Technology can have positive and negative impact on social interactions Essay Example
Technology can have positive and negative impact on social interactions Essay Example

Technology can have positive and negative impact on social interactions Essay Example

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  • Published: October 26, 2017
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Technology can hold positive and negative impact on societal interactions

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common as other jobs that have the possible to stem from societal networking sites. Narcissism—excessive involvement in one’s visual aspect and in oneself—is sometimes manifested on societal networking sites. These Web sites have been found to be an avenue for people to expose their egotistic traits online ( Buffardi & A ; Campbell, 2008 ) . I frequently wonder whether people use these sites to expose their popularity to the universe instead than utilize them as a vehicle to develop meaningful relationships.

Making meaningful relationships is frequently about sharing our lives with others, and engineering can let us to make so through exposures, pictures, text, and music. In carry oning research for my doctorial thesis, I looked at how eight senior citizens used engineering and how it affected their lives. My hope was to happen that they used engineering to remain in touch with friends, household, and people with similar involvements. Although the participants did utilize electronic mail to remain in touch with household and friends, about all of the survey participants talked about how bland confab suites and treatment boards seemed to be. Most had tried chew the fating a few times and so gave up because they viewed it as a waste of clip ( similar grounds were given by undergraduates in the ECAR survey who did non utilize societal networking sites ) . However, one participant was a chat room proctor for a fantasy baseball site. As he spent more clip in that confab room he began to recognize that it was non every bit shallow as he foremost imagined. Peoples were in that practical community because of a shared or common involvement. Gradually he got to cognize people and care about their lives. He was finally able to run into some of these new, on-line friends in individual and said they connected as if they had known each other for old ages.

While working on my thesis I visited many chat suites and treatment boards that catered to older grownups. After sing many such sites, I began to be discouraged because of the asinine nature of many of the conversations. However, I stumbled on one online treatment board in which two World War II veterans wrote about their experiences in the war. They besides lamented the fact that where they lived, there were no more veterans of that war left. They felt entirely and stray, but this confab room was a forum where they fit in once more. They were able to portion similar involvements and experiences.

Possibly get the better ofing a sense of isolation is one of the greatest characteristics of on-line communities and practical universes. Person might experience like an castaway in her ain community or household but might happen person online with similar avocations, chases, and involvements. See person who enjoys picture taking as a serious leisure chase. This individual would be able to portion that passion with people all over the universe by utilizing the Internet and its powerful tools ( e-mail, picture confabs, treatment boards, on-line picture, household Web sites ) . However, merely sharing common involvements and chases with people through engineering

does non needfully hold a positive impact on societal accomplishments and societal development.

Bet oning and Social Development

Gaming is an case where you may meet potentially serious societal reverses. I lead a group of Boy Scouts who portion a love of a certain on-line practical universe game. This game seems to be all they talk about. When given other chances for deep, respectful, meaningful conversation, these male childs are sometimes instead awkward. Although associating their online gambling to hapless societal accomplishments might be specious, surveies show negative societal impacts of some picture games. One survey tested whether high exposure to video games increased aggression over clip. It was found that playing violent picture games is a important hazard factor for subsequently physical aggression in both Japan and the United States—for male child and misss ( Anderson et al. , 2008 ) .

However, associating picture games to hapless societal accomplishments and behaviours frequently misses the bigger image. Peoples might take part in other activities ( take football, for illustration ) in which the societal jobs that arise from the activity may be the same or even worse than those of bet oning. Obviously it is non plenty to merely fault the medium. In fact, in many cases, bet oning may help in relationship edifice. The 13th Annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card ( Walsh & A ; Gentile, 2008 ) indicated that 75 per centum of gamers play with other people. Since my household received a Wii as a gift, we have spent infinite hours of enjoyment playing together. Naturally, excess in this one activity would hold hurtful consequences, but the limited clip we do pass playing together seems to beef up our household.

This is an extract fromDimensions of Leisure for Lifeby Human Kinetics.

