The Importance of Work Essay Example
The Importance of Work Essay Example

The Importance of Work Essay Example

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  • Published: September 12, 2017
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Harmonizing to Friedan work forces and adult females need work that satisfies their creativeness and contributes to human society. Harmonizing to Mrs. Olive Schreiner. “if adult females did non win back their right to a full portion of honored and utile work. women’s head and musculus would weaken in a parasitic province ; her progeny. male and female would weaken increasingly. and civilisation itself would deteriorate. ” I agree with this statement. I think that the work moral principle of my coevals and younger is influenced by our parents. and if they do non demo a desire to work. their kids will non lend to society. If a female parent does non work hard. whether her occupation is a stay- at- place female parent or non. if she does non demo


any work ethic. her kids will look up to her and follow in her footfalls. and finally “civilization itself would deteriorate.

” I do non hold with Friedan’s deduction that making work is the lone manner to make a meaningful life. There are many ways to make a meaningful life ; work should non be the most of import. Work is of import. money is of import. and both can convey good things into your life. Work should non be your chief precedence in life nor should it be the significance of your life. There are far more of import things in life than work. Work is merely the ground you should be able to afford those things that are meaningful to you. In my eyes. we need to work to back up our household and to do certain all their demands are met. t

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take attention of other household members or friends when they need the aid. and to be able to pay to make activities and such when you want. What should convey intending to your life. in my sentiment. is God. household. friends and your avocations. Work is merely the ground we can do those things work and do it by.

Friedan believes that “women every bit good as work forces. can merely happen their individuality in work that uses their full capacities. A adult female can non happen her individuality through others-her hubby. her kids. She can non happen it in the dull modus operandi of housework… The feminine mystique order merely such a life decease for adult females. Faced with the slow decease of ego. the American adult female must get down to take her life earnestly. ” ( Friedan 10 ) I do non hold with this statement. A adult female can happen her individuality through her hubby or her kids if she enjoys being a female parent and a married woman and takes pride in it. Certain. housekeeping can be dull at times. but so can any sort of work if you make it dull. You have to do the best out of what you’re given.

Friedan states that “only by such a personal committedness to the hereafter can American adult females break out of the homemaker trap and genuinely happen fulfillment as married womans and mothers- by carry throughing their ain alone possibilities as separate human existences. ” ( Friedan 13 ) I believe a adult female can happen fulfillment by concentrating on domestic undertakings such as child-rearing because they can be at that

place for their kids whenever they need them. watch them turn and raise them to be a positive influence on society. It’s a woman’s pick to raise kids. and if that’s what they decide they want to make so they are carry throughing their dream as a female parent.

Raising kids is a occupation. you have to learn them how to utilize the bathroom. eat. walk. feed them. take them to patterns. assist them with prep. purchase and wash apparels. learn them manners and all kinds of other different undertakings. Once your kids get older and are able to make things on their ain so I would believe a female parent would happen fulfilment that they raised a human being every bit best as they could and learn them how to be independent.

Friedan claims that “if adult females do non set away. eventually. that attempt to go all that they have it in them to go. they will give up their ain humanity. A adult female today who has no end. no aspiration sprinkling her yearss into the hereafter. doing her stretch and turn beyond that little mark of old ages in which her organic structure can make full its biological map. is perpetrating a sort of self-destruction. ” ( Friedan 12 ) I agree with this statement because if you are non populating your life to its full potency and for all your worth. you’ve wasted your life. If you chose to be a stay-at-home female parent so put all your attempt into it. make non allow it do your life dull and drilling. do the most out of it.

If you have no end or

aspiration to raise the best childs that you can. and you dread remaining at place being a homemaker so I agree that you are perpetrating self-destruction because being a stay-at- place female parent isn’t for you. I think it’s really of import for people to work and do something out of them. I want to work to populate non unrecorded to work. Cipher should allow work command their lives. And if you are a stay- at- place female parent I do non believe there is a individual thing incorrect with that. You can hold a fulfilling life being a homemaker if you work difficult and bask it.

In decision. I believe everyone should work hard and demo good work ethic whether you’re a stay-at- place female parent or non in order be an influence on others. There are many ways to make a meaningful life. work is non the lone manner. If you live to work. so you’re losing out on what’s truly of import in life. In my sentiment. what should make a fulfilment in your life is God. household and friends. Everyone should work to populate. make non do work your figure one precedence in life.

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