Sport funding in the UK Essay Example
Sport funding in the UK Essay Example

Sport funding in the UK Essay Example

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  • Published: August 23, 2017
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SPORT Support


What is athletics? The Webster ( 2003 ) [ 1 ] dictionary offers a definition for athletics which defines it as ‘an athletic game or interest frequently competitory and affecting physical capability’ . Over the past few decennaries the athleticss industry has been dining as peculiar athleticss addition in popularity. Increases in new and improved media engineerings, has seen the fan base for assorted athleticss addition comparatively every bit good and many immense events such as FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, the PGA Championships and the Olympics become a athletics vacation for many dedicated fans – raking in immense grosss for athletics, athlete and state likewise ; hence a light nexus between the athleticss and the leisure industry ; in this study the term leisure Centre is used interchangeably with community societal and athleticss Centre. This study explores the assorted beginnings of support for athletics in Britain


and will looks at beginnings of support amongst three of the most popular countries in the United kingdom: Football, Tennis and Golf.

The purposes of this study are to:

  1. Identify the assorted beginnings of support for athletics in Britain
  2. Describe and explicate five of the beginnings of support
  3. To compare and contrast the assorted beginnings of support ; ( B ) To analyze the different beginning of support
  4. Explain how each beginning of support could impact the athleticss commissariats and the leisure Centre.

Beginnings of Support

Figure 1

Beginning: Harris B. , Mills R. and Parker-Bennett S. , ( p.25 )BTEC First Sport, Heinemann


By definition a sponsorship is ‘a concern relationship between a supplier of financess and an person, event, or organisation which offers in return some rights and association that may be used fo

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commercial advantage.’ [ 2 ]

Sponsorship sustains both athletics and featuring competition ; for illustration during the 1970s football’s popularity was worsening because it was deriving a repute as a athletics for bullies. Stairss were taken to efficaciously cut down this job and finally media coverage of football through wireless, newspapers and telecasting encouraged patrons to put in football one time more. Harmonizing to Harris ( 2004 ) [ 3 ] , the more popular a athletics is the more sponsorship it granaries and the media plays a critical function as such ; for illustration squash is a reasonably popular athletics chiefly amongst the well-off, nevertheless because of the nature of the athletics it does have extended media coverage, peculiarly on telecasting therefore it is hard to beg sponsorship for this athletics. On the other manus by default athleticss such as archery merely lack adequate popularity for telecasting and by extension are considered to be moneymaking investing trades for patrons.

Income from the mass media or advertisement

In 1991 the regulating organic structure for the leisure industry – the Department for Culture, Media and Sport ( DCMS ) – provided some ?47 million in support for athletics ; after a 10 twelvemonth period its support had merely increased by ?5 million lbs to ?52 million in 2002. In contrast support for broadcast advertisement and media had increased significantly from ?22 million to ?105 million at the terminal of the 10 twelvemonth period. That is an amazing ?83 million ; the size of this injection entirely shows the turning power and demand for media. [ 4 ]

Barker ( 2003 ) [ 5 ] explains that the media provides

income to clubs through modern engineerings such as big sing screens – so that nines can bear down fans to watch away games. For illustration Manchester United upkeeps its ain Television channel ; which besides has the added consequence of maintaining the fans interested in the nine. The there are moneymaking trades e.g. “The latest Sky trade to demo premiership football is deserving ?1 billion.” ( Harris, 2004 ) [ 6 ] ; which is rather a immense amount of money and great beginning of support for that peculiar athletics.

Advertising new and improved athleticss gear e.g. golf nines, tennis rackets and tickers catch the attending of buyers particularly when it can be affiliated with a favorite athletics or jock. During premiership football and more significantly the FIFA World Cup games many big companies pay top dollar to topographic point advertizements on alive boards around bowl – a major beginning of support for these tourneies. On air advertizements during athletics events or lucifers normally having popular jocks which play the athletics being aired and besides help to fund media broadcasts ; for illustration during Wimbledon, Canon a major patron of Maria Sharpova, pays for advertizements to air during the tourney having Maria, hence the benefits are two fold since she gets sponsorship and the athletics is funded via advertizements and aired on telecasting ; for fans worldwide.

