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Have you ever wondered if in a single chance few minute conversation you have with someone you have met your soul-mate? Fate a word that is often used in everyday life, some believe in it and others don’t.

Is our destiny controlled by us or by the unknown? Is the partner that I choose really my “soul-mate? ” In an extraordinary plot twist, this thriller sci-fi love story taps into these questions. Matt Damon who plays Congressman David Norris and free-spirited Emily Blunt, who plays Elise, makes The Adjustment Bureau a must-see.The film itself is not a typical movie. It is very inventive and unique. The movie begins with David Norris having a horrible night, he runs for a position in the Senate and ends up losing. He by chance meets young Elise hiding in the bathroom of the hotel and they spark up a conversation.

Elise inspires him and he gives a concession speech that comes from the heart. A high office is his calling, but he tries dodging it. He discovers “The Adjustment Bureau. Everyone has a master plan and people who are on Earth help push those people in the correct way of those master plans according to the agents in “The Adjustment Bureau. ”Something so small like dropping your wallet and reaching down to pick it up may cause a major adjustment right into your master plan. “The higher power” says that Norris and Elise are not meant to be together because it is not in the “plan.

” Norris will not let this happen and soon they both are running for their love and right to be with each other. The higher power” is referred to as “chief” or “boss,” but is never seen. Norris and Elise run to the top of the building that the “adjustment bureau” is located. When they get to the top “the adjustment bureau” members come out to let them know a message sent from the “boss. ” “The Adjustment Bureau” is a film that if you do not know where it was derived from then, it will catch for surprise.

The type of film that it turns out to be, is not the idea that you get from the beginning.The premise of the movie is that love is not so lucky for politicians. Finding it fills the void and makes them happy. Being completely happy gives you a reason to stop battling for a something better. If your heart is broken the emotions such as anger and desire are needs that you have to have for a victory as a politician.

The film uses the age old Sophocles concept that you are born into your destiny, but you have some control of what happens. I give it a 4. 5 out of 5 stars.

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