The Lesson by Tony Cade Bambara Essay Example
The Lesson by Tony Cade Bambara Essay Example

The Lesson by Tony Cade Bambara Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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We all learn otherwise. We can larn from books. from other’s life. We can besides larn the difficult manner and easy manner. Either manner. acquisition can be painful for all of us. Particularly for kids who have to see the existent life around them. The short narrative “The Lesson” by Toni Carde Bambara. shows seven hapless kids who experience where they are a degree of economic system the difficult manner. Even though it hurts for the seven kids to coerce the lesson down their pharynxs. such lesson become the lesson that is necessary and valuable for them to alter their life in the hereafter. Bambara’s short narrative “The Lesson. starts out with seven kids: Sylvia. Sugar. Junebug. Fat Butt. Mercedes. Rosie Girrafe. Flyboy. who live in a hapless vicinity. Sylvia is the chief character in the narrative. from the manner she speaks in the narrative ; she is an uneducated kid. same as the other six kids who are with her at the clip. Miss Moore is the educated adult female in Sylvia’s vicinity with the college grade. Miss Moore normally calls all the kids to larn some information. such as arithmetic. money and other educated information. None of the kids enjoy Miss Moore’s talk when Miss Moore gathers them up at the letter box.

After the talk. Miss Moore decided to convey the kids to the expensive plaything shop called F. A. O Schwartz. All kids are stunned at the expensive plaything. particularly Sylvia. Not merely Sylvia is amazed. but


besides angry and ashamed at the same clip. but non certain where she should show her choler to. Sylvia learns the difficult manner what sort of economic place she is in. From that lesson. she learns a manner to do herself work hard to vie and last in her economic life. The symbolism in “The Lesson” starts out with the letter box that the kids gather around with. Before Miss Moore takes them out to see a plaything shop called F. A. O Schwartz. all of the kids. Sylvia. Sugar. Mercedes. Junebug. Fat Butt. Q. T. Flyboy. and Rosie Giraffe come together at the letter box to larn a lesson from Miss Moore. A letter box is a box where a mail can be sent or received. The kids can be seen as the mail ready to be sent out to larn some new cognition about life. Another symbol is the plaything that the kids observe while they are at the plaything shop. One of the plaything is a sailing boat. Sailboat is used to convey people out to the sea to go or larn new experiences. The
Sailboat represents the kids being sent out to detect new experiences about life. Another plaything that the kids observe is the microscope. Microscope is used to see unseeable bacteriums. The microscope represents some sort of reminder for the kids to see their existent life and what sort of economic place they are in.

Another symbolism is the clown plaything that Sylvia admired. The plaything is a clown which can be represent as a gag to Sylvia. The buffoon costs $ 35. which is expensiv

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for Sylvia at the clip. She imagined how many nutrients and place contraption can her household bargain with that $ 35. The clown represent as a gag and a reminder at the same clip to Sylvia economics’ place. Each character is represented otherwise in the narrative. In add-on. the kids besides respond otherwise to the playthings that they have been seeing. The chief character. Sylvia. is the character who is obstinate and bad mannered. However. she can besides be the clever 1 because she stole four dollars from Miss Moore’s cab alteration. Even though Sylvia complain and knock Miss Moore. in her head. she realizes that she really learn a valuable lesson after her visits to F. A. O Schwartz. merely she does non desire to show it to Miss Moore. In the terminal of the narrative. Sylvia references at the terminal “…ain’t cipher gon na crush me at nothin. ” Sylvia knows that deep in her head. she needs to work harder in order to vie against other people who are above her economic degree. From the manner Sylvia is angry at the shop. it is clear that it is non easy for Sylvia to see where she is economically. Even though the lesson that Miss Moore gives can be a pang in the bosom for Sylvia and the other kids. the lesson becomes to be the valuable 1 for them because they will retrieve to work harder and alter their life. In page 2001. Miss Moore gives a talk about money and how hapless they are. Sylvia. on the other manus. seems to differ on that because she is seeking to talk and speak back to Miss Moore until the cab came.

The kids do non look to react really good to Miss Moore’s lectures. However. they respond and understand the lesson better after they experience the world of where they are economically. The children’s characters show that even though larning a lesson can be a hurting for kids. it is still of import for them to larn. When the kids complain about non being able to purchase the plaything. the ailments show that they are in different degree of economic system. Mercedes seems to be the lone 1s with positive ideas. For illustration. in page 2002. when they talked about paperweight. Mercedes is the lone 1 who mentions that she has letter paper and a desk. while the others say that they do non even have a desk to put a paperweight with. Besides in page 2004. Mercedes is pushes out of the group when she said she will travel back to the shop when she has the money. In add-on. Flyboy seems the be to most hapless kid in the group because he mentions he does non hold a place ( 2002 ) . The group. nevertheless. make non look to prefer the 1s who is excessively rich or excessively hapless. For illustration. Sylvia says that the white people merely want to experience sorry for Flyboy when he mentions he does non hold a place. The group besides pushes Mercedes out of the circle because she is

the 1 who has plenty. This show the kids started to be able to spot the different degree of economic system. and get down to see how unjust their life is in a democracy state.

From “The Lesson. ” we can see how difficult. yet of import it is for kids to larn existent life experiences. Bambara uses the kids characters because they are the 1s who have more opportunities to alter to manner economic system works in the hereafter. Even though it hurts for kids to see where they are economically. particularly the hapless 1s. by giving them a lesson. they will retrieve and larn what they must make to alter their life.