Telephone and website entree to fit studies and latest tonss can besides gain money through user fees or corporate advertisement and so there are biographical books and articles about participants, which besides reap fiscal benefits.

National lottery

The National Lottery fund was started in 1994 and to day of the month

it has contributed over ?1.6 billion towards the humanistic disciplines, heritage and athletics. [ 7 ] Sporting administrations can use to the lottery for support, nevertheless there is a major challenge ingrained in it which is that the lottery uses a ‘match fund’ system therefore it merely provides ? for ? support.

The Big Lottery Fund

This fund was launched on 1 June 2004, and replaces and physiques on the best pattern of both the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund. Its purpose is to simplify support in those countries where the two organic structures presently overlap, and to guarantee Lottery support provides the best possible value for money. This will seek to go on to fund charities and the voluntary sector within wellness, instruction, the environment and athletics. This beginning of support will concentrate on community transmutation, from smaller grants at local degree through to large capital undertakings, intended to renew and revitalize communities [ 8 ] .

Its income comes from the same watercourse of funding presently available to the Community Fund and New Opportunities Fund: the sale of Lottery tickets. “Combined, this is 50 % of the returns for good causes, which the DCMS anticipates will be between ?600 and ?700 million a twelvemonth until 2009.” [ 9 ]


Grants are typically distributed by the local councils and possibly in the signifier of money or sort ; for illustration decreased costs of utilizing the council’s installations or fiscal distributions. The undermentioned lineation was sourced online. [ 10 ]

  • Typically local administrations, charities and voluntary groups can use covering a broad scope of countries including leisure and athleticss proviso. Applications should usually be based on a

petition for 25 % support. However, in exceeding fortunes, grants up to 50 % will be considered.

  • For undertakings with entire costs of up to ?15,000, applications can be made at anytime of the twelvemonth. Applicants will usually be notified of the result of their application within eight hebdomads.
  • For larger undertakings with entire costs over ?15,000, there is one command unit of ammunition each twelvemonth.
  • Increased charges-either by and large or specific

    Highbury Park was one time synonymous with Arsenal but shortly that will alter as the nine is scheduled to acquire a new place the ‘luxurious’ 60,000-seat Emirates Stadium, which carried a monetary value ticket of $ 725 million. In contingency this means that frequenters will be charged more. “For case, the bowl will have 150 executive boxes tailored for corporate invitees. Harmonizing to, each box will hold 10, 12 or 15 seats and will hold a private lift from the designated parking topographic point to the box. Each box will be available for 19 Premiership games every bit good as any Champions League, FA and League Cup lucifers. Monetary values start at $ 120,000, intending the nine will hold at least $ 18 million of gross from the executive boxes entirely: Highbury Park had 48 executive boxes.” ( Bueno, 2006 ) [ 11 ]

    Harmonizing to, general ticket monetary values will stay unchanged for the 2006-07 season – season tickets range approximately from $ 1,600 to $ 3,400.

    Fees charged are a instead important beginning of support as highlighted in thePerceiver[ 12 ] ; ‘Manchester United have sold out merely one of their three Premiership place games so far - and that was the derby

    with City. Charlton sold out against Chelsea merely by allowing their 18,000 season ticket-holders buy four excess seats for the lucifer, instead than the usual two, and dropping the monetary value from the old season 's ?45 to a more low-cost ?35.

    Trading – is the slang used to depict the procedure of marketing a club’s ‘kit and related merchandises for witnesss to buy’ ( Barker, 2003 ) [ 13 ] and Table 1 below illustrates how support is derived from this beginning.

