Psychology – Parietal Lobe
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Parietal Lobe The Parietal Lobe is one of the four lobes that acts as the control center of the brain, and is located in the back of the head directly under the skull bone. Since the parietal lobe handles functions of focus, cognition, and perception, a person’s spatial perception or sense of touch, and visual […]

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Medicine Perception Psychology Traumatic Brain Injury
Lence Lazoroski Mary
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Once out of the water, her friends noticed that that she was bleeding freely on the side of ere head where she struck the side of the pool. Mary was rushed to a hospital ICC where PET scans were given which indicated bruising and hemorrhaging on the frontal lobes tissues. Additional injuries were suspected as […]

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Disorders Health Psychological Trauma Traumatic Brain Injury
Trainee Assistant Practitioner
1036 words 2 pages

This essay describes the effect of an assault on a young male patient. During a night out in Leeds. It also describes the trauma of the family, friends, police officers and staff on intensive care. It will also explain the reason for a patient being intubated (using an endotracheal) and ventilated. When working as a […]

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Oxycyte: Better Than Blood?
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AGD: Artificial; something false, misleading or unnatural. Though in the world of modern medicine artificial has taken a vastly different definition. One of hope, second chances and recovery. According to information from www. cem. msu. edu, a search for artificial blood began in the 19th century with the use of milk. Thankfully, for us now […]

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Blood Database Medicine Traumatic Brain Injury
Regarding Henry
805 words 2 pages

In this movie Henry (Harrison Ford) is a hard-driven lawyer whose only aim in life seems to be his professional success. He is a tough and cold lawyer who walks over people and totally neglects his wife Sarah (Annette Benning) and teenage daughter Rachel (Mikki Allen). Although idolized by his boss and co-workers, he is […]

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A Heroine’s Journey, Cathy Crimmins
2090 words 5 pages

In my search for an intellectual hero that could relate to a Speech Language Pathology (SLP) major, I came across several drawbacks. I found that many people that could be held in such regard, produced books that read more like instructional manuals rather than a personal journey. I realized that not all “intellectual heroes” in […]

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Journey Medicine Nervous System Traumatic Brain Injury
Acquired Brain Injury NVQ
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An Acquired Brain Injury is sudden onset of brain damage that was sustained after birth. Acquired Brain Injury is not hereditary, cognetial or a genetic disorder. Acquired Brain Injury can result in physical, cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes, the symptoms can vary dependant on the extent and the locality of the trauma. These changes may […]

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