded on the computing machine, maintain all paperss out of sight and ne’er leave them puting approximately. Keep all doors and Windowss locked. In the event of a security breach attempt to go forth the edifice safely with others, dial 999 and study to them.

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