Analysis of Miss Brill

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The short story, Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield is written in third person. The story is being narrated in a manner of speaking. The reader is able to get an unbiased understanding of the main character. The point of view of the story can change the way a reader understands it. Had the story been told through the eyes of Miss Brill the ending would have changed the way the reader felt about Miss Brill.

IF the story had been told in first person through the eyes of Miss Brill the reader might not have realized that Miss Brill is unsatisfied with he own life. Miss Brill might not have admitted to hearing a cry when she put her fur back in its box. Miss Brill might have come off as a disgruntled old women that is nosey an d stuck up. Yet the third person point of view revels a different story.

When the Miss Brill cries after she imagines the day at the park is if it were a play and all the park goes are involved. The reader then sees what Miss Brill truly wants. When Miss Brill personifies the fur at the beginning it is a sign of loneliness. The need for conversation Miss Brill has is unfulfilled which leads to her adapting to ease dropping. This is pointed out in the story when the narrator says: “sitting in other people’s lives just for a minute while they talked round her.” The Third person shows Miss Brill to be a Sad and lonely old woman. This point of view is the only way that that truth could be told.

The outcome of any story could be different if the point of view were different. Miss Brill Would never admit to crying. Al though the narrator didn’t say that she did in the end. The reader reads: “But when she put the lid on she thought she heard something crying.” This personification of the fur again it is way to tell the reader that she is too proud to admit to being depressed.

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