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Social networking has been a common use on the Internet in today’s generation. One of these popular social networking sites is Facebook which has over millions of members connecting with friends every day. Nowadays Facebook has become very important part of our life. It is helping us in many ways and also harming us in other ways. What are the advantages from using facebook ? First of all, The first advantage of using Facebook is free and it’s one of the best medium for communication . Also it eases our communication .

For example when people want to communicate with their friends or family abroad, they no longer need to post mails which need a lot of time and money. Facebook provides several features such as chatting, personal messaging, and photo sharing which enable us to share information with other Facebookers easily. Just by clicking on the ‘post’ button in Facebook, we can send pictures, videos, or simple sweet greetings for the people we love who are miles away from us. Many popular celebrity and organization uses Facebook to give updates to their fans.

So with Facebook you stay closer to any famous person or organization. Next, Facebook is a social networking website but you can use it to chat with your friends, too. Facebook provides a simple, small chatting application that you can use to chat with your friends who are on Facebook and of course online. Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying. There you can share any information about your projects , home work , assignments , exams , due date etc.

It is also popular for making love relation and dating. Facebook online games are really popular and addicting. Facebook provides tons of gaming and other applications. Some people open Facebook only to play games with their friends . Besides games, there are tons of Facebook apps you can use and enjoy. Apps on Facebook are of variety of type such as photo editing, horoscope, etc. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it becomes an efficient place to advertise our products.

Efficient here are in the form of money, time and energy. For example, we can use Facebook to advertise our products or events for free, while in the other media like newspaper, radio, or television, we have to pay a certain amount of money. Furthermore, we do not need much time to spread out our advertisements. In a few minutes, our product will spread all over the world and as a consequence, everyone will know and read our advertisement in their Facebook accounts.

Moreover, by using Facebook, we hould not do the conventional way of spreading the advertisement where we have to stand for a long time on the crowd giving the advertisements to the consumers. Instead of doing that tiring way, we only need to sit, get connected to Facebook and share the advertisements. Therefore, we definitely save a vast amount of energy. Finally , The use of Facebook has helped people to finding Old friends. When a friend goes away to any other place, we often don’t get the chance to communicate with him or her.

But now Facebook gives us the opportunity to communicate with our Old friend very easily without any cost. . By facebook , We can share our feelings an what’s happening around in our daily life . We can also get feedback from our friends about their reaction toward your feelings . In conclusion , Facebook is a “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information with others. It’s a place where you chat with others, share your ideas, ask questions, comment on people’s status, add your status, make friends, market your business, advertise and much more.

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