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Do you know that Strayer University is one of the best universities in Texas and in the United States of America? It is not its sweet name that makes it prestigious or otherwise famous. It has fought many of the toughest battles to be in the current position. Starting from grass, the university has struggled through many storms to rise to glory. So many students all around the planet want to enroll in Strayer University but hardly do they know its birth and growing up.

How did the Strayer University become what it is today? This research paper seeks to explore Strayer University from its history, through its positive aspects to its majors.A brief History of Strayer University Strayer University is located in Baltimore in Texas. The university was founded as early as1892 by Dr. S. Irving. It started as a small business collage.

It was opened to provide the professional education to the working adults (Strayer Education, Inc. , par 1). For a period of 118 years and even more, Strayer University has been so loyal to its mission. It was not until 1969 that the school was given a licensure to offer Bachelor of Science Degrees and it was then renamed Strayer Collage. Later in the year 1987, it was granted the privilege to offer Masters of Science Degree (Strayer Education, Inc.

par 2).During the year 1996, the Strayer Education, Inc. was then established with an aim of raising capital to expand as well as take the Strayer Collage to public. After two years Strayer was allowed to become a university and it thus got its name, Strayer University. In the year 2000, Strayer Education, Inc.

was completely revived. A new management team was introduced under the leadership of Robert S. Silberman. He is up to date the Chairman as well as the Chief Executive officer of the Strayer Education, Inc.

(Strayer Education, Inc. , par 3).Today the Strayer University has more than 56, 00 students. The Strayer Education, Inc.

has continued it fulfill the mission that it was called to execute. It has made working adults get access to Education and this is what makes it unique unlike other universities and colleges. It has grown to be a respected university in the whole of the United States of America for its focused adult education. It is also a leading online education provider. Additionally, Strayer University is the best capitalized and one of the most successful companies as far as propriety higher education is concerned.

Due to its efforts, it has been accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Strayer Education, Inc. , par 4-5). Strayer University is a place to be in According to its mission Strayer University is unlike other universities and colleges; it offers high quality post-secondary education that is accessible to adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. The most important fact about Strayer University is that it not only accommodates these individual but also makes sure that they have succeeded in their careers as well as become productive members of their community.No one therefore disputes the fact that Strayer University has gone a step further beyond the boundaries of providing education (Strayer University, par 3). The university works hard to make sure that its values are realized.

It is committed to offering effective adult education that is up to standards. More so, the learning environments are very conducive ho enable students achieve personal as well as professional goals despite their age. All adults who desire and are qualified for higher education are given access to it by Strayer University (Strayer University, par 4).Many people are attracted to this university.

People from all walks of life can get access to higher education. Students and employees can be accommodated in Strayer University. As Strayer University points out in their diversity mission on, History and Culture ???diversity is not only sought out, but celebrated (Strayer University, par 5). The university has lived to see its mission accomplished.

Individuals from different parts of the world, from different cultural backgrounds, from different beliefs and from different creeds are given an opportunity to join hands and make one talented professional team.The university adds that ???We believe that outstanding customer service and forward progress comes from having an intrinsic understanding of the unique needs and goals of very diverse customers across widespread markets??? (Strayer University, par 5). Further more, administrators of the university are from diverse backgrounds and this helps draw diverse ideas and perspectives from all over the world. This has enabled the university to soar to great heights to reach their desired goals (Strayer University, par 5).The university quotes the words of their Admissions Manager, LaMans Gray, ???Strayer University has become a pillar that thousands of students have relied on for their educational needs. Our diverse student population and unique staff ??? support our mission to help working adults earn the degrees needed in our ever changing society??? (Strayer University, par 6).

Majors offered in Strayer University A total of seventeen majors are offered in Strayer University in eight areas of study. Each area of study has several majors to make up the total of seventeen.The business, management, and marketing has six majors, communication technologies has one major, computer and information sciences has five majors, education has one major, health professions and clinical sciences has one major, liberal arts and sciences has one major, public administration and social services one major and lastly, social sciences has one major (Edvisors, par 1). A wide range of degree, certificates and programs are available at the University of Strayer. The Strayer University offers undergraduate certificates, diplomas, degrees in bachelor???s and masters, and the Executive Graduate Certificate.

The programs that are available in Strayer University include: business, health services administration, education, public administration and many more. This wide variety helps to cater for the varying needs of the students. The university operates at a quarter-hour system where a quarter-long course has 4. 5 credits an equivalent of 3-semester credits (Strayer University, par 1). The undergraduate certificate that takes 27 course work hours provides the basic training in a specific field of study. To be enrolled for this certificate one needs a US high school Diploma or its equivalent (Strayer University, par 2).

