The Customer Satisfaction In The Airlines Industry Tourism Essay Example
The Customer Satisfaction In The Airlines Industry Tourism Essay Example

The Customer Satisfaction In The Airlines Industry Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 3, 2017
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The main objective of this chapter is to revisit the theories and previous research papers that primarily focus on assessing customer satisfaction in the airlines industry. Shaw, S. (2004) defines "consumers" as individuals who actually travel, and he clarifies their preferences and requirements for flights.

Sellers in the airline industry typically prioritize customer care. However, it is not always customers who make crucial decisions. According to marketing theories, these decision-makers are known as "Customers". Furthermore, there are three specific customer decisions that necessitate analysis, with a special emphasis on business travelers.

During times of economic recession, households often try to minimize the impact by reducing spending. One area where they cut costs is travel expenses. Instead of going on business trips, many households choose alternative methods such as phone calls, video-conferencing, or email communication


. When it comes to air tickets, travelers have various options with different services and prices. These options include First Class (commonly used for long-haul flights), Business Class, Economy Class, or Coach Class. Additionally, business travelers usually do not have control over the decision-making process when purchasing tickets.

Most houses have a travel policy where senior executives can take First Class, those in the middle rank can take Business Class, and junior employees have to settle for Economy Class. Interestingly, during recessive periods, houses have to downgrade their travel policy to save money, resulting in the elimination of First Class and Business Class travel. The choice of the airline is clearly important. In leisure air travel, many airlines sell blocks of seats to tour operators and travel agencies, giving individual travelers little say in which airline they fly with.

In the past, travel companies started t

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centralize travel purchasing during the 1990s to access discounted prices from airlines. This led to limited options for individual travelers, even if they were not required to use a specific airline. Ultimately, the choice of airline still depends on the individual traveler and the airline's schedule. If the airline's schedule is suitable, passengers will choose to fly with that airline.

The comprehensive definition of client satisfaction, as described by Oliver (1997), is the consumer's judgment of fulfillment regarding a product or service, based on the level of enjoyable consumption-related fulfillment it provides, including the level of under or over fulfillment. In today's highly competitive airline industry, the degree of client satisfaction has become increasingly important. This includes various services related to the airline industry, such as satisfaction with online check-in service, ground handling service, and the quality of food on board. The factor of client satisfaction plays a major role in the airline industry and directly impacts the profitability of an airline company.

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