Tirumala Tirupati Devasthansms Essay Example
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthansms Essay Example

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthansms Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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All come equally, all are treated equally", Tortilla, the abode of Lord Venerations, is reputed as the most ancient temple in Inc. The old religious texts all declare that in the age of Kali Yoga, one can attain mukluk only through the worshipping of Lord Venerations. Outlast, in the Coeditor district of Andorra Pradesh, is situated at the foot of the Tortilla h The two townships and their temples are under the religious trust of_TTL. The TTT today is one of the richest temple trusts in India. Its revenue comes from sources.

First, from donations.

The rich and the poor, on fulfillment of heir wishes, donate their chosen amount in Easier _g_SLD, to the temple coffers. This Is purely voluntary, the amount being determined solely by the persons wishes. On any given day, an average of,


OHO devotees, vaults the temple.

In addition, TTT has also set up branches all over India-where the donation can be deposited, the prayer performed each requested time and the "brassard" sent b. Y post. This was very popular with the elderly devote ! Allow could not-undertake the Journo-eye- A second source of income comes from fee-l Adair Gig,n" .

The "darns" are timed throughout the day and the entry fee can vary from RSI 200 tort QUO [for special functions].

In addition there are also weekly saves at specialists:For the general "darkish", in order to control the crowds, the management of DID had thought it best to have different queues, at different prices. Thus, on any given day, there will be a fast movingly- fours TCO a-sons feel-toast; ;: moving line for RSI 50, and maybe a third extremely

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slow line for RSI I O. The number of lines would vary, depending on the seasonality factor. There would also be a mandatory "free" line.

Selectman, as the COO, has he power to decide on both the number of lines an-depicter attached to each line.

Last year, the temple trust recorded a turnover estimated at RSI 1 00 scores. The decision to have several queues was taken many centuries ago when royalty, through the system of patronage, demanded exclusive treatment. Sectarian troubled him. Religion, he strongly felt, should not be based on class distinctions.

The only consolation was derived from the fact that the exclusivity was only till the gates of the sanctum sanatoria. Once inside, in the presence of the Lord Venerations, all were treated equally.

Sectarian could identify several merits to the existing system but then again he was very conscious of the class system that was being perpetuated. 1 This case, and the characters represent a fictional situation. It is not intended to be a comment on religious practices.

The queue system also presented its own share of problems. It was possible to control the crowds today through differential pricing. With the natural growth in population, the "lines" would have to be priced higher and higher. Sectarian was not convinced of its the moral validity. There was yet another dimension to

Catamaran's problems.

Although there had been no quantitative demonstration yet, Sectarian was visible perturbed by the onslaught of foreign media through the cable network. If this continued, there could well come a time when declining numbers of devotees could become a serious problem and a threat to the very existence oft.

Sectarian shrugged his shoulders, there was precious littleneck do. Moral degradation was one area for which he had no strategy! Temple trusts are subject to very strict audit. Most of the expenditure of the trust is on social welfare activities.

As of date, TTT runs five schools, three old-age homes, one vocational college, a university and several clinics.

Within the temple area, TTT also runs several free kitchens where food is given on the production of a token that can be got only after the "darkish" has taken place. TTT has also instituted several scholarships at leading technical colleges in India and abroad. Recently, IT'D has also diversified into transportation and runs regular buses from Achaean and Ban galore to Trait. The organization structure of IT'D is very simple. There is a Board of

Trustees comprising some retired priests, the local elected representatives, some predominant businessmen and Bandit Sectarian himself.

Catamaran's election as the head priest is based on an unanimous agreement among all the temple priests, and is for life. The Board meets once every month to consider the expenses for the following month and review the volume of donations that had been collected last month. Sectarian is responsible for the day to day administration of the IT'D. For the day to day operations, Sectarian is helped by Babushka Raw who sees to the logistics.

Inside the sanctum sanatoria, Barracks is responsible for the "Lang" [free kitchen) for the poor people. Rumania is responsible for the V Raglan, who has always had a flair for the mechanical, is the sole coordinator for the transport buses. The collection method by itself is foolproof. All donations

are dropped in a large cauldron. At the end of the day, this cauldron is emptied in public and the donations totaled.

This is deposited with the local branch of the State Bank of India next morning. On special occasions when the crowds are swelling, several cauldrons are pressed into service.

TTT has not always been independent. The state government had, at one point of time, considered nationalizing the Trust so that the money so collected could be added to the resources of the state government. Happily, Sectarian remembered, public reaction was so violent that NT Ramrod, the then Chief Minister, had to reverse his stand. While there were no immediate problems, Sectarian could not help feeling uneasy.

There-! Were several issues that he was at a conflict with. Sectarian doubted whether he alone could come up with the answer to the problems.

As the conch hells blew for the evening prayer, Sectarian headed towards the temple, determined that he would discuss this problem with the District Collector at the earliest. Q. If you were Sectarian how would you analyze the situation. Basis the analysis suggests a future course of action.

Hearts. Everybody's deep. TCL}AS equal, be they rich or poor. At Amorists, we don't attain musket only through the worshipping of Lord Venerations. Trait, in the townships and their temples are under the religious trust of_T! Q. Two their wishes, donate their chosen amount in Ease_g_r _g_Quid, to the temple offers.

This is purely voluntary, the amount being determined solely by the persons wishes. On any given day, an average of,OHO devotees, visit the temple. In comes from fee-l Adair Gig,n" . The "darns"

are timed throughout the day and the fours TCO a-consoles-toast; ;: moving line for RSI 50, and maybe a third extremely factor. There would also be a mandatory "free" line.

Sectarian, as the COO, has had never felt the need to revise this decision although the moral question accommodation, Chandeliers for the university and schools and Argentinean

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