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Buddhism China Four Noble Truths Hinduism History of Philosophy Ivan The Terrible Peter The Great World History
Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinudism, Overview of Religion, Russsian Literature – Flashcards 81 terms
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Hinduism Social Studies
TCI Chapter 13 Geography and the Early Settlement of India – Flashcards 37 terms
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Ancient India East Asia Hinduism South East Asia
Ancient India & China – Flashcards 68 terms
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Buddhism Cartography Good And Bad Hinduism World Geography
6th Grade-Ancient Egypt Test Questions 63 terms
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Buddhism Hinduism
AP world history chapter 3 terms – Flashcards 30 terms
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How is Hinduism’s origins different than other universalizing religions?
Didn’t originate with a specific founder
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Buddha probably saw his teaching as a reform movement for Hinduism. Which of the following teachings of Buddha shows that this is true?
He rejected the caste system He was more concerned that people found their own enlightenment.
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Which of the following represents a form of Hinduism that shared features with mystical Sufi forms of Islam?
How complicated were rituals in Hinduism?
People needed to go to school to learn rituals; only king could afford high prices of rituals, so close relationship with Brahmins
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What was the effect of Mamluk warriors pushing into India? (5 points) The Delhi Sultanate was formed. Muslim armies from the south pushed north into Asia. Hinduism became the dominant religion in India. Muslim Mongol nomads settled in India with their herds.
The Delhi Sultanate was formed.
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How are Buddhism and Hinduism similar?
Both religions believe in ahimsa, the principle of non-violence
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What was Hinduism a blend of
Aryan traditions and the religious beliefs of nations conquered by the Aryans
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How are Buddhism and Hinduism different?
Hindus have a rigid class system (cases or Varnas); Buddhists reject the caste system
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what new emphases characterized Hinduism as it responded to the challenge of Buddhism?
the masses found it more accessible than the elaborate sacrifices of the Brahmins of the philosophical speculations of intellectuals i.e., action in the world and the detached performance of caste duties might also provide a path to liberation
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How many god(s) does Hinduism have? Name it/them?
Many unknown gods
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