Technique of Foreshadowing in Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

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In An Happening at Owl Creek Bridge. by Ambrose Bierce. the writer like an expert uses the literary technique of boding to give the reader a changeless intimation that good old Peyton Farquhar is traveling to be a cadaver by the terminal of the narrative. I enjoyed the more elusive cases of boding because they. to me. better show the writer’s accomplishment. For case. prefiguration is demonstrated through the reoccurring reference of Farquhar’s cervix all through the narrative. His cervix ached dreadfully. ” ( Paragraph 18 ) and “his cervix was in pain…” ( paragraph 35 ) . It is non revealed until the terminal of the narrative that our supporter ne’er escapes from the span. but the usage of boding gives the reader intimations of his destiny beforehand. The technique of prefiguration is one of the more interesting tools that a author can utilize because it forces the reader to execute a close reading and have them thinking the whole clip up until the flood tide.

Many readers question whether or non Farquhar is dead the whole clip. compensate up until the terminal. because the prefiguration makes them more intrigued. Even the more obvious signifiers of prefiguration can turn out to be an entertaining tool. In the beginning of portion III the storyteller states that. “ [ Peyton ] fell …through the span he lost consciousness and was as one already dead” ( paragraph 17 ) . Right in the text. it is stated that he is already dead. but that does non count to the reader. who is intrigued by Farquhar’s flight and journey.

The fantastical elements which frequently seem incredible. for illustration. during his flight. is another manner that prefiguration is used to allow the reader know that none of this charming escapade is really go oning. and in world Farquhar is hanging dead from the span. Farquhar states that. “It is as easy to dodge a fusillade as a individual shooting. ” ( paragraph 26 ) which is pathetic. Overall. the narrative was made better by the expert usage of prefiguration. and was an entertaining read.

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