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This essay analyses the relationship between athletics and media and how they affect each other in the modern universe. It uses some practical instances to show what athletics brings to media when athletics enters into the media field and what media brings to feature when media come into the athleticss sphere. In add-on, there will be a comparing between athleticss and media in the West and in China.

Background of athletics and media

Sing the development of athletics and media, Real ( 1998:14 ) stated that “the universe of athleticss in the age of mass media has been transformed from 19th century recreational recreational engagement to late twentieth and early 21st century spectator-centered engineering and business” . In the yesteryear, athletics was merely defined as a competitory and organized physical activity. Furthermore, most participants consisted of athleticss partisans and their intent was to derive more felicity from athletics. However, after undergoing more than a century of reform and alterations, the present construct of athletics now refers to other industries, such as media, economic sciences and civilization. In these industries, athletics and media have an obvious ‘marriage ‘ relationship in planetary athletics.

In footings of the media, it can be considered as a corporate noun of diverse types of media ( What is media, 2005 ) . It contains many communicative waies in different Fieldss, such as telecasting, wireless, newspaper and cyberspace. Nevertheless, with the high velocity of athletics development and popularity, more and more people are get downing to concentrate on athletics events and relevant athletics industries. Due to the increasing figure of witnesss, media has become an indispensable tract for the athleticss industry service whilst it is a good combination between media and athletics. Actually, Schirato ( 2007:82 ) stated that “the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games presaged a development which is by now really familiar to us about the integrating of athletics into the field of the media” . Through the advocator of media, it promotes athleticss events throughout the universe and possesses more sorts of new demographics.

Modern athletics and media developed into the planetary

With more and more professional athletics events and international degree mega athletics events held, the developing inclination of athletics and media turns to globalisation. One typical illustration is the modern Olympic Games ; it attracts the attending of athleticss witnesss worldwide because of the constitution of the Main Press Centre ( MPC ) and International Broadcasting Centre ( IBC ) . Surely, the game besides can advance many manners of media transmittal development, for case newspaper gross revenues, development of communicating engineering, increased wireless, telecasting evaluations and advertisement gross ( Schirato, 2007 ) . Sports ‘ broadcast medium is a necessary and indispensable component to excite the athletics and media to come into a planetary period. Buying the Television rights is one of the best ways to spread out planetary media coverage. It will give assurance and intensify the involvement of athleticss events and athleticss nines, meanwhile heightening the monetary value of athleticss events, athletics ware gross revenues, the benefits from advertizers and athletics patron back uping. The concluding end is to derive most money from these facets. Ashutosh Srivastava ( 2007 ) as a Chief executive officer of Singapore-based MindShare Asia Pacific said that “there is no greater dramatic merchandise like athleticss, it can hold emotions running high and have people glued to the featuring action either on the field or on telecasting sets” .

Under the planetary economic science environment, athletics and media are besides come ining into the clip of commoditization and commerce. Some athleticss nines have begun to run a concern direction theoretical account ; they consider their professional sportswomans as trade goods which can be traded with other athleticss nines thereby obtaining the net income from the transportation fee. David Beckham is one of the biggest trades, his transportation fee touched ?24.5 million when he was sold from Manchester United to the Spanish giants Real Madrid ( Beckham joins Real Madrid, 2003 ) . Since the visual aspect of athleticss stars, some commercial concerns have developed, such as trading with mention to athleticss stars, keepsakes from the athleticss star ‘s nine and some concern activities utilizing athleticss stars as an embassador. All of these are so important that athleticss nines can break Hunt for and widen their fans bases worldwide meanwhile in order to maximise their gross.

The relationship of athletics and media

Presently, athletics and media can be called a perfect combination in today ‘s society. They have gone beyond simple describing relationship between athletics and media, and have formed a common publicity and common development of the state of affairs. Sports and media now belong to a dawn industry now. In the context of industrial cooperation this is inevitable and the mentality will be really good.

