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16th And 17th Centuries AP World History Catholics And Protestants Early Modern Era History of Europe History of the Americas Western Civilization World History
AP World History Vocab Ch. 23 – Flashcards 41 terms
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In the excerpt from “A Voyage to Lilliput”from Gulliver’s Travels, Swift satirizes the religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants in England that has also developed into a larger dispute involving a conflict between Britain and France. In a short essay, identify the satirical elements in the passage that represent these conflicts and explain how Swift uses these elements to explain his position on the conflicts.
Responses should include the use of the egg-breaking conflict as the symbol for the religious rift in England; the size of the Lilliputians and Blefescudians as representative of the pettiness of the quarrels; and the description of the six rebellions and the emperors’ losses of life and crown as references to the impact that the religious conflict had had on England.
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The explosion of witch-hunting in the sixteenth century was most probably caused by a. a dramatic increase in the practice of demonology. b. the publication of Copernicus’s theories. c. the conquest of Spain by Islamic forces. d. tensions between Catholics and Protestants. e. the fear caused by the prominent role that women were increasingly playing in the Catholic church.
d. tensions between Catholics and Protestants.
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