The Roaring Twenties in Canada Essay Example
The Roaring Twenties in Canada Essay Example

The Roaring Twenties in Canada Essay Example

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  • Published: October 27, 2017
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Did the twenties "roar"? A very questionable idea in which only the perspective of the people in the 1920s can demonstrate the solution towards this issue. Different people in the meaning of one another that lived among the 1920s had different views and considerations towards the twenties. It could perhaps influence them to be more forgetful of the war and continue with their daily lives.

In my opinion the twenties roared because of the many new inventions, entertainment, consumerism, arts, social issues, rights, lifestyles, and the economy.To take a deep thought of the conception of the twenties actually making a massive impact on the people's perspective, let's get straight to the facts of positive attribution. After the horrors of the war, people were ready to sparkle up their lives. With the new invention of Henry Ford's aut


omobile "Model T" it was vowed to the price that average North Americans could afford I which from a perspective's mood would definitely be in the "roaring" type, also the mass production of these vehicles moved into all parts of North America. Radio broadcasting became one of North America's favourite sources of entertainment.

During this time most Canadians depended on the radio as their source of communication since the television wasn't invented. People tuned in every day to listen to music, as jazz, sports and live events. A favorite for listening to jazz was "the king of jazz", Louie Armstrong. The invention of the radio had a major impact on Canadians because it transmitted a variety of shows and programs that entertained many, throughout the nation. Since the 1920s was a time of celebration, there were many fads. People love

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to dance, especially the Charleston, Fox-trot, and the shimmy.

Dance marathons were something everyone went to every weekend.Dances were popular fads in which one man dropped dead after 87 hours of dancing. The Group of Seven dominated Canadian art because these were painters uninterested by the Canadian north who, for the first time, took on the task of painting the great power, scenery and spirit of their land. The Roaring Twenties was also a period of literary creativity.

A favorite for listening to jazz was "the king of jazz", Louie Armstrong. The latest fashion fad was the flapper, a fad for women that referred to a new breed of young women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and had a fiery behavior.The movie was also the latest thing. The start of 3-D movies was in the 1920's, "talkies" arrived in Canada until 1927. Many Canadian families needed to replace the incomes of their deceased husbands, woman had to accept a job, and move outside the home.

This gave them a new self-confidence like Emily Murphy who saw that men could sell land and home without their wives and leave them penniless and homeless. Murphy was determined and won the fight to change the law that woman could have one-third of their husband's property.These events were considered to the culture of the "roaring" twenties but life of the roaring twenties was a bit skeptical. Compared to the United States, Canada's laws about immigration had a lesser degree. Xenophobia is one wound that can never heal which is the dislikes of foreigners. This made the government queasy, that they started focusing on immigration

laws which they began to give a English literacy test that will determine if a person can assimilate into Canadian society, this also led to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923, the ban of Chinese immigrating to Canada.

Aboriginal Status was a struggle. Aboriginal nations had to give up their homeland into exchange to moving into a reserve where resources were given. Children were forced to go to school and assimilate forcefully into Canadian culture. Prohibition was a bad turn of events, it led to the rise of organized crimes of unforeseen economic bonuses for criminal organizations.

Canada became the main departure point for alcohol illegally entering the United States. Prohibition was intended to stop men from using up their pay checks on liquor so that families would have more savings.Prohibition ended soon because the government was losing money and crimes arose. The Winnipeg General Strike had a bad effect on officials they were suppose to go on strike for certain conditions like more wages per hour, less hours, and the right to bargain for their working conditions, the strike led to damage and hassle. The results was a big fat "no", this led loss of jobs, no savings, contract signing, and arrests/sentences to jail for the leaders of the strike.The economy was something to look forward, Canadian pulp and paper was exported from Canada and used for newsprint as well in Canada, this led to forest destruction in which the government issued pulp factories to ease on the pulp and paper products.

There were many mining discoveries in Canada, we found 80 percent of the world's supply of nickel and had a major source of

lead and zinc. The 1920s was also called the "Oil Age. " As many Canadians bought automobiles the demand for gasoline was at max, oil and gas were a new craze to find thin black gold.Alberta speculators struck it rich but it burned out of control for several weeks, when it was under control it produced millions of barrels of oil and large quantities of natural gas, this grew the confidence and optimism of Alberta oil speculators. The roaring twenties were all about modernity, and self-confidence.

These events are prior to why we exist today. In some cases in the twenties did not go so well but in the end we learned from our mistakes and proven to unrepeat the value. There is only one statement that describes the perspectives of Canadians, the average Canadian had a lot to look forward to, in the 1920's, that's for sure!

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