The relationship between athleticss and the media can be said to be long. When the antediluvian Greeks Feilibisi experienced a long tally from the town of Marathon to Athens and declared a message of peace, it means athleticss and information airing had been linked inextricably. Furthermore, coverage entered the media phase, athleticss intelligence was one of the chief contents of the media. Equally early as 100 old ages ago, the United States athleticss journalist Pulitzer took the media to pull audience contact as one of the three charming arms ; the other two were dirt and wickedness ( Wang, 2003 ) . At the present twenty-four hours, his penetration is even more confirmed. Not to advert the changeless barrage of athleticss coverage. Light from the eternal landscape of athleticss newspapers and limitless professional athleticss channels can be seen. Sport as one of the most common activities for amusement, surely can pull much attending, so the increasing popularity of the athleticss media is besides a affair of class. However, the media which focuses greatly on athletics, non merely depends on this basic ground, but is besides relevant with its ain features of athleticss describing.

The first characteristic is athleticss describing, athleticss intelligence with merriment, emotion and amusement, every bit good as athleticss which are inseparable from its features. On “Sports” , the lexicon has this account: An amusement activity which requires physical strength, wisdom and accomplishment of the game or athleticss, it requires physical strength more or less, harmonizing to the traditional signifier or set of regulations, and sometimes as a calling in outdoor or indoor. Sport, in itself ( particularly competitory athleticss ) , is a colourful procedure. Often, it makes the consequences unpredictable and merriment. Therefore, witnesss can watch athleticss off from the force per unit area of life sing physical and mental pleasance. Thus athletics has become an indispensable portion of people ‘s life. This ground is the most cardinal ground that people are fond of athleticss intelligence, while besides it is a cardinal feature of athleticss intelligence.

Second, the coverage of the athleticss audience is extended, which is unmatched by other intelligence studies. Once addicted to feature, irrespective of ethnicity, national boundaries, gender or age, this avocation can attach to people throughout their whole life.

Again, the content and manner of athleticss coverage are free. One side is recreational athleticss coverage, it doing far off from sensitive countries such as political political orientation, so it has full coverage of infinite and the way of describing. On the other side, athletics is a common linguistic communication around the universe, merely because of this commonalty, so that people ‘s concern is non merely limited to their domestic athleticss, but besides throughout the universe. For illustration, the association football ‘s English Premier League, the NBA hoops and so on. This phenomenon which has now appeared in China is apparent now, particularly, athleticss studies. Refering foreign competition, which outnumber domestic studies.

Finally, the modern media engineering creates more athleticss studies, it includes a really strong sense of engagement, an sense of audience and supply a better ground for athleticss people to take athletics studies. Sports grasp, audience engagement and experience are the most common provinces of head. With the progressively sophisticated figure of communicating in the modern media, such as newspapers, magazines, text and images, telecasting and wireless unrecorded broadcast, these tracts enable the spectator experience without go forthing place to bask the same scene of the warm ambiance and the existent image or sound. Furthermore, telecasting has slow gesture map ; leting viewing audiences to appreciate inside informations of the existent universe. Spectators can even be involved in the games straight through technological methods are participated in the quiz.

By and large talking, all these grounds mean that regardless of the audience of athleticss study, the athletics content, or the athletics environment and other intelligence studies, athletics studies have their alone advantages in comparing with other studies, therefore the prosperity of athleticss studies can be said to be inevitable. The relationship between athleticss media and athleticss is besides logical and close. However, in recent old ages, we can easy happen the relationship between athleticss and media is altering, non merely coverage and being reported this simple regulation. Media began to keep athletics events, Bailey and Johnson, the world-renowned flight trapeze war is a typical illustration, really it was held by telecasting station ; Another case, in China the New People ‘s Daily sponsored an event named Tianyuan cup go game in a recent decennary and has a great influence ; In the western states, the media magnate Rupert Murdoch ‘s Sky Television control the broadcast of English Premier League. The European Super League Group raised by the spouses, media, and many celebrated football nines in Europe are behind the web as a support, such as AC Milan support by Fininvest webs and Berlusconi ‘s media company, the Paris Saint Germain Club support by French overseas telegram telecasting web and GANAN. To the extent of infiltration, media and Sport has been linked inextricably with each other.

