The Colonel’s Lady Analysis Essay

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The Analysis of the Colonel’s Lady


The passage represents us Colonel’s feelings and thoughts about his wife, Evie. She was a good wife and a good hostess. Colonel thought that he was in love when he married her, but then he realized that they had different interests . They had no quarrels, but Evie wasn’t able to give the birth to a child, that’s why Colonel thought their marriage failed. Colonel was a healthy man and it was normal for him to have another woman, as he had to have such fun in his life. Compositional design: Exposition: “ from “Of course, she was a lady,…”

Narrative hook: “from He couldn’t understand why she’d had no children…” Rising action: from “He supposed he’d been in love with her…” Climax: from “When he went up to London now…” Falling action: from “The thought crossed his mind…” The story has an open-plot structure, because there is no resolution in it. Types of discourse: The story is written in the way of description. It is used to describe the Lady’s appearance and the way she treats Colonel. Narrative compositional forms: As we say the author uses description in the story.

It offers us causes and effects of the Lady’s behaviour, her considerations about moral, ethical, ideological and other issues. Point of view: In the story we deal with objective point of view, the writer tells what happens without stating more than can be inferred from the story’s action and dialogue. The narrator never discloses anything about what the characters think or feel, remaining a detached observer. Also we can say that it is the omniscient point of view, as the author stands outside the story and can tell the reader everything about character’s thoughts and feelings. Tone: The tone of the story is objective. The author remains detached while presenting a story.


Colonel is represented mainly indirectly in the passage under consideration – through his feelings and his attitude to his wife. Considering Colonel’s feelings we learn that Colonel is a weak person, not knowing what he wants from the life. He is ambivalent person, because he has some contradictory personality traits like any man in real life. The character is one-sided and static. He doesn’t change his mind about his relations with his wife and at the same time he does nothing


  • General characteristic of the conflicts: The plot of the passage from ”The Colonel’s Lady” is based on the conflict between Colonel, the protagonist of the story and his own nature which may be regarded as the antagonist. The conflict is mental (Colonel misunderstands Evie) . The central conflict of this passage may be looked upon in terms of moral values and defined as one between man’s view on the life and a woman’s one.
  • A deep look into the conflict: Colonel realized that he and his wife Evie have different interests and nothing at common. He wanted a heir, but Evie couldn’t have children and took it for granted, that her husband lived his own way.

As Colonel considered himself to be a healthy man, he thought it natural to have some fun The conflict seems to reach its climax when Colonel found a lover in London where he has come alone, since his wife refused to go with him. The text provides us testifying Colonel’s struggle with himself. On the syntactical level in Colonel’s thoughts about Evie, we find the use of such devise as paradox: she was always neat and suitably dressed, but you couldn’t tell she was quite attractive. The conflict is developing by Colonel’s wife attitude towards him. “She seemed to take it for granted that he should go his own way”.

There are no winners in this conflict. Colonel just thought, that Evie might have been a better wife, but he didn’t decide anything about their future relations. Title: The 1st part of the story‘s title contains the proper name in possessive case ‘Colonel’s’, the 2nd part is called with the refined nominal word ”Lady”. The title is enough understandable for the reader and from it we may conclude that the speak in this story is about woman of a Colonel and that this story will represent us some sort of depiction of this lady.

Theme: In relations between man and woman both sides should find a compromise.

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