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AP United States History General Douglas Macarthur Wage And Price Controls
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General Douglas Macarthur Major League Baseball Military History World History
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How did General Douglas MacArthur’s response to the Bonus Marchers affect the view of the electorate toward President Hoover?
The harsh treatment of the veterans confirmed public opinion that Hoover was out of touch with the plight of ordinary Americans.
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What three programs did General Douglas MacArthur introduce during the U.S. occupation of Japan? Demilitarization
Demilitarization, bringing war criminals to trial, and democratization, the process of creating a government elected by the people.
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During the Korean War, what was the main reason that President Harry Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur as commander of the United States troops?
3. President Truman believed that General MacArthur’s conduct threatened the concept of civilian control over the military Explanation: During the Korean War, General Douglass MacArthur led UN forces against the communist North Korean aggressors. He was also an outspoken critic of the conduct of the war and the leadership of President Harry S. Truman as Commander-in-Chief. After MacArthur openly defied a direct order from Truman concerning the pursuit of North Korean forces into Chinese held territory, Truman fired MacArthur. The firing serves as a classic example of civilian control over the military, as the president in his role as Commander-in-Chief is an elected, civilian official, not a member of the armed forces.
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Why did General Douglas MacArthur go to Australia in 1942?
to avoid capture by the Japanese in the Philippines
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During the Korean War, President Truman: a. reluctantly cooperated with the United Nations’ decision to defend South Korea b. planned to invade Communist China c. clearly stated American objectives d. acted to oppose communist aggression e. supported General Douglas MacArthur’s proposal to bomb communist bases in China
d. acted to oppose communist aggression
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President Harry Truman relieved General Douglas MacArthur from command of United Nations troops in Korea when A. MacArthur continued to lose crucial battles against China and North Korea; B. MacArthur crossed the 38th parallel and entered North Korea; C. MacArthur demonstrated he had lost the trust, morale, and support of U.N. troops under his command in Korea; D. MacArthur’s open insubordination and criticism of Truman’s orders on military policy in Korea prompted his firing by the president; E. the Chinese entered the Korean War after MacArthur said they would not
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