Strategic Analysis of Home Depot Essay Example
Strategic Analysis of Home Depot Essay Example

Strategic Analysis of Home Depot Essay Example

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  • Published: July 25, 2017
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The Home Depot ( NYSE: HD ) is a place betterment. building merchandises and services retail merchant runing over 2. 000 big-box shops in the United States and abroad. The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank with the vision of one-stop shopping for do-it-yourself ( DIY ) clients installing services for do-it-for-me ( DIFM ) clients and competitory merchandises for the professional market. Their DIFM installing plans include merchandises such as rug. flooring. cabinets countertops and H2O warmers.

In add-on the company provides installing of assorted professional merchandises like generators and HVAC systems. The Home Depot developed strategic merchandise confederations straight with industry-leading makers to present the most sole mixtures to clients. Through a combination of national trade names and proprietary merchandises

The Home Depot entirely carries sever


al major trade names including: BEHR Paint. G. E. Martha Stewart Living and Thomasville. which sets the criterion for the do-it-yourselfer and the professional contractor.

The Home Depot revolutionized the place betterment industry by conveying the know-how and the tools to the consumer and by salvaging them money. Harmonizing to the laminitiss the client has a measure of rights at The Home Depot. and this entitles the client to the right mixture measures and monetary value. along with trained associates on the gross revenues floor who are at that place to assist clients ( The Home Depot. 2011 ). Their doctrine of client service – “whatever it takes” – means cultivating a relationship with clients instead than simply finishing a dealing.

The laminitiss ab initio viewed the construction of the company as an upside-down pyramid with shops and clients at the top and senior direction on

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the underside. They demanded that associates take hazards to win stating. “It is your concern your division your market your shop your aisle and your client. ” Harmonizing to The Home Depot Annual Report ( 2010 ) their concern scheme is to present sustainable and profitable growing by heightening. widening. and spread outing the overall concern.

The Home Depot wants to heighten the nucleus base of the concern by aking their existing shops the “best they can be” while widening their concern by adding next concerns where they deem appropriate. The Home Depot besides wants to spread out their markets by opening new shops new formats and new markets ( The Home Depot. 2011 ). The Home Depot has remained focused on supplying every twenty-four hours values in their shops. They have continually invested in their concern by presenting new engineerings. updating their supply concatenation and cultivating their online presence to supply a more interrelated retail experience for their clients.

The Home Depot has reduced every bit good as eliminated undertakings to give shop associates more clip with clients and provided an overall enhanced client service experience. They are highly focused on offering every twenty-four hours values in the shops to their clients. The Home Depot shops serve three primary client groups:

  1.  Do-It-Yourself ( DIY ) Customers: These clients are typically place proprietors who purchase merchandises and finish their ain undertakings and installings.
  2. Do-It-For-Me ( DIFM ) Customers: These clients are typically householders who purchase stuffs themselves and engage 3rd parties to finish the undertaking or installing. The Home Depot arranges for the installing of a assortment of their merchandises through qualified independent contractors.
  3. Professional Customers: These

clients are chiefly professional remodelers. general contractors. maintenance mans. little concern proprietors. and shopkeepers.

In many shops. the Home Depot offers a assortment of plans to these clients. including bringing and will-call services. dedicated staff and expanded recognition plans. all of which addition gross revenues to these clients.

The Home Depot values its service and their shops offer a assortment of installing services. These services target all their client groups particularly the DIFM clients. who select and purchase merchandises and installing of those merchandises from them. The installing plans at the Home Depot include merchandises such as rug. flooring. cabinets. countertops and H2O warmers. Home Depot has been spread outing their markets by opening new shops and new formats.

They presently operate about 2. 248 shops in the U. S. . including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the districts of the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam. There are shops in 10 Canadian states. 85 shops in Mexico. and eight shops in four Chinese metropoliss. The Home Depot has 48 forte stores-including. 34 Expo Design Centers five Northern California Yardbirds shops two stand-alone Design Centers and seven-unit HD Bath reconstructing concern ( The Home Depot. 2011 ).

