The Movie 3 Idiots: Review Essay

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My reaction about the movie, 3 Idiots, that we watched last Monday (feb 13, 2012). Many people already told me that the move is worth watching for but I don’t know why I did not try to watch it before. So when I saw the title that we’re about watch, I felt the excitement because finally I can now watch the movie. Of course, I was asking myself, why are we going to watch this kind of movie? What’s relevance of 3 idiots to our Logic Class? So I just continued watching and forgot the things that I’m curious about haha!

I kept on laughing and I forgot that we are watching that movie for almost 3 hours already. The story was great, I’ve learned a lot. Rancho did an extravagant part on the movie, most especially to his friends. Rancho tells us that success in studying is not achieved by solely memorizing definitions given by textbooks or professors, but by understanding and applying the concepts. And he also emphasized that one should follow excellence, not success, as success will come itself if excellence is followed. Those words are very inspiring and would love to be like him someday. Also read Pay It Forward Movie essay.

One more thing that Rancho said to the movie, you can study without money, all you need it a uniform to wear. That message is for all the youth out there who don’t have money to go to school. You see, money is not important anyway, it is just something that can lead you to school but the willingness to learn is the real key. That movie showed the real essence of a real friend. Real friends who will not lead you to a wrong path rather lead you to right path to success. We, as a first year students, most of us are not sure why did we take this course.

Some are because of their parents and some are because of the influence of their friends. In the movie, Rancho’s friend fahran took the Engineering course due to his dad’s wish but deep inside he wants to be photographer. That’s a lesson to us that we should follow our dreams because if we did not follow it, we are the one who will suffer in the end. And like Raju, his dreams for his family are very inspiring. He really wants his family to have a normal life. Let’s take that lesson that we should strive hard, first for our God, second to ourselves and most especially for our families.

That movie also showed us that students in India are very prone to suicidal attempt or case. Due to pressure, they will just choose to die. The lesson is that we should know our purpose in doing something because if we have someone who can be our inspiration, no matter hard it is we will strive hard for him/her and we will never choose to escape everything. And for the people who surrounds us, please be an inspiration. Encourage us not to quit. Because hearing an inspirational words from many people can helps us make our lives more productive. But of course, success is up to us, if we want to achieve it or not.

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