Studying Literature Essay Example
Studying Literature Essay Example

Studying Literature Essay Example

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  • Published: August 4, 2017
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“We all have sleeping kingdoms of esthesia which can be coaxed into wakefulness by books. ” [ Robertson Davies. A Voice From the Attic: Essaies on the Art of Reading 13 ( New York: Penguin Books. rpm. erectile dysfunction. . 1990 ) ]

“ [ L ] iterature is an art. and. . . as an art it is able to enlarge and polish our apprehension of life. ” [ Robertson Davies. Reading and Writing 2-3 ( Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press. particular erectile dysfunction. . 1993 ) ( 1992 ) ]

The survey of literature “is the place—there is no other in most schools—the topographic point wherein the main affairs of concern are specifics of humanness—individual human feeling. human response. and human clip. as these can be known through the written look ( at many literary


degrees ) of work forces populating and dead. and as they can be discovered by pupil authors seeking through words to call and compose and hold on their ain experience.

English [ that is. literature ] in amount is about my sharpness and the sharpness of other human existences. Its map. like that of some books called ‘great. ’ is to endeavor at one time to cognize the universe through art. to cognize what if anything he unambiguously is. and what some brothers unambiguously are. The instruments employed are the imaginativeness. the mind. and texts or events that rouse the former to life. . . .

[ T ] he end. . . is to spread out the countries of the human world—areas that would non be but for art—with which single adult male can experience solidarity and coextensiveness. �

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[ Benjamin DeMott. Supergrow: Essaies and Reports on Imagination in America 143 ( New York: E. P. Dutton. 1969 ) ]

“It appears to me rather well-founded that the map of literature as a generated prize-worthy force is exactly that it does incite humanity to go on life ; that it eases the head of strain. and feeds it. I mean decidedly as nutrition of impulse. ” [ T. S. Eliot. Literary Essays of Ezra Pound 20 ( New York: New Directions Book. 1935 ) ]

Literature “returns you to otherness. whether in yourself or in friends. or in those who may go friends. Imaginative literature is otherness. and as such alleviates loneliness. ” [ Harold Bloom. How to Read and Why 19 ( New York: Scribner. 2000 ) ]

“You expression for your ain narrative in literature ; it’s one of the best mechanisms you have to convert yourself you’re non entirely. ” [ Glenn Schaeffer. laminitis of the International Institute of Modern Letters. UNLV Magazine ]

“Literature. I argue. is the merchandise of a manner of reading. of a community understanding about what will number as literature. which leads the members of the community to pay a certain sort of attending and thereby to make literature. ” [ Stanley Fish. Is There a Text in This Class? The Authority of Interpretive Communities 97 ( Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1980 ) ]

Literature “expands one’s understanding. it complicates one’s sense of oneself and the universe. it humiliates the instrumentally ciphering signifiers of ground so dominant in our civilization ( by showing their dependance on other signifiers of idea and express. and the similar ) . It is one of

the deepest features of literary texts to throw into inquiry the nature of the linguistic communication in which they are written. and this needfully throws into inquiry as good the nature of any linguistic communication in which they might be talked about or into which they might be translated. ”

[ James Boyd White. From Expectation to Experience: Essaies on Law & A ; Legal Education 55 ( Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 1999 ) ] . White goes on to detect that “literary teaching” leads us “towards incrementally more complete. but ne'er entirely equal. apprehensions of other people and other minds—towards other linguistic communications. other ways of thought and being and conceive ofing the universe.

These apprehensions in bend carry us towards a general understanding both of linguistic communication and of the head. one that is literary instead than conceptual in sort and affects our reading non merely of ‘literature’ but of all the texts that make up our universe. ” [ Id. at 58 ] .

“Literature lives through linguistic communication. and so must we. . . . ” [ Id. at 60 ] .

“What I think literature has most to learn. so. is a manner of reading. and reading non merely ‘literature’ but all sorts of texts and looks: a manner of concentrating our attending on the linguistic communications we use. on the dealingss we set up with them. and on the definition of ego and other that is enacted
in every look. ” [ Id. ]

“Reading is a direct and immediate battle with linguistic communication. Discoursing what we read intensifies this battle. giving us an increased sense of authorization and assurance. As we build

linguistic communication accomplishments. we build life accomplishments. We learn our topographic point within the universe of linguistic communication. In an of import sense. by reading and discoursing what we read. we all create our ain topographic point in the universe. We become productive citizens. ” [ Robert Waxler. The Power of Stories ]

“Students are formed by the reading they do. by the positions of ego and universe such reading nowadayss. ” [ Parker J. Palmer. To Know as We Are Known 19 ( New York: Harper & A ; Row. 1983 ) ]

“The survey of literature offers many ways to better literacy: it gives entree to linguistic communication. reading. composing. a shared civilization. and one’s ain ego. ” [ Jean Trounstine. Why Literature in Prison? ]

“The trade of literature: Articulates penetrations. sentiments in ways that sometimes the remainder of us can non —Gives voice to what is submerged and suppressed ( the inquiries behind the inquiries ) —Defamiliarizes the familiar. ” [ Johanna Shapiro. Can Poetry Make Better Doctors? [ online text ]

“ [ L ] iterature goes beyond life. It is art ; it is an inventive creative activity that can state truths gracefully. subtly through narrative. poesy and the motion of characters on a phase. Any inventive act suggests possibility. and this is another ground to go on analyzing literature. ” [ Florence Dee Boodakian. In Defense of Literature ]

“I impulse literature upon attorneies and jurisprudence pupils to learn how the civilization of the jurisprudence attracts and repels those who enter its state. Novels are deeply utile tools to analyze human nature. and I teach these books as a scheme. non a Panacea.

to counter many of the ailments attributed to legal instruction and lawyering today. ” [ Ilene Durst. Valuing Women Narrators: What They Talk About When They Talk About Law. 11 Yale J. L. & A ; Feminism 245
( 1999 ) ]

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