Competitive environment

To analyse the place betterment warehouse shop competitory environment. we use the Five Forces theoretical account to measure five important competitory facets: merchandising competition supplier resources purchaser power outside industry replacements and the menace of new entrants to the market place.

Menace of New Entrants – Weak

While it is easy possible for any concern enterpriser to open a place betterment shop it would be hard to construct a warehouse size retail merchant even closely comparable in size to Home Depot. Building

such a immense warehouse size retail shop would necessitate a big sum of capital and this puts a halt on most taking that opportunity. Due to this barrier to entry most shops are smaller in size and are non able to vie with the big shops.

Buyer Power – Moderate/Normal

The cost advantage within Home Depot’s big warehouse retailing allows them to merely sell the same merchandises at cheaper monetary values than the competition. Therefore the lone ground that a rational consumer would shop someplace other than a warehouse retail merchant would be for grounds other than monetary value which is by and large service quality.

Suppliers-Resources – Moderate/Normal

To acquire the lowest costs. Home Depot is able to utilize their purchaser power against their providers by negociating in majority as an full corporation. Each majority provider is selected for every point at each shop by the caput corporation in order to maintain costs every bit low as possible. Then each shop orders their stock from the preset providers as directed by their regional director.

Home Depot’s closest challenger is Lowe’s. These two companies are the leaders in the place betterment industry. although they merely make up 18 % of the place betterment market ( Home Depot ( HD ) ). Of this about 3 % is from the professional gross revenues class while the staying is from DIY gross revenues. The remainder of the competition is made up of little hardware ironss. e. g. Ace and True Value every bit good as building house resellers who cater to the professional trade purchasers and little single-location concerns in many rural countries who sell to both DIY clients and pro clients.


local concerns are able to vie because they have long-run credibleness in their countries personalized client service. and perchance flexible recognition footings. Additionally a current macro-economical tendency is to shop locally to back up community-owned concerns which is an overall menace to the countrywide place betterment warehouse industry.

Outside Industry Substitutes – Weak

These would be made up of retail merchants such as Wal-Mart. Sears. Kmart. etc. They sell some of the same points that purchasers can happen at Home Depot. Online retail merchants are another beginning for purchasers to happen place betterment points at a sometimes decreased cost every bit good as holding original points. The competition within the place betterment warehouse industry includes a twosome of major national participants and the traditional hardware shop ironss. Lowe’s is Home Depot’s figure one rival within the place betterment warehouse industry. With financial twelvemonth 2010 gross revenues of $ 48. 8 billion. Lowe’s Companies. Inc. is a 50 company that serves about 15 million clients a hebdomad at more than 1. 750 place betterment shops in the United States Canada and Mexico ( Lowe’s Companies. Inc. ) . Founded in 1946 and based in Mooresville. N. C. . Lowe’s is the second-largest place betterment retail merchant in the universe behind The Home Depot.

The traditional hardware shop class contains national ironss Ace Hardware and True Value. Each Ace shop is independently owned and operated by local enterprisers who are involved with and. many times. reside in the communities where their shops are. Ace shops – 4. 400 of them across the U. S. A. – come in all sizes and forms. Ace shops offer a broad assortment of hardware and

fix-and-replace type merchandises. every bit good as services relevant to the community. Ace changed the retail hardware sphere by leting single shops to buy ware in majority and purchase at the lowest possible monetary value. This partnership enabled the smaller shops to vie efficaciously at retail despite larger shops in their market country. True Value Company is one of the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives with $ 1. 8 billion in gross in 2010. more than 60. 000 merchandises. 12 distribution centres and extended purchasing power. True Value’s concerted serves 54 states with more than 5. 000 shops. 12 regional distribution centres and 3. 000 associates. Strategic analysis

Concentrating the analysis from the industry as a whole to Home Depot specifically we use the SWOT method to place company-specific strengths and failings ( internal forces ) and chances and menaces ( external forces ). The end of the SWOT analysis is to place strategic countries that need attending and possible purchase points for betterment.

