The Evolution of Marketing in Social Commerce

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Among those various marketing approaches, it is a necessity to search for the most effective way to suit different commercial demands pacifically; this one might be social media, an appropriate way to satisfy the need of modern commerce.

Obviously, there is a tight link between marketing and social media since they have interactive impacts. Social media could supply the efficient and effective platform to marketing operation; while via marketing, social media could get wider developing scope and space.

However, with different media, previous marketing and nowadays have certain differences, so this essay will argue that marketing strategies have changed dramatically in social commerce via the modern platform of social Edie, such as Backbone and Youth. Firstly, the explanation of social commerce will be given. Secondly, the significance of marketing in social commerce will be discussed. Finally, the comparison between the traditional form and the present form of marketing will be illustrated.

What is social commerce? Social commerce is shopping-oriented on the internet, and it is the evolution and maturation of social media when it comes to meet shopping (Hide Cohen, 2013). It is of importance towards the contemporary commercial trades. In terms of social commerce, Cohen, an actionable marketing expert, ivies 19 definitions by a variety of social media and commerce experts in her recent article.

According to Bearable (201 1), Qualms (201 1) and Wisped (2005), social commerce is a subset of e-commerce which can enhance the online shopping experience and makes online shopping much easier and more convenient by integrating social media; while other experts define it as an act of customers to communicate with those who have the similar interests, passions and needs, share their shopping experiences and recommend to the other potential consumers, especially for Sophocles. (Barrier, Carton, Danielson et al. 2011).

From these definitions, in my perspective, it can be concluded that social commerce is an activity Of e- commerce, which facilitates the online shopping and realizes the communication between various consumers with similar buying interests through social media platform. Social commerce not only changes the traditional way of purchasing goods, but also brings forth tremendous convenience and creates profitable conversations. This can be exemplified by the fact that a shopping website named Test has achieved a significant development in a very short period due to its peer-to-peer selling pattern.

Many Test sellers have succeeded dramatically through online conversations with buyers without any outside advertising (Took, 2013). Owing to the necessity and importance of social commerce, it is the mainstream for commercial trades at present. We should first well understand it, and second get familiar with it to keep pace with this trend.

;The significance of marketing in social commerce As we know social commerce is the mainstream, and to get the maximum profit from social commerce, it is necessary to be aware of the conception and significance of the indispensable strategy of marketing.

First, “marketing is the set of activities businesses engage in to sell their goods and services. ” (Walker, 2013). More specific, marketing is a commercial process which includes advertising, shipping, storing, and selling products or services (Dictionary. Com).

In terms of marketing strategy, it is the basic factor of a marketing plan because it has an overall view on the whole process and supplies the proper approach to reach the prospective goal. Second, marketing is essential to social commerce.

Although some shopping websites do not advertise outside of their home sites, it is still more beneficial to reducers or sellers to have an appropriate marketing plan. For instance, a seller can advertise his/her products in Twitter, and in tweets, the interested users will express opinions about, search for and provide relevant information on the brand (Smith et al. , 2012).

Hence, through much publicity of tons of Twitter users, the product awareness can get great enhancement, and people who want to buy it can get the message from this way; besides, this process is truly effective and cost-saving even for free.

Thus, it is undeniable that marketing plays a key role in social commerce nowadays, and t brings benefits for both consumers and businessmen. ;The comparison between the traditional form and the present form of marketing in social commerce Marketing has had a significant influence on social commerce for a long time. However, there are obvious differences between the traditional form (the earlier form) and the modern form (the present form) of marketing.

In the previous time, the marketing form is mainly based on the traditional media, such as advertising on newspapers and magazines and distributing flyers by post and by leafleted.

Typically, the size Of the advertisement and he medium in which the advertising is printed are the payment standard of traditional ways (Lavishly, 2013). Lavishly also declares that traditional methods, for example, newspapers, are stable and steady media in which companies can trust. However, these traditional media platforms are both cost-consuming and time-consuming in commercial trades, and even echo- unfriendly to our sustainable development because of the large amount use of papers. On the contrary, the modern form of marketing is much superior.

At present, modern marketing has various approaches to attract customers IA the internet media.

This includes sending e-mails to potential clients’ mailboxes, applying banner ads on website and providing shoppers with tools to interact with content, such as blobs and recommendations. According to McDermott (2011 “the new marketing channels have opened up fresh and interesting ways of communicating with your target audience. ” An example can be given to support this idea. Group, a company for group discount services, is investing a lot in Backbone advertisements and gets great attention from the users who are interested in this site.

Most of the trades re done just by chatting and recommending mutually via Backbone (Smith et al. , 2012; Took, 2013).

Thus, social media is a truly convenient platform for modern marketing, and the marketing form in social commerce is developing and more beneficial than the previous one. In conclusion, on the basis of these arguments, the evolution of marketing in social commerce by contemporary social media is in an upward trend, and the marketing form now is becoming increasingly better.

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