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Facebook is becoming an integral part of our society. The internet already plays an enormous role in how people communicate and Facebook is the new favorite medium that people use daily. People can find childhood friends that they lost contact with, old relationships are rekindled, and family can keep in touch all over the world. How exactly does someone set up a Facebook account? The process is quick and easy so it can be used in the same day.First, enter www. into the task bar located at the top of the internet browser. Once the web page appears locate the sign up are. Enter the basic information such as first and last name, e-mail address, and a password. The website always asks age to ensure authenticity and make sure that the new user can only access age-appropriate content. After all of the appropriate fields are filled in click the big green button that says ‘Sign Up’.

After the button is clicked, a new page will appear with the words ‘Security Check’ in the window. Facebook asks the new user to enter a captcha code to ensure that it is a person signing up and not a computer. The web site performs security checks often to make sure spammers do not hassle users with incessant advertisements. After filling in the captcha code another sign up button needs to be pushed.

Then, another page pops up and a welcome e-mail is sent out. The web page has three steps to help the new Facebook member get situated with their new account. Step one consists of finding friends on Facebook. The new user searches their e-mail to see if any of their acquaintances, friends, or family are users on the website. Users are given the option to skip this step and move on. Step two consists of filling in profile information such as school information, work information, and Facebook suggests people you may know.

Step three is just uploading a new profile picture.After that the Facebook account is created! The new page that appears is the new profile that was just made. There are six steps on this page but one through three are just the repeated steps from before. Step four allows the Facebook profile to connect to a mobile phone.

Step five is a search engine to find friends. Step six allows the privacy settings to be changed to the user’s liking.

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