    Sport goods

    Consumer outgo ( ? million )

    % of entire

    Sport vesture and footwear



    Sport equipment






    Sport related publications






    Sport services

    Health & A ; Fitness



    Participant Sports



    Spectator Sports



    Sport chancing



    Sport TV & A ; picture



    Sport-related travel



    Other athletics outgo









    Table 1

    Beginning: Barker R. , Saipe R. , Sutton L. , and Tucker L. , ( 2003, p.17 )BTEC National Sport, Heinemann

    Analysis of the different beginnings of support

    Sponsorship: This beginning of support is what provides basic care of nine operating expenses and athletic disbursals such as cogwheel and so on. However sometimes patrons neglect to equally administer financess within a peculiar athletics subject ; one such instance in point is that of the Nike-Tiger Woods sponsorship which is an estimated US $ 100 million ; although Tiger plays golf the money is awarded directly to Tiger but non towards the sweetening of immature golf players or the development of more golf classs. Therefore although big amounts of support are provided through sponsorship it is frequently designed for single addition instead than nine or community. This nevertheless is non to state that sponsorship can non be applied to a community or leisure Centre but corporate sponsorship for such installations are frequently hard to have as

    such subscribers prefer to patronize so as to market merchandises ; this is best achieved by supplying sponsorship that targets multiple communities. However the run-off of charitable contributions by jocks out of their sponsorship royalties to feature development might supply some support for the leisure centres.

    Income from the mass media: The media is what propels athletics and has added advantages such as sing fees and increased consciousness. It besides helps to upkeep jocks wages nevertheless there are disadvantages involved such as the high fees and predetermined veiwership e.g. involvement in golf has peaked since the coming of Tiger Woods but what happens one time Tiger retires? Will golf be able to gain the same sum of media funding and coverage or will at that place be a Lance Armstrong scenario where involvement falls off because ‘the game merely isn’t the same without him.’ Therefore a major failing of media coverage/ support is that the jocks are what increase entreaty such as Beckham – football, Tiger Woods – golf and Sharapova – tennis. This beginning of support would therefore non be recommended for a leisure Centre.

    The national lottery:

    “I worry that Lottery support of jocks puts them in a comfort zone. To acquire the support, the jocks have to accomplish certain times for each event. These are set at really good national criterion, but below the degrees required to really win decorations in international competitions. I fear that athletes set the Lottery times as their marks, and one time they have achieved that and secured support there is a natural inclination to draw back, cruise a small spot. It is great that the jocks can develop full-

    clip, and they have all improved, but I wonder if the hungriness is still there.” ( Jackson, 2004 ) [ 14 ]

    The lottery provides significant funding nevertheless as highlighted by Jackson ( 2004 ) The Lottery financess “leading jocks ' life costs, but they are taken out of groups excessively shortly, working non with a individual manager but different public presentation and proficient managers, who are n't every bit good distribute geographically as they were. The athletics has become overcomplicated and fragmented.” Therefore jocks do non develop in groups but on an single footing therefore he suggests group preparation, passing money chiefly on quality installations around the state, on developing better managers, and promoting more kids to acquire into sports. Therefore one time once more the lottery is better suited to funding athletics instead than leisure Centres.


    Case 1: The Coddenham societal and athleticss community centre [ 15 ]

    The Centre, was opened in February 2004, and achieved Sport England’s desire to acquire more of the occupants active in a installation that is used by immature and old throughout the twelvemonth. Sport England invested over ?425,000 of Lottery support towards the cost of the undertaking and the consequence is a single-court, multi purpose athleticss hall, altering installations, all-weather multi usage games country, a bowling viridity and a community room.


    • Classs have been offered in yoga, organic structure conditioning, line dance and Pilates Since it opened over 5,000 have used the installation assisting Sport England towards its mark of increasing engagement by 1 % a twelvemonth up to 2020.
    • New bowls, badminton and squash nines have been created
    • Coddenham ladies and young person football squads have been set up as a

    consequence of this installation

  • Classs have been offered in yoga, organic structure conditioning, line dance and Pilates
  • Case 2: East Anglia [ 16 ]

    More than 43 athleticss are catered for at the East Anglian Sports Park which can accommodate to suit any size of featuring event. National, regional, county every bit good as local meetings are on a regular basis staged at the Park which was developed with the assistance of a ?14.5m grant of Lottery support from Sport England.

