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Criminology Situational Crime Prevention
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Criminology first exam – Flashcards 50 terms
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Situational crime prevention tactics generally fall into one of four categories. Which of the following is NOT one of those categories? a. increasing the use of probation for committing a crime. b.increasing the risk of committing a crime. c. increasing the effort needed to commit crime. d. inducing guilt or shame for committing crime.
Increasing the use of probation for committing crime
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What happens when criminals try new offenses they had previously avoided because situational crime prevention programs neutralized their crime of choice? a. discouragement b. extinction c. replacement d. self deterrence
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Dicuss the elements of situational crime prevention
Situational crime prevention involves developing tactics to reduce or eliminate a specific crime problem. These include tactics to increase the effort required to commit crime, such as putting unbreakable glass on store fronts, locking gates, and fencing yards. It can also involve increasing the risks of crime through better secuirty efforts reducing the rewards of crime is designed to lessen the value of crime to the potential criminal. Crime may be reduced or prevented if can communicate to people the wrongfulness of their behavior and how it is harmful to sicety. Crime may be reduce by making it difficult for people to exucse their criminal behavior by saying things like ” i didnt know that was illegal” or “i had no choice”
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The concept of situational crime prevention suggests that desperate people may contemplate crime, but only the truly _____________ will attack a well-defended, inaccessible target and risk strict punishment. a. needy b. skilled c. experienced d. irrational
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