A Lesson Before Dying Essay Example
A Lesson Before Dying Essay Example

A Lesson Before Dying Essay Example

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  • Published: May 31, 2018
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A Lesson Before Dying shows what it is like to accept what s given to you and how to make something great out of it. This book takes place in a small community in the rural South during the 1940. There is a trial for the murder of a white store attendant and Jefferson, a poor lay educated black man, is being accused of it. His appointed attorney tries to spare Jeffery one's life from the death penalty.

His attorney states, "Gentlemen of the jury, be mercies LU. For God's sake, be merciful. He is innocent of all charges brought against him. But let us say he was not. Let us for a moment say he was not. What justice would there be to take this life? Justice, gentlemen? Wh


y, would just as soon put a hog in the electric chaw IR as this." (p. 8). This statement upsets Jefferson by saying he is no more aware of the is tuition than an animal that is about to be slaughtered. Jefferson began to believe he was n thing more than a hog and that he would show them just what a hog is. Jefferson has difficult overcoming his options to either be an Old hog or t o take this as a way to learn a lesson, "I'm an old hog just an old hog they fattening up to kill for Christmas. I'm goon show you how a old hog eat" (p.83). At this point, Jefferson hen kneels down on the floor, places his head in the bag. While eating, he makes n sees similar to that of a hog. He must learn that he

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is not a hog before his exegesis n and ultimately become the hog they have made him out to be.

He intends to prop e to everyone that he is nothing more than just what they claim he is. Throughout the book, Jefferson, with Grant's help, begins to change his view. Grant is a black teach r who is usually looked down to, He starts to see himself as a man; he begins actually t liking to Grant.

Jefferson begins to write in a journal that Grant gave him. In the journal l, he explains his feelings and Views. After he accepted his upcoming death, Jeffery on goes to his execution as a man, with his head held high.

Jefferson found hope in every thing that was trying to bring him down. Jefferson finally realized that he was more than a hog and that he did not want to die as one. Jefferson did not die as a hog he had every opportunity to give up and just give the people what they wanted, but Jefferson learned the e lesson about being happy before he was sent to the electric chair.

Jefferson chose to die as a man. In the end, as Paul, the guard, says, "He was the strongest man in that cry owed room." (p. 253) Jefferson achieves just what Ms. Emma wanted him to achieve. Jefferson is not the only one who had to find hope in something he had n o control over. Grant Wiggins is a black school teacher. He's mad, bitter, and disgusted by the prejudice brought about by the white men.

Miss Emma, Grant's aunt, is outran geed by the statement

from the defense attorney. She knows, in her heart, that her boy is not a hog, so she begs and asks if Grant can help her make Jefferson into a man. Emma says, " I need you speak for me, Mr.Henry I want the teacher visit my boy. I want the teach r make him know he' not a hog, he's a man. Want him know that fore he go to that chair, Mr. Henry." (p. 21)

Grant's understanding of the title is that it is his responsibility to teach J offers how to be a man. Early on he states, "They want me to make him a man before e he dies. " (p.31). Grant is in a conflict because he is unsure of how a man should live, let alone die. He knows that whatever he does will not affect the fact that Jefferson will be e execute. He is worried about the way the community views him. They see him as a teach her with the ability to do just that, but what if he is not able to do that.

What if he fails t o teach Jefferson how to die? Then where does that leave him? Grant unexpectedly helped Jefferson, but he also was teaching himself a lesson at the same time. He is still withdrawn and filled with prejudice, and he is afraid, to the very end, to show even the slightest emotion. He refuses to go to the execution. Eve en while thinking about it, he denies himself tears for his dear friend Jefferson.

As he s says, "I felt like crying, but I refused to cry. No, I would not

cry. There were too many moor e that would end up as he did. I could not cry for all of them, could I? " (p.249). The Mathew heart wrenching recall of Pall's events of the execution lifted him up. As Paul said, "You're one great teacher, Grant Wiggins. " Grant responded "I'm not great. L' m not even a teacher. " (p.254) The statement of a job well done by Paul, a white man, who c insider himself a friend of Grant', helped Grant grown. Even though he is still withdraw Win and angry, Grant has learned to love something other than himself. Grant overcome mess something so big, he was able to learn through teaching Jefferson.

Grant was faced with something he could not change, Jefferson being executed, and made something Eng great out of it. He did not realize it at the time, but he did not only make Jefferson into a man, but he made himself into a better man. Grant learned also became a better teach ere that day, he stopped worrying about how he is one of the only black teachers around and he focused on his love for teaching. E has let go of much of the cynicism that has held hi m back, and he has started on a path that would have never been possible without Jew Fresno.

Trying to figure out what the title means to me is difficult, as only cert. in themes appear to show. Overlooking the patterns that recur brings me to believe that the title is a very complex one. I see A Lesson Before Dying as a metaphor for the

trials an d tribulations brought about through prejudice. View it as an illustration that s omitting as tragic as a wrongful execution is the only way that people can see what it take to realize that, no matter what, you can always find hope and a reason to smile no matt rather race or level of intelligence a man has.

Most importantly a man is not an animal. That power and influence ultimately no contractions.What matters is trying your best to find out what matters in life to you fragment. The best way to have a happy life is to do ha twill ultimately make you happy with yourself in the end. My interpretation of the e title, A Lesson Before Dying, is not a long or in depth one. What you are to learn, how ever, IS quite different for everyone. What feel is that the lesson is to prepare yours If to die, to be ready for it all to end and most importantly, when it does it you should be proud of yourself.

What lesson could you learn to be ready to die? What would prepare anyone for such a thing? A Lesson Before Dying tells a story of how important it is to find hope and pride in anything you do. Jefferson was faced with a big obstacle. Jefferson was left to hog and instead of letting that get to him he learned from it and died as a ma n. You cannot always change the way people think of you, but you can change the w ay you view ourselves. Jefferson learned to face the fact that some people may

view him as a hog, but he learned that he does not have to view himself the same way.

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