Win-win state of affairs in the athletics and media industry

In Western states, the athleticss industry originated in really early clip when it experienced several old ages development. The athleticss industry has become immense. The direction of athletics market is progressively mature and the athleticss industry in many states has become a pillar industry for their national economic system. In U.S, the athleticss industry is one of the most developed industries. In 1999, the athleticss industry end product value over the petrochemical, automotive and aerospace, primary metal and wood processing industry and other of import industrial sectors current end product in the same twelvemonth. It ranks 11th in the national economic system compared with other assorted sectors ( Cheng, 2000 ) ; In Italy, “football industry” is the chief organic structure in the athleticss industry. It has belonged to the list of 10 national pillar industries in the late 80s ; in the 20th century, the United Kingdom Sports industry end product value reached 70 billion lbs, besides exceeded their end product value of automotive industry and the baccy industry. The authorities obtained gross more than 2.4 billion lbs from the athleticss industry, it equivalent to the authorities appropriation financess five times. In 2001, the planetary athleticss industry end product value has reached an astonishing figure was 400 billion U.S. dollars.

In athleticss as an industry, there is no uncertainty that net income is the first thing. To acquire more economic benefits, athleticss have to pull more viewing audiences. Similarly, for the intent of cost-effectiveness of the media, the intelligence studies can be considered as an intermediate of their concern merchandises. As a affair of fact, this media merchandise direction will piece the audience and their ain pages or hours to sell them to advertizers, thereby, obtain more benefits from the gross. In here, this sale is called the audience ‘s attending resources. The industrialisation of athleticss and media, they has been put together by “ attending ” economic system, to coexist and thrive at the same time. Sport is deemed as the most of import beginning for the media, besides it can be said that media create the public market and the market returns are really indispensable support for the athletics. On the other manus, athletics requires roll uping popularity in itself, necessitating to adhering grade, whilst it needs to have one professional accomplishments and capablenesss of specialised industry. In add-on, it permits to hold impact on the media industry. Consequently, the cooperation between the media industry and the athleticss industry is a natural, logical, win-win cooperation perfect combination. This sort of “attention economy” discards the old simple relationship between coverage and being reported, close cooperation and common development in athletics and the media ( Yu, 2002 ) .

In recent old ages, it can be said that western states athleticss industry development about from the beginning has branded a deep grade on the media. If develop one athletics as an industry to, the first job is the available development money. While, the media for the athleticss industry development part was stemmed from the Switzerland World Cup in 1954. The 1954World Cup in Switzerland created the first clip telecasting broadcast medium for the World Cup football game. In position of the value of football, the game attracts some transnational companies ‘ engagement, such as Coca-Cola and Kodak. It stimulated this athletics — -football and the football in the media development towards turn to prosperity. After this athletics and media cooperation, The International Federation of Association Football ( FIFA ) has gained the current 200 counties members from the original six member states, meanwhile FIFA besides is the largest international federation.

In the early 1980s, the organisation of America National Basketball Association ( NBA ) still was a to a great extent indebted organisation and about closed down. But when Stern took office, he convened a group of experts in the field of jurisprudence and telecasting ; meanwhile he set up the telecasting and media communications section. This measure made NBA come in a successful and new epoch. In the terminal of 1980s, the NBA Television gross revenues have been accounted for more than 55 % of entire gross. In add-on, with each new contract signed with NBA, their gross could increase more than 50 % . On March 11th 2004, American Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC ) , ESPN Sports Television Network, America Online and Time Warner announced that they have jointly bought the telecasting rights of America Basketball League ( NBA ) in following four old ages. This entire contract value reached 2.64 billion U.S. dollars and it created a new record of NBA telecasting broadcast fees.

