The Lord Of Obstacles Theology Religion Essay Example
The Lord Of Obstacles Theology Religion Essay Example

The Lord Of Obstacles Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 19, 2017
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When I told visitants that I need to compose a paper for my school about everyone was willing to portion their narratives and they showed regard towards me. Priest was happy to speak to me and spent an hr with me to give circuit to the temple before the Ganesh Chaturthi festival began in the temple. He was explicating me with inside informations about the history of Lord Ganesh and the importance of the Ganesha Chaturthi and how it is performed.

Harmonizing to priest of the temple Lord Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles what it means by offering supplication in the name of Lord Ganesha all the darkness and obstructions will be removed and life will be full of harmoniousness, success, and prosperity. Lord Ganesha shows us the visible radiation to accomplish felicity, success in our mundane lif


e. Lord Ganesha is the boy of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha has four custodies and it is elephant- headed. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before get downing any auspicious work such as puting in a concern, purchasing a new house. Many Hindu people recite Lord Ganesha 's name before get downing any auspicious work, in order to accomplish success in it.

As I was walking to the temple and speaking to the priest I was surprised to see many different types of graven images with different names, images, and so many different supplications. The ornament of statues was beautiful. I got all the information that I wanted to cognize from priest and I gathered all the information into a piece of authorship. My neighbour was assisting me to understand the construct of Hindu supplication, rites. As my

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neighbour told me Lord Ganesha was originated from the clay of Goddess Parvati 's Body. Lord Ganesha was asked to guard the house while Goddess Parvati was taking bath. Lord Ganesha followed Goddess Parvati 's direction and did n't allow Lord Shiva to come in her house when Lord Shiva wanted to see Goddess Parvati while she was taking bath. Lord Shiva became angry and be headed Lord Ganesha but after he heard the truth from Goddess Parvati he Lord Ganesha became the elephant headed image which 1000s of Hindu followings worship today.

Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most of import Hindu festivals around the universe. Hindu followings profoundly respect this festival as an auspicious rite. It is the twenty-four hours on which Lord Ganesha, the boy of Lord Shiva and Parvati was born. The twenty-four hours is marked by the auspicious birth of one of the most of import Hindu God. Harmonizing to the Hindu calendar it is celebrated on the month of Bhadrapaada.

The festival can last for 10 yearss. Followings sing vocal, offer Sweets after supplication, and distribute flowers and Sweets to friends and relations. Make a religious connexion with Lord Ganesha by declaiming supplications at place and in temple. Followings decorate temple and at place they decorate mandir which is a worship topographic point at their house. Ganesha pooja will be merely done when all the household members are present and worship together. Particularly some rigorous Hindu followings do Ganesha pooja at the midday. In order to make Ganesha pooja at place it needs to be clean and decorated with flowers, incense sticks, sandalwood paste, homemade Sweets, coconut, and graven image Of

Lord Ganesha. Before supplication all the household members has to take bath and wear new apparels and do a secret want in order to carry through the pooja supplication.

In the temples, particular puja was conducted by priest. The fans would offer Sweet to the divinity. The temple was filled with the sacred supplication and reading from Holy Geeta. The purpose is to seek approval from Lord Ganesha and do their bosom filled with joy and felicity.

When people are on a fast on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, they may choose for either the nirjal vrat ( which is arid fast ) or phalahar vrat ( a strict vegetarian diet ) . As a general belief the fans who had observed fasting on the festival are allowed to devour Sweets along with tea and java and other delightful bites. In order to remain concentrated, the fans would declaim particular supplications for Lord Ganesha. While I was speaking to the visitants in the temple I asked every bit many as people I could approximately Ganesh Chaturthi and their belief? For many Ganesha followings they believe that if one observes fast on Ganesha Chaturthi with earnestness, pureness which means clean bosom that individual or followings would be blessed with wellness, wealth and prosperity. All followings were devoted with supplication, reading holy book and have deep regard following their ancient tradition of observing this fantastic and valuable clip witheir households, friends, relations.

There are so many inquiries I have asked to so many different believers who had deep religion in their Lord Ganesha and I have discovered the one secret that is true for all the sincere followings that is

everyone kept in their head and bosom that Lord Ganesha will take all obstruction from their life and will lavish the approval for prosperity and felicity that will go on with their coevals. When any hard state of affairs arise they think of Lord Ganesha and recite supplications in order to take any troubles from their manner.

Lord Ganesha remains one of the most favourite and power God in Hindu faith. It teaches them how to get the better of obstructions in any state of affairs and reminds them to retrieve Lord Ganesha in evey auspicious minute when they celebrate in their life. It is interesting when my neighbour told me she retrieve Lord Ganesha when she had an accident twosome a twelvemonth ago and she still remembers that she was have oning A Lord Ganesha 's pendent and had a strong belief that while she was enrapturing mantras Lord Ganesha saved her life and she said she came place and offer a supplication and distributed Sweets in the temple. As my neighbour said, Lord Ganesha brought peace, felicity, prosperity, and good wellness in her life and she celebrates every twelvemonth Lord Ganesha Chaturthi.

It was a fantastic experience for me to vist the temple. Hinduism is an oldest faith. It is rich in civilization, heritage, have many God and Goddess. It was a knowing event and I am really interested to larn about different civilization, different faith this was a great chance for me to research one of the biggest and favourite jubilation in Hindu festival. I was grateful to the temple priest and all the fans who shared their narratives to me. Everyone was helpful,

spiritual, and knowing. I was surprised that I had a warm welcome in the temple and I felt a deeper connexion to the people around me. Most of the people were really sort sufficiency to portion some clip with me and that gave me a broader thought of composing this paper in a manner that I can show my ideas, emotions, feelings in a colourful manner. I am happy that my neighbour accompanied me and shared fantastic experience with me.

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