Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example
Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example

Multiculturalism Benefits the Whole Society Essay Example

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  • Published: August 14, 2017
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Throughout my education, I often heard Australia being described as 'multicultural' and 'diverse'. At first, I embraced the idea that people would be proud to belong to a country like Australia where cultural diversity is emphasized and adds to the nation's distinct identity. However, the recent assaults on Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne have led me to reassess Australia's reputation for multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is a topic that greatly interests me and is highly relevant in Australian society. I believe that conducting personal reflection on this subject would be valuable research, as it allows for comparing different perspectives. To gain a broader understanding of general attitudes, I think using a close-ended questionnaire would be the most effective method. The results from this survey could then be compared or contrasted with other research findings. By conducting the questionnaire in South-Western Sydney, which is


my specific focus area, there may be findings that can be applied nationwide. If needed, statistical analysis would be an easy way to present and analyze my findings.

Multiculturalism in Australia refers to the recognition and celebration of the diverse language and culture present in society. Australians proudly associate this term with their country's identity. However, ongoing debates question whether multiculturalism truly benefits or harms society, making it a significant concept for my research. My study will focus on Australian society, aiming to explore what multiculturalism means to individuals and its importance in their lives. Additionally, cultural diversity is closely related to multiculturalism as it involves a society composed of multiple cultures.

My research explores the significance of civilization as a foundational element for various perspectives. It also delves into identity and multiculturalism, specifically within the

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Australian context. A particular focus is on comparing individuals from an Anglo-Australian background to those from other backgrounds, aiming to identify differences or similarities in their views on multiculturalism. This analysis allows for reflection on the reasons behind these perspectives and facilitates comparison with my own viewpoint. Throughout this research, ethical issues may arise.

My questionnaire may involve personal inquiries as my research focuses on these positions. Keeping respondents' information confidential is essential and something I will prioritize. The goal of this project is to broaden my social and cultural understanding by gathering a variety of perspectives, both similar and different from my own, on the topic of multiculturalism in society. To enhance the credibility of my findings and improve my research skills, I plan to use various research methodologies. As a Vietnamese-Australian student attending school in South-Western Sydney with daily interactions with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, I firmly believe that multiculturalism has had a positive impact on society.

From my participation in Harmony Day at school and sharing food with my Lebanese neighbors, it is clear to me that multiculturalism plays a crucial role in promoting understanding and trust among individuals of different backgrounds.

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