The Montreal Olympic Games in 1976 and the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 all lost every cent invested ; therefore it was announced that the theoretical account of authorities support to host the Olympic Games would halt. Up to 1984, Los Angeles was the lone command metropolis to host the Olympic Games. The American man of affairs Ueberroth did non use money from the authorities. He merely relied on 700 million U.S. dollars from rise funding. For this ground, the Los Angeles Olympic Games could be considered as single-handedly organized. More significantly, this game made 215 million U.S. dollars net net income in the terminal ( Kotler, 1993 ) . This sort of manner from single individual to patrons of the Olympic Game was called “Uederroth mode”in the farther old ages. In this manner, the Olympic telecasting broadcast rights had the most chances to derive net income from it. Harmonizing to China Daily, one popular foreign newspaper in China, the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) announced the National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ) spent 22 billion U.S. dollars to win the Television rights for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and 2012 Summer Olympic Game in the United States on June 6th in 2003. In 1995, the NBC spent 15 billion U.S. dollars to offer the telecasting broadcast rights for 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games in Italy and 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. The Moscow Olympics clasp in 1980, the Television gross was 87.9841 million U.S. dollars. The Television rights gross revenues, Television advertisement auction, and the income of commercial sponsorship all of these were take up more than 90 per centum of the Olympic Game ( Kotler, 1993 ) .

The common development infinite of athletics and the media

With the advancement of societal civilisation, athletics has become an indispensable portion of modern life. The relationships of media and athletics have been reached an unprecedented degree. Particularly in the field of telecasting, due to commercial packaging, it enhances the athleticss games amusement and extends the scope of athleticss audience that attracts more people who seldom or ne’er take part in athleticss. Under this background, the athletics regulating organic structures have to upgrade the issue of Television broadcast medium to a high grade of strategic development of athleticss.

Consequently, the athleticss media are developing continuously. In U.S, there are more than 1500 Television Stationss, about 12,000 local wireless athleticss plans by broadcast, and the athleticss programming audience who watching 179 hours in norm in a twelvemonth. Focus on print media, harmonizing to the information of SRDS market research house, in 1996 the United States more than 1,500 day-to-day and 7,500 hebdomadal newspapers, bulk of its have their athleticss pages. In add-on, there have 19 % of the entire figure of intelligence journalists for athleticss study. Particularly, the three major U.S. telecasting webs: American Broadcasting Company ( ABC ) , Columbia Broadcasting System ( CBS ) and National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ) for the competition, including the Olympic Games broadcast rights and other attention-grabbing conflict, at the same clip some lifting stars such as the Fox Broadcasting Company ( FOX ) , United Paramount Network ( UPN ) , Warner Brothers web ( WB ) and ESPN athleticss channel involved. In 1995, merely three European broadcast athleticss telecasting web now has more than 20 athleticss channels, they kept air the live of athleticss programmed and athleticss picture to 150 million overseas telegram channels and satellite families ( Samuelson, 1992 ) .


Regardless of the media industry or athleticss industry, its development are still merely get downing, its possible of development and net income borders are tremendous. Because of these, it attracts more eyes from investors to put the athletics and the media industry in the hereafter.

In China, the most obvious illustration is the Chinese Football League. In 2003, China Football League rubric sponsorship fee was touched 140 million kwai ( Jinghua Newspaper, 2003 ) . Furthermore, more and more domestic endeavors have invested in football and the sum of one-year money progressively. Shide is one celebrated Group in China, its investing in football more than 100 million in each twelvemonth. Meanwhile, China ‘s hoops, volleyball, table tennis, cheat and other athletics events are besides have been launched the operation of commercial nine system, this point pulling more investings. Therefore, both domestic and foreign research workers have described these two industries perfect combination is a dawn industry, and they confirmed that this industry will hold a chance development in the hereafter.

The athleticss and media are all built on the attending economic system and are called dawn industry. Not merely they have common platform for cooperation, but besides they own the same market for future development. As a consequence, whatever in footings of capital investing or see its ain development, it can depict as a “ matrimony made in Eden. ” Especially China ‘s successful command to host the 2008 Olympic Games ; it is a great chance to speed up the development of the whole Chinese athleticss media and athleticss industry.


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