Home Depot’s primary strength is the concern theoretical account of the place betterment warehouse shop. Its well-established supply concatenation. widespread locations. merchandise mix and category place of above-average but non high-end merchandises establishes Home Depot as the go-to topographic point for the bulk of the DIY upper-middle category. Their place as leader of the place betterment warehouse shop market is besides a strength with $ 68bn one-year gross revenues ( The Home Depot. 2011 ) compared to their closest challenger. Lowe’s that pulls in $ 48. 8bn yearly ( Lowe’s Companies. Inc. The Home Depot’s trade name equity is another strength with its omnipresent orange logo and apron. The trade name has become

synonymous for DIY and place betterment.

Failings Home Depot’s primary failing is the low degree of cognition by its associates in general. While there are presumptively some knowing associates at every location the variableness of expertness is criticized by many loyal clients and is a liability as the industry rivals search for ways to pull out market portion. As the service quality credibleness suffers. the indirect consequence on Home Depot’s Home Services pulls down that class every bit good ( The Home Depot. 2011 ).


The bouncing economic system is an chance for Home Depot to increase gross revenues across the board. as discretional income additions DIY activity and place gross revenues increases professional building. Another chance is the ever-advancing technological Fieldss that create more useable synergistic and socially incorporate systems that they can leverage to increase client service and merchandise expertness at the shop degree. Menaces

As the industry searches for ways to stay competitory one of the few staying handholds for the smaller hardware shops and specialized professional trade mercantile establishments is the individualized client service. A major menace to the place betterment warehouse shops is the addition of choice client service by rivals. Aside from client service the decision-making constituent when shopping includes trade name acknowledgment and the lowest monetary value. Another major menace to Home Depot is the addition of on-line retail merchants as more desirable trade names become available through on-line beginnings. Designation of primary issue

Based on the SWOT analysis and the competitory appraisal. Home Depot suffers from a credibleness shortage among its primary markets. While measuring the full associate knowledge-base is impractical. the nation-wide giant is ill-famed for its unhelpfulness and dry

late eliminated tagline “You can make it. We can assist. ” The most critical strategic issue that Home Depot can turn to is the quality of client service. which will heighten its competitory place and reconstruct the trade name property of helpful knowing associates.

Strategic options

Home Depot faces losing market portion and an increasing dissatisfaction among its nucleus customer-base ( DIY and pros ) due to the heavily-criticized deficiency of expertness and cognition among its associates. Through the competitory analysis and SWOT method. tactical schemes emerge as chances for Home Depot to reenforce its place as industry leader and squelch competitory actions aimed at stealing market portion. One recommended scheme for Home Depot to implement instantly is for advanced associate preparation to set up Home Depot as the leader in DIY and Pro place betterment cognition and undertaking information.

Through hands-on preparation and trade expertness. associates will be certified through Home Depot to teach clients on the best ways to finish their undertakings and the recommended stuffs needed. We believe that this will give them the competitory border within the place betterment warehouse industry and lead to higher client penchant. increased undertaking purchases and overall higher gross revenues. Another recommendation is to develop and implement technological devices at the shop degree to help clients with associate aid petitions. undertaking planning. instruction and direction. and ware location and choice.

These devices would include booths throughout the shop where clients can bespeak the undertaking they’re working on and information requested every bit good as easy-to-use associate call buttons printed instructions in a assortment of linguistic communications merchandise lists with exposures and waies to assist them shop and a assortment of

other synergistic services. Giving clients a manner to rapidly turn up undertaking and merchandise information will set up The Home Depot as the leader of customer-centric services within the place betterment warehouse industry taking to increased client penchant and overall higher gross revenues.