Undergraduate diploma is another program offered in Strayer University. It takes 45-54 course work hours. This diploma focuses more on academic work in a certain study area. Students who feel misplaced in their careers can enroll in this program and will receive the necessary kind of education to enable them change their careers. In addition, a student wishing to pursue a bachelor???s degree or rather an associate can enroll in this program first to enable him/her get the necessary qualifications for the higher programs.

To be enrolled in this program, one needs a US high school diploma or an equivalent (Strayer University, par 3). Associate in Arts is a program that provides the collage level training in a specified field of study. In addition it offers art and science works. When one acquires this associate degree, it is half of the Bachelor of Science Degree requirement.

The course takes 90 credit course work hours. The requirement for this program is a US high school diploma or its equivalent (Strayer University, par 4). The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program takes 180 credit course work hours.This degree program prepares the graduates for work in managerial positions in the business field, in the government or in non-profit making organizations.

In this field of study, students choose from ten areas of concentration for their career. To be enrolled in this program at Strayer University, a high school diploma from US or its equivalent is required (Strayer University, par 5). Another major program that is offered in Strayer University is the Bachelor of Science Degree that also takes 180 credit course work hours.Extensive instruction is given in the study area alongside some substantial art and science works. When one has an Associate in Arts Degree, it takes half of the credit hours that are required.

A US high school diploma or alternatively its equivalent is the requirement for enrolment into this program (Strayer University, par 6). Masters degree programs are also available for the courses described above in the University of Strayer. Most of the Masters Degree Programs require a Bachelor???s Degree or a US???s equivalent to enroll and takes 54 credit course works at graduate level.For instance, it offers a Masters Degree program in Business Administration.

This program takes 54 credit hours in the graduate-level. Adult students are prepared for emerging economic knowledge in which latest skills, practices and concepts are emphasized. Students of MBA (Masters in Business Administration) are given 7 areas of concentration to choose from as their careers and education demand. The requirement to enroll in this program includes Bachelor???s Degree or a US equivalent (Strayer University, par 7).

Masters of Education is also a major program provided in this university.Like MBA, it requires 54 credit hours in course work at the graduate-level. Students whose career passion is in training, education, human resource as well as in development can enroll in this program. The program provides a combination of latest tools in information technology, with skills in business and educational theories to provide students with techniques in real-life that can be applied in the immediate classroom situations, management in education as well as in administrative challenges.

This masters program has two concentration areas from which students can choose from according to their interests.Similar requirements to that of MBA are required, that is a Bachelor???s Degree or a US???s equivalent (Strayer University, par 8). A Masters of Health Services Administration is also a major program available in this prestigious university. Graduates are prepared for the management and directing of business aspects in organizations that provide health services such as in hospital administration, coordination of healthcare plan, healthcare management, and management of short and long-term residential facilities.

Other areas include medical records as well as technicians in health information (Strayer University, par 9).Other masters programs that are of equal importance also include Masters of Public Administration (MPA) that provides the expertise that is required in the advancement of government as well as in non-profit making organizations. Its emphasis is basically on public perception and practical know-how. Masters in Science equips learners mid and upper-level managerial capacities. It concentrates much on advanced research work.

To highlight the last but not the least major, an Executive Graduate certificate is among the programs offered at Strayer University. Its concentration is on highly focused advanced academic work in an area of study.Holders of master???s degree enroll in this program to get in-depth training. Alternatively, a bachelor???s degree or a US equivalent is required for the enrolment into this prestigious program. Unlike the master???s degree programs, it takes 27 credit hours of the graduate-level work (Strayer University, par 10-12). Records Records are important documents in all aspects of life.

The Strayer University is unlike other universities in issues regarding the students??? records. Records that concern student???s education in Strayer University is accessible to them within 45 days after a written request for access by the student have been made.Surprisingly, if a student feels that the records might have been violated or are inaccurate, he/she is allowed by the laws of the university to request for amendment. It is however a crime to disclose the students??? records to other parties other than the individual students or any relevant authority (Strayer University iCampus, par 1-3). Alumni Like any other university, Strayer University has alumni for its graduated students.

The former students can identify with the university even when they are out. The alumnus of Strayer University is an important body that enables graduates to get employment opportunities.About91% of Strayer alumni has secured full-time employment in different sectors in the state (EdRef. com, par 4). Conclusion From the history to the educational programs offered, it is clear that Strayer University is one of the best universities in the United States of America.

The most striking aspect is that Strayer University not only provides educational opportunities to students but also to adults who are already in careers. Because of its uniqueness and effectiveness it stands shoulders high above other universities and collages in US and the whole world in general.Work Cited

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