    The athletics and leisure installations, which are easy accessible to the local community, include a brilliant hall with 12 badminton tribunals, a 50m preparation pool, mounting wall, five squash tribunals, fittingness Centre, aerobic exercises and dance studio, commission suites and offices, every bit good as a dedicated soldierly humanistic disciplines room. There is plentifulness of siting for witnesss and, with ample meeting suites, the athleticss park has offered 199 athleticss classs since it was opened three old ages ago.


    • 80 % of users come from the local community
    • Over 1.2 million people a twelvemonth use the athleticss park assisting Sport England towards its mark of increasing engagement by 1 % a twelvemonth up to 2020
    • The installation created 40 new occupations
    • There are over 30 managers runing at this installation
    • The ‘Fitness in Later Life’ programme provides regular activity for the over 50 age group
    • British under 17 and under 20 titles have been held at the installation

    Case 3: Fakenham [ 17 ]

    Since the improved Centre was opened in September 2004 over 24,000 visitants have taken advantage of its five-court athleticss hall, fittingness suite, multi-use games country, little and big ATP, clubroom and foundling hospital. The undertaking was carried out with the aid of

    a ?1.5m investing of Lottery financess from Sport England whose aims were to better bing installations and supply the local community with broad entree to athleticss and leisure chances.


    • Over 1,100 users are under 18 twelvemonth old males
    • 14 managers are working at the Centre
    • Under 18s benefit from 10 hours of training every hebdomad
    • Partnership have been developed with the Norfolk Sports Alliance and the Norfolk Badminton association

    In visible radiation of the success of these 3 instances it is easy to place grants as the most suited signifier of support for leisure Centres. Grants normally come from affluent persons and are frequently named after them and better suited to community/ leisure Centres because “they are more likely to fund one-off purchases or undertakings, and short and medium-term enterprises that could, one time established, pull longer-term support from elsewhere.” [ 18 ]

    Increased charges: Once more this beginning of support is better suited to funding jocks and nines than a community Centre because of its nature the term fees being associated with tickets and rank. However it can be implemented to a certain extent, for case, the leasing out of installations for spiritual or school athleticss and so on. The advantage of bear downing fees is the exclusivity which it provides but a chief disadvantage of it is the collusion and high monetary values which the oligopolies impose.


    This study has identified and evaluated the assorted beginnings of support associated with athletics and leisure in Britain and how they are accessed and used by its helpers. Beginnings of support identified included ; advertisement at the Centre or land, charges to utilize /hire installations or services, the National Lottery, athleticss betting, grants,

    contributions, bank loans etc. , rank fees, sponsorship, admittance fees, ticket fees, selling, and income from telecasting and so on. A critical probe showed that the best support for community Centres was viagrants.The advantages and disadvantages of the assorted beginnings were explained and analysed and recommendations were instructively based on such. In the words of Sport England [ 19 ] ``The multi-sport hub construct has proven to be one of the most effectual agencies to convey athletics and physical activity straight into communities. This new attack focuses on the development of community hubs that combine multiple athleticss and activities and besides have the possible to convey wellness, societal public assistance and educational services together under one roof... developing a web of multi-sport hubs across the state to hike the figure of people actively engaged in athletics. ''

    The purposes of this study were clear: place the assorted beginnings of support for athletics in Britain ; describe and explicate five of the beginnings of support ; comparison and contrast the assorted beginnings of support ; ( B ) to analyze the different beginning of support and ; explicate how each beginning of support could impact the athleticss commissariats and the leisure Centre. These purposes were successfully addressed and it is to this terminal that the burden now lies with the reader for future usage.

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