The recommended strategic action is to increase associate cognition through advanced preparation and enfranchisement. The additions made from associate preparation will non merely increase client trueness and use. but besides set up The Home Depot as the beginning for place betterment direction and undertaking planning. Over clip associates trained at Home Depot will be viewed as pre-qualified or apprentice degree within their assorted sections and chances for extra gross watercourses like enfranchisement classs. mention books. on-line ranks. and class sponsorships will emerge. Financial public presentation

The information shows Home Depot’s current fiscal position. The information shows that they experienced a autumn in gross revenues for the twelvemonth stoping Jan 2010. Looking back into the other old ages of Home Depot’s financials one would see that gross revenues had been dropping for the past four old ages. Research shows that the current United States Recession started in December of 2007 ( Isidore. 2008 ).

The US economic system is presently get downing to pick back up. However. harmonizing to Home Depot’s 2008 and 2009 one-year study. “The lag in the planetary economic system and the failings in the US residential building and place betterment markets negatively impacted our Net gross revenues for financial twelvemonth ( s ) 2008 ( and ) 2009. ” This seems to be one of the chief grounds for the big lessening in gross revenues. For the twelvemonth ended January 2010 they

merely had mean client tickets of 1. 272 with an mean measure of $ 55. 81 ( The Home Depot. 2011 ). The client ticket is the mean figure. for all shops. of clients that really made a purchase and the measure is the mean sale sum. For twelvemonth ended January 2009 there was an 8. 7 % lessening from 2008. For 2010 they had a higher mean client ticket at 1. 274 but a lower mean measure of $ 51. 76. taging a 6. 6 % lessening.

For the twelvemonth 2010. the economic system began to pick back up and the mean client ticket was 1. 306 with the mean measure being $ 51. 93. a 2. 9 % addition. Home Depot during the twelvemonth of 2008 closed 15 underperforming shops. They had besides opened 41 new shops. Home Depot was besides covering with their EXPO. THD Design Center. Yard Birds and HD Bath concerns. Due to these discontinued activities. they had to enter a loss of $ 52 million. which affected their bottom line for 2008. In 2009 the sale was completed and gave them net net incomes from discontinued operations of $ 41 million ( The Home Depot. 2011 ).

This restructuring scheme that Home Depot is utilizing has really lowered their disbursals. This is a tendency that will stay the same even with no strategic alteration. With the recent little bend upwards in the planetary economic system every bit good as the addition in the building industry it can be expected that gross revenues will go on to increase at the current rate. The current per centum of alteration for yearend Jan 2011

is 2. 75 %. Using this figure. gross revenues are expected to increase every bit. With the addition in gross revenues the Operating Margin would increase every bit good. Projected public presentation with recommended scheme

By implementing the recommended scheme of increasing the cognition base there will be both positive and negative affects to the financials of Home Depot. With the addition in clients and trueness the jutting gross revenues estimations will increase beyond the new disbursals. As stated with an increased cognition base you will increase client satisfaction. Higher client satisfaction is proven to increase gross revenues.

Home Depot has been take downing their disbursals by reconstituting the company shuting underperforming shops and cutting unnecessary occupations. Now is a premier clip to implement the new scheme. Estimated disbursals would include preparation stuffs and increased wages. Home Depot’s disbursals would be increased by an estimated 8 % the first twelvemonth. For financial yearend Jan 2012 the disbursals would be $ 18. 862. 20. The 2nd twelvemonth of execution the disbursals will non increase at the same rate. The estimated rate of addition for the 2nd twelvemonth is 2. 75 % for disbursals of $ 19. 380. 91.

Gross saless for Home Depot have easy increased during the past twelvemonth. With the get downing bend in the planetary economic system future gross revenues are expected to increase. With the execution of the new scheme the sale are projected to increase at a higher rate of about 3. 5 % the first twelvemonth. the 2nd twelvemonth at a rate of 5 %.

With the new scheme the company will detect additions in fiscal classs beyond merely gross revenues. Even though disbursals

will increase due to the new alteration it will be outweighed by the addition in Gross Profit. Graph 1 compares the estimated and projected fiscal categoriees.

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