With the proliferation of engineerings that are able to get the better of the obstructions of clip and infinite ( e.g. , aeroplanes, autos, the Internet ) , one would believe that these tools would be used to derive an apprehension of other civilizations, fitting people all over the universe, maintain and beef up familial relationships, communicate efficaciously with others, and aid people to go more socially expert. However, some technological progresss cause people to be distracted, excessively stressed, and progressively stray. Many people are involved in an abundant figure of relationships through engineering, but sometimes the measure of these associations leaves people experiencing qualitatively empty. Obviously, engineering has had a profound impact on what it means to be societal.

Society is likely on the cusp of a societal revolution, during which it will be of import to redefine socially appropriate and acceptable behaviours ( with respect to digital or practical interaction ) . We are at a point in history where really few people have given critical idea to new societal worlds created by engineering and what those worlds mean for the person and society. In this subdivision we closely examine a few societal engineerings that influence leisure. The subdivision foremost looks at practical communities, societal networking sites, and today’s communicating tools. Then we critically reflect on gambling and telecasting. Think about how each engineering affects yo


ur societal life and societal accomplishments. Keep in head that these are merely a few of the engineerings that may impact you socially. A comprehensive list is non executable here.

A survey of pupils and information engineering found that 85 per centum of undergraduates surveyed used societal networking sites ( Salaway et al. , 2008 ) ( see figure 8.2 ) . Many of the respondents reported utilizing such sites daily. Figure 8.3 indicates how undergraduate pupils use societal networking sites. This study found indicants that usage of these sites is increasing annually. Let us now look critically at whether this tendency is positive.

The usage of societal networking sites has both positive and negative effects. It is astonishing how person can happen a long-lost friend through a societal networking site, enabling them to reconnect. In a society where people have become rather nomadic and household and friends are frequently geographically separated, it is convenient to maintain in touch through engineering.

However, one demand non look far to happen jobs associated with societal networking sites. There is a lively argument about whether Internet dependences are existent. To me it appears to be a existent job ( perceptual experience is frequently world in a societal context ) with which people have to cope. Some assert that these Web sites contributed to rip offing on important others, frequently taking to disassociate. Peoples have been fired from their occupations or put under force per unit area because they use these sites at work or because something is posted on a site that undermined the person’s professional standing.

Although divorce and loss of employment are serious issues, possibly they are non every bit

Television and Social Development

Television is another engineering that has mixed reappraisals with respect to societal accomplishments and societal lives. Some research workers suggest that passing a limited sum of clip watching wholesome plans can beef up households and friendly relationships. Others believe that telecasting contributes to the ruin of societal values in this state. It does look that many people spend less clip with others in their community than they do with the people they watch daily on telecasting. Television tends to be a inactive medium, which requires small accomplishment and thought on our portion ( although some programming vaulting horses this tendency ) . Therefore, telecasting provides small chance for meaningful interaction while watching. Spectators merely sit at that place and consume what is presented to them without holding to react or respond to another individual. Obviously this can hold serious effects on people’s societal accomplishments because viewing audiences are non practising how to associate to and cover with other people.

Exposure to what is viewed on telecasting can hold some other serious effects on people’s societal lives. For illustration, exposure to telecasting shows with sexual content may increase the opportunity of adolescent gestation ( see figure 8.4 ) ( Chandra et al. , 2008 ) . Furthermore, when some people see force, sex, and all mode of prurience on telecasting, they may be prone to mime the behaviour and think that it is acceptable. Were everyone to copy

the societal behaviours portrayed on telecasting, our society would miss ethical motives, and many degrees of individuals’ lives would be destroyed.


It is evident that engineering has the possible to harm or heighten your societal accomplishments and societal life. The key is to analyse how engineering affects you socially. Make engineerings assist you construct positive, meaningful relationships, or make engineerings impede this procedure? Are you better able to pass on, listen, and portion because of the engineerings in your life? Do you utilize engineerings to better your relationships and construct new 1s? Are you allowing a few pick people know who you are and what you contribute to this universe, or are you simply deflecting yourself with shallow chases? Does engineering addition or diminish your concern for others, your compassion for others, and your desire to function them? Such are the critical inquiries sing engineering and societal development.

