The Person I Admire Analysis Essay Example
The Person I Admire Analysis Essay Example

The Person I Admire Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: September 5, 2017
  • Type: Analysis
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My father is the person I admire most.

Despite coming from a modest background in a small town, he is an artist with expertise in producing precise and lifelike still-life pieces. His determination propelled him to relocate to a bigger city and even venture overseas. He possesses remarkable abilities such as keen observation, impressive manual dexterity, and an artistic mindset.

Driven by a strong desire to become an authentic artist, my father was greatly influenced by the renowned artists of the WI-XVII centuries. This determination proved to be an extraordinary force, surpassing even physical strength. Astonishingly, at the young age of 17, his paintings were already highly sought after and being sold – an impressive accomplishment for that time period. Not only was his artistic talent celebrated in his hometown, but also in larger cities and even the


capital. Consequently, he made the decision to relocate to the city where our family eventually settled when he married my mother and I came into existence.

Despite realizing that his art would not flourish in this city, he decided to relocate once again. Our subsequent destination was Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I consider this to be just the beginning of his journey... I have always greatly admired my father for having qualities that I aspire to have.

Although he is not overly strict, he is both serious and competent in making the correct choices. He consistently expresses his well wishes towards me and extends his assistance whenever I require it. Furthermore, he is always ready to support others. His artistic mindset, optimism, and unwavering determination serve as crucial pillars of strength within his life.

I will always consider him the bes

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in everything and I strive to be like him!

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