“To an Athlete Dying Young”, “Death Be Not Proud” Essay

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This essay is based on two verse forms. “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A. E Housman and “Death Be Not Proud” by John Donne. In both poems the writers convey messages about decease. In “Death Be Not Proud” John Donne is conveying a message to decease of bravery. he is allowing decease know that he is non afraid of go throughing on when the clip comes. In “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Housman is conveying a message of everlasting glorification. Housman believes that if you pass on before person is able to crush you so you will everlastingly be a victor. In both verse forms decease is an event that one can be proud of.

In “To an Athlete Dying Young” Housman states “smart chap. to steal betimes off from Fieldss where glorification does non stay” ( 589 ) . Housman is deducing that it was wise for the jock to decease early in his calling while he was in his prime and besides still in the heads of the townsmen. In “Death. Be Not Proud” John Donne states “ And soonest our best work forces with thee do travel remainder of their castanetss and soul’s bringing ( 567 ) . Donne is deducing that deceasing is as if person was to be Brooks 2 sleeping. he is minizing decease. Normally decease is something that people fear but in these two statements decease is conveying pleasance. non hurting.

In “Death. Be Not Proud” Donne states “Death be proud. though some have call Mighty and awful. for thou art non so ( 567 ) . This statement is deducing that decease is truly non as chilling or every bit powerful as most people think. “To an Athlete Dying Young” Housman states “To-day. the route all smugglers come. shoulder- high we bring you place. And put you at your threshold down. Townsman of a stiller town ( 589 ) . Housman is deducing that the jock would be bought to his concluding resting topographic point. Donne’s quotation mark expressed something that is non chilling. in relation to “To an Athlete Dying Young” the jocks funeral was more of a jubilation and non a sad or chilling juncture.

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