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Positive Effectss of Technology on Society

Technology runs in the venas of society. It is the fuel that drives our lives. It is an built-in portion of day-to-day life. It has decidedly benefited society. It has brought luxury in the life of every common adult male. Automation brought about by engineering has saved human attempt and clip to a big extent. It has brought distant topographic points closer and simplified information entree. It has made the universe a smaller topographic point to populate in. Let us look at some of the of import countries, where engineering has brought a positive alteration. Automation of Procedures in the Industry and the Family: Technology has automated many of the critical procedures in the industry every bit good as the family. Imagine the sum of labour that must hold been involved in industrial procedures when the construct of mechanization did non be. Electronic appliances have entered places of the common adult male to deliver him from the ennui of day-to-day jobs. Imagine the sum of clip people must be passing making household jobs during the clip there were no machines and family contraptions. It 's better non imagined. Today 's is the age of robotics. Machines can larn, follow new things and execute undertakings with near-human efficiency. Changed Modes of Transport: The car industry and engineering are interwoven. Time has witnessed this industry evolve from mechanical scooters to automated aircraft. Animals were the lone manners of conveyance in the olden yearss. Technology was the drive force behind the creative activity and design of the contemporary cars. Bicycles evolved into scooters and athleticss motorcycles. The thought of holding four-wheeled manners of conveyance gave rise to the creative activity of autos. Manners of air and H2O conveyance came up, thanks to engineering. Reduced Hazard to Human Life: Machines have automated many important industrial procedures. Machines are now taking up mundane occupations that were one time done by human workers. Technology has evolved to an extent where machines can execute undertakings that are non executable for adult male, either because they are hazardous or dangerous or because they are beyond human capacity. The usage of advanced engineerings like robotics and unreal intelligence has proven to be helpful in life-risking

enterprises like excavation and infinite geographic expedition. Data Management and Information Retrieval: Computer engineering, gratuitous to state, has changed the face of the universe. Computers can hive away, form and pull off immense sums of informations. They can treat big sums of information. Computers have given rise to the package industry, one of the most progressive industries of the universe. The Internet that seeded from computing machine networking constructs is the most effectual communicating platform and the largest information base bing today. Impact on the Entertainment and Advertising Industries: The Internet has brought a positive alteration to the amusement and advertisement industries. Over the Internet, advertizements can make the multitudes within seconds. Internet advertizements have changed equations of the advertisement industry. Branding on the Internet is much more effectual that other signifiers of merchandise publicity. The amusement media has progressed because of promotions in engineering. Movies, vocals, games are a few chinks off. Peoples have begun utilizing the Internet to watch and download films, listen to music, play games and entertain themselves. Thankss to handy, nomadic and user-friendly devices, all this has become truly easy. Onset of the Digital Age: There 's barely anything parallel now, we live in a digital universe, a digital age. Talk pels and bytes. The digitisation of information has made it possible for us to hive away it in a compact signifier. Ever wondered how Gs of informations can be stored on a little bit? Digitization it is! Besides, digitisation enriches the quality of informations storage. Digital voice and digital images are of a higher quality. Digital cameras and digital TVs provide users with an enriched image quality, therefore breaking user experience with engineering. Communication Redefined: Cellular communicating has revolutionized the communicating industry. The conventional telephone, besides a piece of engineering, was one of the earliest technological developments in communicating. Mobile phones have broadened the skylines of communicating by enabling convenient long-distance naming and nomadic usage. Letterss have taken a backseat and electronic mails and cell phone messages have become the easiest agencies to link. Owing to developments in engineering, communicating is wireless. Social networking is another specifying factor here. It has given an all new dimension to communicating, amusement and diversion. Satellite Technology: Satellite communicating is an of import aspect of engineering. Satellite Television and orbiter wireless have eased the broadcast medium of events across the Earth. How else do you believe could lucifers and concerts be broadcasted unrecorded? Not merely Television and wireless, even communicating to ships and aeroplanes would n't hold been possible if non for satellite communicating. Even your handheld devices would n't be of usage, if non for wireless communicating. These were still a few Fieldss influenced by engineering. It is about impossible to enlist all the positive effects of engineering on society. The fast-advancing engineering on the whole, has given drifts to developments in assorted Fieldss and improved the quality of human life. There 's less hazard, less attempt, less muss. There 's more leisure, more easiness and more velocity - all because of that ten-letter word - non a word, a phenomenon - engineering.