Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example
Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example

Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example

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  • Published: August 14, 2017
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Throughout my school old ages, I have frequently heard the words 'multicultural ' and 'diverse ' to depict Australia. I knew the construct of it and ab initio believed that everyone would be more than happy to belong in a society -- in peculiar, Australia 's -- where the cultural diverseness high spots Australia 's alone individuality as a state. Recently nevertheless, the onslaughts on Indian pupils in Sydney and Melbourne has made me reflect over Australia and it 's multicultural label. This has incited me to take multiculturalism as a subject that would be both of great involvement to me and at the same clip, is a subject extremely relevant in Australian society.

My personal contemplation would be a plausible and extremely relevant signifier of research as my position can be contrasted against the positions of other people sing multiculturalism ; one of the purposes of my research.. A close-ended questionnaire would be the most effectual manner to estimate a figure of general attitudes from respondents, the consequences of which can be used for farther comparing or contrast with other research findings. The questionnaire will be conducted in the South-Western Sydney part as my research requires me to concentrate on a specific country and may perchance let me to show those findings as similar across the remainder of Australia. The use of statistical analysis as it would be a simple manner to show my findings and behavior farther analysis if needed.

Multiculturalism establishes the acknowledgment of the diverse linguistic communication and civilization of Australian society and is a term many Australians proudly


pin to the individuality of Australia. However, it is besides a term used in many arguments over whether it really benefits or is destructive to society therefore is a important construct that will be farther explored through my research. Society-in peculiar, Australian society, will be the focal point of the findings and analysis of my research as I attempt to detect what multiculturalism means to people which is a significant intent for my research. Cultural diverseness is besides related to multiculturalism in that it refers to a society constructed by a figure of civilizations.

In that sense, civilization is besides relevant in my research as this is what the foundation of many positions I will garner in my research, will be based upon. Identity will besides play a portion in my probe as I aim to delve further in respects to the Australian individuality, which multiculturalism is perchance a portion of.

The cross-cultural position I have decided to compare is ethnicity. The term 'ethnicity ' has a assortment of definitions but in this context, I be specifically concentrating on comparing positions between people of Anglo-Australian background to those who are non from an Anglo-Australian beginning. Comparing these two positions will let me to happen - if any-possible differences or similarities in positions sing multiculturalism which would enable me to reflect on the grounds for these positions and contrast them with my ain.

A figure of ethical issues may originate during the procedure of my research. Respondents in my questionnaire may happen some inquiries of a extremely personal nature as my research is

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mostly based on these positions. The confidentiality of respondents will besides be a cardinal factor, one in which I will take to guarantee.

The procedure of this undertaking will hopefully ensue in doing me a more socially and culturally literate individual as I would hold a assortment of positions similar or dissimilar to my ain in relation to a important subject in society, that of multiculturalism. The application a figure of research methodological analysiss will besides implement the legimiticy of my findings and accordingly, better my research accomplishments.

As a Vietnamese-Australian pupil from a South-Western Sydney school and holding contact on a day-to-day footing with pupils from assorted cultural backgrounds, I believe multiculturalism has benefited society. From Harmony Day jubilations at school to interchanging nutrient with my Lebanese neighbors, it seems clear to me that multiculturalism is critical to promote understanding and credence between people of different backgrounds.