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Summary of the film Erin Brockovich
Summary of the film Erin Brockovich

Summary of the film Erin Brockovich

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  • Published: August 30, 2017
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Erin Brockovich is a true narrative movie directed by Steven Soderbergh. whose function was played by the celebrated actress. Juila Roberts. Erin Brockovich’s existent life was put into movie in order to put as a good illustration for people. specifically. the leaders. to pattern ethical leading and strong belief when one knows that what one is contending for is for a selfless good cause or for the benefit of common good.

The film’s subject is all about the importance of leading quality which does non intend formal garb. mode of address. and intimidating visual aspect but in this movie. Erin showed a different position of a true leader: a good. responsible. and effectual leader has to support one’s base when the leader is certain that one is right ( Duke & A ; Byrd 2008 ) .


Erin Brockovich. being a single-mother and portrayed by Julia Roberts. showed a brilliant attitude towards continuity of achieving her ends. At first. she merely wants to acquire employment to prolong her children’s demands. but the result was doubled by her built-in and sincere attitude of assisting her vicinity and take a firm standing the justness which she believes for the good of the citizens. She instigated a instance against thePacific Gas and Electric Company( PG & A ; E ) which costs the latter a billion dollar for its undertaking of dispatching their waste which could do the taint of H2O in Hinkley. Such attitude of the chief character should be regarded as that of a true leader ( IMDb. com 2008 )



Leadership manner used in the movie/ narrative

Erin Brockovich showed an inspiring quality of a leader. It was obvious that Erin showed an ethical illustration of true and effectual leading as she showed strong belief for what she believed in together with the groundss of her investigated fact that the PG & A ; E undertaking is the cause of the proliferating and prevailing illness in the vicinity of Hinkley. Thus. Erin. should be emulated and rewarded with avowal which the good occupation she has done which saved many lives of the citizens. Inspite of the fact that she is financially endeavoring herself. she presented an nonsubjective and indifferent attitude of morally making what is right and is for the greater good. even if the PG & A ; E company would put a big amount of money in their topographic point.

I could associate personally to Erin’s professional manner of managing things at work. Although Erin does non suit in the jurisprudence house. she managed to turn out herself that she knows what she is making and she could lend to the organisation by loving her occupation.

Similarly. I could certify that I pattern the same thing at work. I make it a point to exercise my quality public presentation in every undertaking that I was assigned to. For case during Junior high. I was assigned as the undertaking caput of our campus diary or newspaper. I practiced my enterprise to look into on the writers’ work before deadline and I monitor their documents to fix the remainder of the articles for redacting an

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proofreading before it would be inserted in the package for lay-out and publication. The consequence was good and all the articles were submitted in clip before the paper’s deadline and for the pupils to hold a transcript before the semester ends.


Ethical leading is the most of import quality of true leading for if a leader believes and patterns moralss and ethical motives. the remainder of the virtuousnesss shall follow. In this movie. Erin Brockovich’s manner of leading was depicted to ensue in a positive result. This movie showed a true quality of a altruistic leader that has to be emulated by everyone.

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