The STP program slide show Essay Example
The STP program slide show Essay Example

The STP program slide show Essay Example

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  • Published: May 10, 2017
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The primary objective of the STP program presentation is to assist TeknoSport's top management in comprehending the program's content and benefits. It is crucial to communicate effectively with them to determine whether to remove or keep the program as part of the company policy. The plan is to utilize PowerPoint slides not as the primary focus but as a tool to convey the message to decision makers.

The slide show should complement and support the speech, rather than stealing attention from the content or the speaker. As Tufte (2003) notes, the slide show is meant to facilitate the delivery of information, not serve as a flashy distraction. It is crucial that the slide show does not overwhelm the audience, requiring them to process too much information at once, visually and verbally.

To satisfy this objective, the presentation on STP adhered to several principles advocated by specia


lists such as Mayer and Atkinson (2004). In accordance with the signaling principle, the STP slideshow features heavily-weighted headlines that divulge the slide's content to the spectators. The slides themselves are written in a sizeable font (40 points) that can be read with ease even from afar.

Adhering to the segmentation principle, the slideshow is designed with well-balanced slides that don't overload with low content. Additionally, the multimedia principle is applied to ensure informative slides are appealing: dark letters on a light background and a distinct color for headlines. The modality principle is implemented by putting some of the text in notes rather than on slides.

The STP slideshow adheres to the coherence principle by featuring simple slides without overwhelming graphics or patterns. Additionally, the conclusion slide benefits from narration notes that provide the

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speaker's exact words, freeing up space on the slide.

The STP presentation is effective in communicating key points through the use of bullet points. It avoids excessive and irreverent text, while still preserving the meaning of the content. Unlike the Gettysburg Cemetery Dedication slides, the STP slides have a well-lit background that makes them clearly visible. The presentation serves as a helpful reminder to speakers and allows top managers to fully understand the main points.

(Norman, 2004) The use of dark, blank slides at the start and end of a presentation ensures that the speaker is not required to display the initial or concluding slide while delivering the opening or closing remarks. Furthermore, the presentation is controlled using a mouse, allowing the speaker to operate it at their own speed.

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