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Host_Fajardo: Good morning every one welcome to pep talk show, today we will talk about the “student’s issues and concerns in their campus“. Our guest students for today are from colegio de pater and Kamotetops University. Before we continue with our program! Let’s us pose for a while to hear from our sponsors.

Advertisement 1 Host_Fajardo: Welcome back once again to our show! And friends let us welcome our guest for today we have Ms.Sam Aurillo, 17 years of old,2nd year student taking up bachelor of science in information technology from Colegio de pater. (musulod daun xa) and our second guest is from Kamotetops university ,he is Mr.Rhaymond itanung, 20 years of age, (sulod daun xa), a graduating student taking up bachelor of science in nursing. And to join with us today, we have the director of commission on higher education Dr. Zoniel E.Inocencio to give us insights or guidance with regards to our discussion this morning.

(Face to the guest) Hello and thank you for being here today. So let’s start our discussions, First of all, this question goes for the both of you. How’s the tuition in your school? Is it worthy of the course that you are taking off? The eldest goes first, our graduating student. Mr.Itanung: yes,the tuition i pay in my school is worthy.because i learn a lot from my instructor’s that handled us eventhough there are some instructors that gaves lower grade,that’s not new! Once you’re in the institution.

Ms.Aurillo: the tuition fee? Yes, it’s quite ok but there are some digits in the form that we really don’t understand and needs to be explained. Host_Fajardo: You Mr. Itanung, what do you feel right now? you’re about to finish your course? Do you think this will lead you to a bright career outside the real world? Mr.Itanung: excited but felt nervous as well cause i was thinking that what i’ve learn in school is not enough to conquer the reality world.

Host_Fajardo: And to you.

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