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Dr. J. Chris Sackellares Essay Example
673 words 2 pages

Dr. J. Chris Sackellares Biography Dr. J. Chris Sackellares was born in Savannah, received his bachelors in Chemistry at the University of Georgia in 1970, and his MD at the Medical College of Georgia. He completed his rounds as an intern in the department of Internal Medicine at the University of Louisville in ‘74, and […]

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What Epilepsy Is And How To Deal With It Essay Example
284 words 1 page

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages Epilepsy means the same thing as “seizure disorders” Epilepsy is characterized by unpredictable seizures and can cause other health h problems Epilepsy is a spectrum condition with a wide range of seizure types and control 01 varying from prepossession Epilepsy is […]

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Abnormal Psychology College Disease Epilepsy
How does Peter Medak gain the viewers’ sympathy in the film, “Let him have it” Essay Example
1673 words 4 pages

In the film, Let him have it, the Director, Peter Medak, portrays Derek William Bentley as a weak, naive, poorly-educated young man who never really understands what is going on around him. Bentley has the mental age of an eleven year-old, cannot read or write, and suffers from epilepsy. We can only compare him to […]

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Epilepsy The view
?Understand Health and Safety Essay Example
5566 words 11 pages

A description of four different illustrations of accidents and/or sudden unwellnesss that might happen 1 ) The person that you are back uping on an excursion may choke on their nutrient. This is normally caused by an object acquiring stuck in the dorsum of your pharynx, this needs to be dealt with fast as it […]

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Epidemiology Epilepsy Health Medicine
Epilepsy Essay Example
385 words 1 page

Epilepsy is a genetic disorder that affects the parts of the brain similar to a computer. These parts communicate electronically. When this can’t take place a seizure occurs. When a person has a series of recurring seizures they are usually diagnosed with epilepsy. People with the disorder have an electrical abnormity in there brain. Someone […]

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Physical Impacts Left By Ufos Essay Example
6862 words 14 pages

Ever since US Air Force Pilot Kenneth Arnold coined the term Flying Saucer, on 24th June 1947, after allegedly encountering nine disk shaped objects while out flying over the Cascade Mountains, the world wide sightings of such objects, has increased logarithmically. By 1957 the furor over UFO sightings showed no sign of abating and the […]

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College Epilepsy Science Sleep
Is Daniel Tammet Intelligent Essay Example
347 words 1 page

Daniel Tammet is considered as the boy with “incredible brain. ” On the first part of Daniel’s documentary on youtube, it showed how he could do huge calculations mentally. In addition, he stated that he could learn a new language for seven days. The very highlight of the documentary is when Daniel recited the pie […]

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Lying: a Metaphorical Memoir by Lauren Slater Essay Example
1640 words 4 pages

In Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir, Lauren Slater attempts to create a new kind of truth called metaphorical truth: emotional truth explained using metaphors instead of facts. She confuses fact and fiction even though it is a memoir and thus creates a convoluted tale of herself where she may or may not be epileptic. Initially, the […]

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Conscience Epilepsy Memoir Truth
Developmental disabilities as broad spectrum Essay Example
3537 words 7 pages

Developmental disabilities have a broad definition because they entail many dimensions of the human body both in the external and external dimensions. In other words, the term developmental disability is not just about the physical disability just as many people may be tempted to think but it also touches on the mental challenges. Developmental disabilities […]

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I Was so Glad My Mother Didn’t Essay Example
746 words 2 pages

I was so glad that my mother didn’t give up. The past is immutable. It is always there. We carry it around with us. Some people refer to it as a baggage. The past is the sum total of one’s self. It has made me who I am. Sitting here, alone, in the graveyard always […]

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Epilepsy Mother
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay Example
1330 words 3 pages

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is best described as a condition which is characterized by persistent hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity at other times. ADHD starts when a child is young and continues until the time when a person attains adulthood. It has been established that 2 out of every 3 children diagnosed with ADHD continue […]

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Popular Questions About Epilepsy

How do you diagnose epilepsy?
Procedures to help diagnose epilepsy:EEG – This is a non-invasive test used to look at the electrical activity of the brain.Neuroimaging – These are brain scans and include MRI, SPECT, PET and CT scans.Neuropsychological tests – Look at how your brain is working and how the epilepsy affects your day to day functioning.
What tests are done to diagnose epilepsy?
Vitamin B-6 is used to treat a rare form of epilepsy known as pyridoxine-dependent seizures. This type of epilepsy usually develops in the womb or soon after birth. It’s caused by your body’s inability to metabolize vitamin B-6 properly.
What is the best treatment or Medicine for epilepsy?
Poorly controlled epilepsy can result in a number of complications and health risks, including the following: Physical injuries during a seizure. Drowning, if the seizure occurs during a bath or swimming. Depression and anxiety. Decline in memory or other thinking skills. Developmental delays in children.