The Onion OMAM Cliff Notes Essay Example
The Onion OMAM Cliff Notes Essay Example

The Onion OMAM Cliff Notes Essay Example

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Was there a deeper meaning than just her loving a book? And lastly, why was she sobbing? I understand she just really adored it, but guess with t he intriguing title, as expecting something a little more obscure or maybe something with a lilt el more meaning. That being said, It seems as if the author was not as interested or maybe not experienced. Could be completely wrong, but the way everything was set up made it feel like it was just another homework assignment.

It does include some good interview s which includes Grace Weaver, her professor, John Heterogeneous, and a little with her ROR mate, Giuliani Cesareans. These people are from Charlottesville, Virginia and attend/ work at the University


of Virginia.

It talks about how Grace's professor feels about all of this and what G ace likes about Of Mice And Men. It lets the reader know how excited and enthusiastic Grace I s about this novel and how she is even willing to go find a book that was mentioned in the novel to get a deeper understanding.

There are not any literary devices used, and the purpose of the is passage is hard to figure out. Maybe this article was meant to be just for fun.

It is a hard topic to write about being Proving 2 that you can not really write about a whole lot. It is evident that the author trip deed to get some more perspectives but maybe should have dug a little deeper. It was not very intrigue nuking for the reader.

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