World History A Unit 1

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What are 8 key features of civilization?
(SWAP JOCC) social classes, writing, arts and archietecure, public works, job specialization, organized government, complex religions, and cities
what are the 4 River Valley Civilizations?
Mesopatamia, Indian, Egyptian, and Chinnese
Where are the 4 River Valley Civilizations located?
Fertile Crescent, Nile River, Indus River and Yellow River
Whatis the Code of Hammurabi?
The laws concerning daily life, business, medicine, property, family and punishments for breaking these laws.
What are the 3 things Hammurabi wanted to accomplish?
Good, justice, and destroy evil
What is Agricultural Revolution?
When nomads began to settle and grow food instead of hunt and gather. The transition to neolithic to paleolitic age.
How many god(s) does Hinduism have? Name it/them?
Many unknown gods
How many god(s) does Judasim have? Name it/them?
One god name Yahweh
How many god(s) does Christianity have? Name it/them?
One god name the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and the Holy spirt)
How many god(s) does Buddhism have? Name it/them
One god name Buddah/ Siddhartha
How many god(s) does Islam have? Name it/ them?
One god name Muhammad/Allah
Founders/Prophets of Hinduism?
People of the Indus River Valley Civilization and Aryans
Founder/Prophets of Judasim?
Abraham, Moses, King David, and Rabis
Founders/Prophets of Christianity?
12 disciples
Founders/Prophets of Buddhism?
Founders/prophets of Islam?
Holy book of Hinduism?
Vedas, Unpanished, Mahabharta, and Ramayana
Holy book of Judasim?
Torah/ Talmud
Holy book of Christanity?
The Bible
Holy book of Buddhism?
Holy book of Islam?
Hadith and Koran/Qur’an
Orgin of Hinduism?
India, 2000 BCE
Orgin of Judasim?
Canaan, 2000 BCE
Orgin ofChristanity?
Rome, 26-36 CE
Orgin of Buddhism?
Northern India
Orgin of Islam?
Saudi Arabia, 610 CE
Place of Worship for Hinduism?
Temples, Ganges, and Varanasi River
Place of Worship for Judasim?
Temples and Synagouge
Place of Worship for Christianity?
Churches, Betleham, Jerusalim
Place of Worship for Buddhism?
Bodhi Tree
Place of Worship for Islam?
Synagouge, Temple, and Hedith
Rules/guidelines for Hinduism?
Basic elements, polytheism, social classes, reincarnation, karma, and dharma
Rules/Guidelines for Judasim?
ten commandments, dont eat pork, not allowed to drive, or use electronics on Saturday
Rules/Guidelines for Christanity?
ten commandments, dont eat pork, monetheism, peace, love, justice, equality
Rules/Guidelines for Buddhism?
Four Noble Truths, and Eightfold Path
Rules/Guidelines for Islam?
Dont eat pork, never draw muhammad, and 5 Pillars
What are the 4 Noble Truths?
1. all life is suffering 2. suffering comes from desire 3. stop suffering by stopping desire 4. follow eightfold path
What is the Eightfold Path?
have the right view, intentions, speech, actions, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.
What is dharma?
Your duty in life
What is karma?
A person’s actions and their consequence for those actions
What are the 5 pillars?
1. Believe that there is only one god 2. pray 5 times a day 3. fast 4. give a percentage of your income to charity 5. take a pilgrimage to mecca at least once during your life.
What is the ultimate goal of Buddhism and Hinduism?
to be able to escape reincarnation and Bahhern by achieving nirvana before you die.
What is the main idea of Confucianism?
to base conduct on morality and personal relationships and relationships with higher authority and elders (social classes).
What is the main idea of Legalism?
everyone should follow strict laws and act off of them, if not harsh and cruel punishment should be given by a strict and strong ruler.
What is the main idea of Daoism?
everyone should just go with the flow, have peace and ignore political and social laws.
What are Greece’s famous wars?
The marathon, thermopylae, salamis
Who are Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates?
Greek philosophers who created \”question everything\”, \”The Academy\”, logic and the scientific method
Who are the mythical founders of Rome?
Romulus and Remus
What happened in the Punic Wars?
Carthage, african trading empire, used elephants to fight Rome for 15 years. Rome won.
Who is Constantine?
Creates Christianity, changes the capital of Rome to Constantinople (2nd Rome/ Bynzentine Empire)

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